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  1. Will you take $40 shipped for it?
  2. OK Thanks, Do I still need to buy the software separate?. I know it comes with a receiver. and some software. But do I still need to buy a "street" map also? Thanks
  3. Hey guys I am looking at the Eartmate lt20 laptop gps system. Has anyone used this system? I was wondering how it does on the road. I cannot afford a $400 system right now. I have a good laptop and the room to place it when i am traveling. But am not sure if it will be what i need. I do not plan on Geocacheing eyt. I am doing alot of camping and plan on going to Michigan,florida and the Grand Canyon in the next year. I have seen the eartmate system going for $100 or less here in Va. with the software. Because the price is so less than a normal handheld and itt comes with the software which is extra on the others i am leary of it. Thanks for any help
  4. Hello guys, I have been looking into getting a GPS unit. I do not geocache right now but it looks interesting. What I am looking for is something to use in the truck. I pull a 30' camper and am planning a trip to Florida, Michigan and the Grand Canyon in the next year. I believe a GPS would be very handy. I have a laptop and have read some posts on types of laptop GPS units there are. Best Buy has an Earthmate for $129 and Microsoft one for $129 also. Has anyone had a bad problem with either one? Also if you guys know do I have to buy a separate GPS unit? I believe I do not with the Earthmate but it looks like I need it with the Microsoft one. I am not in a position to buy a $300 GPS unit and buy the software for city streets. I have the room in the truck for a laptop. I just want a good kit. Thanks
  5. Great thank you very much. sometimes getting simple info like that is hard. So far i am leaning hard toward the meridian. Its cheaper but cant see a big differance between the two any ideas? Thanks
  6. How in the world do you guys find these things? I was thinking about getting into the Geocacheing untill i saw some of these hides you have going on. I could not find 95% of these. There are some devious minds out there.
  7. what is the differance in MapSend Streets and Destinations and Direct route? I want the turn by turn directions which is the Direct route. but cannot figure out what the big differance is. Does the streets and dest. have the same stuff and you just pay a little more for the turn by turn function of direct route? any help would be great. am am gettting either the garmin 60cs or the magellian meridian color by this weekend and knowing the big differance in mapping would help in the decs. thanks
  8. gpsexplorer.com has the gps60cs for $385. Thats after a $50 rebate. And free shipping. I am looking at the 60cs also but cant make up my mind between that one and the Magellian color. The link to the website is www.gpsexplorer.com
  9. which one has the better resolution?
  10. Thanks a lot for all the info you guys have given. I have been looking at different GPS units as far as capacity goes. I have narrowed it down finally to the Magellan Meridian Color for $465 with map send and the auto pack. Or the Garmin GPSMAP 60c which is $504 with the same acc. as the Magellan. I will look around and see if I can get the price lower, but I have a question for you guys that have had experience with both. Is the Garmin worth the extra $40? Any advice would be great. I looked at the 60cs but can’t see the extra money for the compass. Thanks guys
  11. Great. Thanks guys, a lot of info here. In your experiences if I was to leave VA and go to Florida not counting base maps how much of the City map can I put on the GPS that holds 16m? That way if we need to pull off the interstate for whatever reason we can navigate the area around the interstate. Such as resteraunts, Gas or a garage. Is it possible to download say Interstate 95 all the way down to Orlando with 25 miles of detailed streets on both sides? Or do you have to do the whole state. I mean if I have no plans on going trough the western part of Georgia why should I take up the room on the GPS. Thanks
  12. So if I go with a new Garmin and download the NR program I could use the LT in the car right? Do you guys know if there is anything else I would need to get? this sounds like the way to go to me. Or do I need to buy a laptop program then download NR. Thanks again guys
  13. great thanks for the info. I have been looking online at prices and trying to find info on what people like dont like about certain models. The only place close to me that has Gps units are Circuit city and best buy. The guys there do not know much more than me. I started looking a little higher up on the gps foodchain and like the features of the Garmin 60. I really dont need the color screen but the only differance i can see on the 60 and 60C is color and 24m extra memory. What are you guys experiance with this model? Thanks again
  14. LOL yep I do. DUUUUHHH! East coast what was I thinking. Thanks. By the way is there a way you can use a handheld gps and hook it to a laptop? this way while in the car you could use the screen on the laptop but use the mobile one when you get to where you are going. Thanks
  15. hangfire77

    Gps Questions

    Hello, What a great forum. I have been lurking for a few days trying to soak up the info and lingo. There is a lot! If you more experienced people can sound off I would appreciate it. I have a 30' travel trailer that I bought last year. The family has really enjoyed it and I plan on taking long trips camping this summer. I live on the west coast in VA. We are talking about Loooong trips already like the Grand Canyon. So I thought that a GPS would be a great investment. Little did I realize the enormity of these things and the great sport of Geocache. It sounds like fun and cant wait to try it with my family. Ok so here I go. I would like a GPS that I can use in the car that has auto route and can at least beep at me when I need to turn. I like the idea of the type of software that I can punch in the upcoming exist and get info on restaurants truck stops and P.O.I. But I would also like it to be portable. Because when we get to a campsite there will be hiking involved. I see that Garmin has a topo map that is great for the outdoorsy people with campground info and ranger stations and such. I was looking at the Garmin gpsV and like it ok. It has the free software for the streets and looks ok. I was hoping for something with a larger screen though. What I don't like about the V is the slow upload times and small cache size 19m. I have a laptop but I don't want to have to take it out every state to upload for an hour. I may be looking at this wrong though please feel free to correct. If you guys know of a model close to what I may need please sound off. I am looking in the range of $450 or so for GPS and software combined. I plan on using this for cache hunting also. Thanks guys.
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