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  1. that's a great idea!!!! Super fun! I also appreciate that you have a chicken as your profile pic as well, she's adorable
  2. I trade for swag!! Do you ever take the FTF when you're later, or do you just leave it?
  3. Wait a sec, in theory, the real FTF would take the FTF prize, leaving no debate?
  4. Do you think I could mitigate the problem by either not announcing the prize on the page, or just clarifying that the FTF is the first person to write their name in the physical logbook?
  5. I can't cache during the week, but I'm planning to be caching every weekend or so in the future.
  6. Oh yeah, definitely. I've already made like four other threads asking about hiding caches- I definitely won't hide one anytime soon, I just feel the need to plan everything 13402 years before it happens.
  7. Would it be bad to still do one? I was going to do it because it seemed really fun and I'd like to go all out when I finally hide a cache. Is there a reason not to or would it still be ok? Drama? Unofficial side of the game? uh oh Please elaborate!
  8. Are there preforms that come in the super small sizes? Or are you stuck with the larger ones?
  9. Are there others that don't have O rings, or are those hard to find?
  10. Yes, I"m still planning my cache hiding What do you guys leave for the FTF? I've heard of people leaving $100 bills (which I definitely won't do!) But I realized that there's more of FTF prizes than just those FTF geocoins. What do you guys leave?
  11. I really like the tiny ammo cans on there. Do you find the preforms that are on the official shop are more expensive than preforms that you buy elsewhere?
  12. Thank you for the links! The ones pictured were just what I vaguely remembered from finds. I'm not looking for the exact ones in the pictures, just the general idea . I was wondering about REI because on a chicken forum that I"m on, we use TSC to refer to Tractor Supply Co. This made me expect some hidden meaning behind the words, not just it being the name of the store.Leave it to me to overcomplicate things
  13. Oh, ok! I'll make sure to use proper terminology in the future. Yea, it's a bit old, but it was pinned, and I've enjoyed reading through the other pinned ones. Figured someone would probably respond if I posted the question here instead of making a whole new thread when it works just fine on this one.
  14. I found a TB yesterday and posted a pic to prove I had it- this is an OK pic, right? The number's on the other side of the tag. (yes, I have small hands, I get told that like 9249238 times a day)
  15. Of course! I'd never want to hide a cache unless I've found loads. I'm probably going to wait until I have at least 50 finds, not just the recommended 20. I asked because I like to plan ahead (I've planned the breeds of chickens that I want to get like 20 years from now, for example) especially when I know I can't do things in the moment (Like hiding a cache when I have less than 10 finds- shouldn't do that!) I can't do any of the really extreme ones unless I want to fly to a mountain somewhere, but I'm about to log 3 more from today. Going out again tomorrow. I also didn't think of reading through cache pages- great idea!! Thank you for the help!
  16. I'm not. I put ' 'premium member only' ' in quotes to try to show that I meant the ones that are limited because of higher D/T ratings. Sorry if I wasn't clear!
  17. Yep, I know that some are blocked on the app. I meant to give an easy workaround if you want to use a phone, but don't want premium member. I agree, the app isn't very useful if you're not a PM.
  18. I've encountered the same issue, and have bypassed it by using the website to find the pages for 'premium member only' caches, and putting the coordinates into google maps. The actual premium caches are still blocked on the site.
  19. That's super smart! What is 'ground zero'? That spot where you're close enough that the GPS keeps going in circles, but you haven't found the cache yet?
  20. I'm not thinking of general location (picking a park, beach, etc) but specific location- how do you go about selecting the perfect spot to hide a cache? What are some strategies for making it less noticable, especially with larger sizes? Do you usually put clues on your caches? If so, how obvious are they? I'm most interested in the regular, large, and micro sizes. (I know I can't hide caches yet, but everything has to be planned 2347 years in advance with me)
  21. Do the earrings have a code on them? Because I'd love to see a picture, provided that it isn't too difficult to show a code. How often do you meet others on the trail? Is the patch large enough to be obvious, or is it more discreet? Off topic, but how did you manage a cache every day? Didn't you have other stuff going on?? That's so cool!
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