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  1. I am for 147.555, start anywhere you like but end up here. Trees, KC9JFX
  2. Tried to find the site on Echolink but couldnt find it listed. I dont see any Node numbers, just listings by Repeaters, Callsigns, etc. Trees, KC9JFX
  3. Thanks for the help MTN-MAN, I had tried the Google maps a couple of times and the caches never would show up, guess you have to be "logged in" for it to work. Just checked out a new area and there they were. Thanks again.
  4. What happened to the State Maps showing the locations of all the caches within a state? One day it was there, the next time I looked for it, it was gone? I use it when I go to another state or even in my own state when I want to check out an area I will be in that isnt near a listed city. When going out to a new area or in the boonies, its nice to be able to click on an area and see whats there.
  5. Ok, I'll give it a try next time I'm out. I have tried 146.52 a few times and no one answers. When I was in Yellowstone Wy last year, only time I made a contact was when I went out of the park and managed to contact a local. Mayby it will work here in Indy. Trees KC9JFX
  6. The Net was a nice idea but was too late for me here in Indiana. May be a time for the East, and one for the Western areas. Just a thought. Trees, KC9JFX
  7. I have tried several times to log into the net tonite and keep timing out. Says its not in QSO. I tried connecting to someone else and did so without any problem. I am using Echolink and can see that there are 4 connections at this time. Any suggestions?
  8. Tried to check in to the net tonite, didn't hear any real conversations, just some infrequent transmissions. Maby I'm doing something wrong. Will try again another time although its 11:00pm here in Indiana and I usually dont stay up this late on a work nite.
  9. I would like to thank those of you who were kind enough to reply to my post with some info. Sence I am new to Ham Radio I can use all the help I can get. I have been to Yellowstone before, June 1981, and enjoyed it very much. Am looking forward to making some contacts while there. Once again, Thanks for the help. 73 Forrest Johnson KC9JFX
  10. Thanks for the reply Desert Warrior, I had looked at a map and didn't see any towns close by. Your list downloaded perfectly to Excel. Thanks for the help. Trees, USAF, 63-67 KC9JFX
  11. I am going to Yellowstone Wy in June and have a VX-7. Are there any repeaters in the area and how much chance do I have of contacting anyone. I am really new at this and would appriciate any help offered. I have made up the 2 meter antennia mentioned in another topic concerning backpacking. Thanks for your help. Trees.
  12. My niece is going to London,UK next month, is that anyway close to where the cache is located? If so, maby she can look for you.
  13. Thanks for the info, I will check them out and see which ones work the best for my needs. Trees.
  14. My niece and her mother are going to Churchill, Manitoba to watch the Polar Bears. Where can I get online maps of the area? She is going to take a GPSr with her and will email me with the Lat/Lon of where they are at. I want to look up the area on a map and see more of the area. Thank for the help. Trees.
  15. Has anyone had a problem with Jeeep conversions? I have tried it a couple of times lately and it seems to be way off. I compared the conversion to UTM of some Lat/Lon numbers on a cache page and it wasn't even close. I use a program called MGR conversions and it works great. Sence its downloaded on your computor its always convient.
  16. USAF, 63-67. MoodyAFB Georgia, Philipines, Vietnam, ShawAFB South Carolina. T-33,T-38,RF-4C,RB-66,RB-57,RF-101,RB-71.T-37.
  17. I tried out the routes feature on my Mag315 and later printed out the results on a topo map, put my actual route right on the road I was on. Question: on the Mag315 it has a section on how close to mark your route, I currently have it set on Auto, but can set in on .o1, .1, etc. When walking a trail, which incerment works best for you? Trees.
  18. I just got a PDA and havent figured out how to load info into it for geocaching. Its got places for address, phone numbers etc, where does the geocacheing stuff go? Its a Handera 330 which I havent seen anyothers around. Any suggestions? Trees.
  19. Its not a matter of voteing either way. Its common sence concerning safety. Deactiveate the cache durning hunting seasion and, leave a note on the cache page about the situation. Trees
  20. Its averaging the co-ords, watch the last 3 numbers, they will change some. With the latest version, 3.15, averaging starts when you slow down below .2meters/sec. To get it out of averaging, do the magellan hula. Or turn it on and back off for a quick check of position.
  21. Thanks Syncro for the help, will get a copy. Trees.
  22. Got the spreadsheet but cant open it. What program do I use? Wordperfect? Word? Need help. Thanks, Trees
  23. I just checked my location(Indpls,Ind) on the site listed by Alan2 and it shows the correction for me to be 3degrees west. So its not such a difference in 20 years. Also using the second listing, the map shows a large difference between my location and eastern Ohio. Thanks for the info, I didnt know where to look for the latest correction. When I was working on aircraft 20 years ago,I was talking with some pilots and they said that here in the midwest the difference wasnt worring about. The map shows that to be true if you are in Ill or western Ind. Boy, you sure get to learn a lot doing this "hobby".
  24. Are you sure there is that much difference between True North and Magnetic North? We here in the midwest are closier to Magnetic north than those out west. My Topo map for my area here at Indianapolis shows only about a 1/2 degree difference in 1980. But yes, you would have to correct for the difference if your gps is set for True north. If you had it set up for Magnetic north, no correction needed. Hope this helps. I too just started this year and have been having tons of fun doing the caching thing. "Trees"
  25. While I dont have your model, I have a Mag315. On it, after you make a Waypoint, you can then go back to it and "edit" it to the Coords of the geocache you want. Then use the GoTo feature to take you to the Cache. Note, when using the Goto, you must select the Waypoint you want to find. Hope this helps. Trees
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