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  1. Decided not to mess with it then so I grabbed my old Vista Hcx... I can enter USB mass storage and access the microSD card, but the GPS will not show itself. I have tried Mapsource, GSAK and Garmin's WebUpdater. None of them will recognize the unit.

    With the Vista HCx you don't use USB MASS Storage mode if you want to send geocaches to the unit. It won't read them off the datacard. Also, you GPS won't mount on your desktop. All you do is plug it in and the you use MapSource, Garmin Communicator or gsak to send directly the cache to the GPS.

    I understand that I don't have to enter USB Mass Storage to send waypoints, I was just saying that I could connect that way to the microSD but that the GPS itself was not being recognized. Since I have it working on the laptop I have to assume there is a software issue on my desktop that is keeping things from getting along.

  2. A couple days ago I received notification of a new cache near home. Grabbed my Oregon 300 and connected the USB went on the cache page and did the "Send to GPS". Everything seemed to go well until I turned the Oregon back on and got an error message "System Software Missing". Decided not to mess with it then so I grabbed my old Vista Hcx and did the same "Send to GPS". Things seemed to be working fine until I tried to locate the cache on the unit and couldn't. Ended up looking up the info on my phone and entering it manually to get to the cache.

    So now the sad part of the story. Once back home, I did some research on the Oregon and tried several fixes on my own (hard reset, boot block to update software). Nothing worked so I called customer support and after about a half hour and several attempts to salvage it, it was determined that it needs to go back to Garmin. So then I was ready to fall back on the Vista for now. Not having used it much in the last 3 years I had to relearn it a bit, so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. But after reviewing the manual and trying several things the unit will not interface with the computer. I can enter USB mass storage and access the microSD card, but the GPS will not show itself. I have tried Mapsource, GSAK and Garmin's WebUpdater. None of them will recognize the unit.

    So my question is, has anyone else had these issues and how can they be solved? Also, is it possible that the Send to GPS did something to somehow corrupt the software on both units or is it just a very strange coincidence?

  3. I too got to the Br__ll_, but I don't believe that's what it is. If you zoom in enough there are several images that are repeated throughout. I have an idea of how to attack it but as Fizzy said, it would be time consuming without knowing a solution is forthcoming.

  4. Don't over think it just make it a habit to load, check that it works and if not reload and you will never be caught short in the field.


    Or, if it makes you happy continue to beat a dead horse :)

    Thats exactly what I have learned to do. One question for all those having problems, are you exporting child waypoints as POIs or waypoints in the GPX. I had been doing POIs but have been trying to do them as waypoints and so far (only a few tries) no issues.

  5. I've had this problem on my 300 as well. What I now try to remember to do is to start the unit up after disconnecting from the PC. If it works OK I'm all set, if not I pull the batteries and reload it. Also had a couple cases of not having all the info for certain caches but haven't figured out the reason for that yet.

  6. When I import .GPX files the caches listed come with all kinds of nice information, including "click to log" and hints and logs and all kinds of stuff. I move them all over to the GPSr to do some caching and come back to receive my found caches (on the GPSr you can click "Found" and it will change the icon to an open sign, which is handy for semi-paperless geocaching) but they no longer have all that nice information.


    Is there a way to keep that info from being stripped or is the GPSr simply not capable to keep all that metadata for each cache?

    If you are using EasyGPS I believe that uses only LOC files rather than GPX and that's why the extra info isn't displayed.

  7. Should have mentioned, using Firefox 3.6.6. Yes, the GCABCDE was just a for example, not an actual cache listing. I am getting a connection has timed out error. "The server at coord.info is taking too long to respond." Thanks OpinionNate for a quick response, hope all is working soon.


    I just tried it with IE8 and not working there either. With IE I get the following:


    The address is not valid


    Most likely causes:

    •There might be a typing error in the address.

    •If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.


    What you can try:

    Retype the address.


    Go back to the previous page.

  8. OK, I have found what was causing this. At some point I had copy and pasted coordinates in the hdd.ddddd format. When I went to make a change I inadvertently left the decimal after the degrees and then put the decimal minutes after it. Guess my eyes aren't so good as I didn't notice it. For whatever reason that caused things to be off. I too have always found this program to be solid and couldn't understand what was going on.

  9. I have been working on some puzzles that require finding distances and doing projections and have been using Fizzy Calc. I have used this program before and always had no problem, but lately the results I am getting are way off. Just putting the points on a map I can see something isn't right. I have another program that does some of the same things but isn't as simple to use and am getting completely different results. Since Fizzy doesn't actually install I can't try reinstalling. I have deleted the program and downloaded it again but I still get the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

  10. Instructions on how to repair Log Find Counter here at post #37. It's easy and works.




    If we're talking of Locus Prime's GC Find Counter v1.3, I've tried to edit this as mentioned in post #37 and found the lines I was supposed to edit were not identical to those described in the post. So rather than mess with something I did not fully understand, I've not been able to update my versions.


    Could someone provide a working copy for those of us who are not GreaseMonkey script experts please? (Ideally a script that inserts the words "Cache No" before the counter number, and that inserts the information at the live insert point in the log box rather than right at the top left corner.





    I just fixed this one and the quick hints using the information provided and had no problem. It did take a bit of looking to find the correct lines in the find counter script but it was there just as it was shown. Go through it slowly and you should find it. Now if we can get the log maximizer working.

  11. Yes I did hit the SUBMIT button. I do have a state selected but the distance would not make that an issue. I finally gave up and just created a new PQ with the changes I wanted and after a few tweaks got it where I wanted.

  12. I am trying to change some settings on a PQ. I increased the number of results from 100 to 200 and that worked fine, but because of the distance setting I had it did not give any more results. I tried to change the distance from 20 to 25 miles but it keeps changing back to 20 and the results do not change. Any ideas other than redoing the whole PQ?

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