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  1. Press PAGE to go to the Trip Computer page.....press MENU....highlight RESET & press ENTER. You will have 9 selections you can delete all at once or one at a time.
  2. Hope things work well...........The Map 162 tides download will just get you the tides, I beleive. My MapSource US Topo is what I use to see all the bouys and river markers here in the Pacific NW. Garmin calls the tide map a transparent map which over-lays your existing MapSource maps and base map. Not sure if you have to ad the tides each time you download a new map section.
  3. Go to Garmins download page for the Map 162. On the right side of the page you will see a 1.35MB download for Factory Tides Settings. Download it to your MapSource folder. When you open your MapSource product, it will be there in the drop down with all your other maps! It has 3 sections, west. gulf & east coast. You select it just like your other map selections AT THE SAME TIME and dowload it to your unit. Presto! These were Garmins instructions to me for my 60CS.
  4. I too have a 60CS which locks up daily at exactly the same point, only while viewing the map page. Beta 3.61 was of no help. Garmin would like me to send my unit back.
  5. Once installed on your computer, open MapSource....select City Select...choose what you want to load (the map titles)...switch your MapSource product over to the Tide product (162/168 Tide Points)...select the tide points transparent maps you want...then save the map set (all at once) to your unit via the save to device function. That way, the tide points and the street maps all get into the unit and coexist there at the same time. I beleive the tide map has 3 selectable areas: East, West and Gulf Coast. The tide points are a transparent map which will overlay your existing maps. Alaska to Mexico is a 51KB download.
  6. I've seen no discussion on this topic. I can't be the only one who uses this function. Living in the Pacific Northwest and having a tide book in my GPSMAP 60CS of every tide station on the west coast was a bonus fearure. (Compairsons say only the 76 has it) It displays it in a graph by default and can be switched to hour & minute. Type in the date you want to go crabbing, clamming or beachcombing and see a graph for the entire day!
  7. Your light will only stay on if the unit is plugged into a 12 volt power supply. You can however, adjust the backlight time from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. When turned on, your unit will always default to the low setting.
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