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  1. And to follow Le/PP up here.. The same has to go for Ammo can thieves.. By far the best way is not to show the cache box type in the description.. And also to us all to not mention the cache box in out logs. Steve
  2. Put your map *.img files directly into the Garmin folder that should do the trick.
  3. "wireless sharing between units but you only get the coords this way.MooToo" Mmm there are other ways you know
  4. I was in a bit of a rush when I did this cache so did not enter the bunker.. I intend to go back and explore. Doing some reasearch I have found several more which will soon have caches placed by them.. Notice the "placed by" and not "in" ;*) I was not aware of the bunkers untill I did Jaz666 "Covert Ops" cache which visited one.. Welcome Robonly to Geocaching..
  5. Your lucky ours is not even on the list TB2AV7V
  6. If I'm really stuck I find the.. !!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!! option sometimes works Most of us help or need help at some point. A puzzle may be easy for one person but impossible for another and vice versa.
  7. The thing you need is to get the USB-Serial working.. THis can be a real pain.. I had this problem a few years ago when we started caching.. XP laptop adapter and Garmin Legend. Took me ages to find a driver that finally worked.. After that everything worked ok GSAK included.. Good luck
  8. Just watched the Countryfile set on IPlayer. I know some have questioned some parts BUT. This must be the best bit of coverage the UK Geocaching community has had so far. Many thanks to Countryfile for the good work.
  9. Got it all worked out.. Don't sign log and no maitainance required " Cache found.. Did not sign log" Makes a DNF a thing of the past
  10. However Make sure the *.gpx files don't exceed 2000 caches or the device will ignore them. maximum caches loaded seems to be 3000... 1000 as waypoints and 2000 via gpx. Cheers S
  11. Some people do have a distinct advantage with bringing their own lecky....A car battery did ok for me on Scilly Took you over the ferry weight limit though Looks like we will have to do a renewable engergy lighting project for this years events then.. LittleY can be in cahrge of the nightime caching.... We will try to be illuminating lol
  12. I see Robin has beaten me to it But here is another Harrogate Cacher more than willing to help. As a family we have quite a broad range of Gprs so if any noob wants an up close view of different devices we can help there. Cheers!
  13. I got a Freeloader for my birthday yesterday from LittleYokel.. We are doing camping events and Glastonbury so will report on the progress Those of you that know my cache mobile will know that this is my line of work (Renewable Energy)
  14. We have had several go missing. However MrsY had one that left one of HH's Yorkshire events won the race and made it back to the event the following event.. We have had one go to a 1 cache cacher Good luck Andi S
  15. Well Bam on one side and N+R on the other.. Do you not seek quieter seas..? Even the Mad one is coming fully attired for this years plundering. But who will be on the winning team and who will be walking the plank? Keelhauling for all of the miserable DNF'RS Cast away all Nano's.. Micro's be cursed.. Bring on Tupper and Clip Lock.. AND AMMO!!!!
  16. Oi cheeky! Which field are you guys booking in? We don't need 'leccy so are we going for the civilised meadow or the WILD field?! Not booked yet,, But we always bring our own leccy so civilised meadow or Wild field will be good for us.. Littleyokel says best dressed Pirate tent and pitch is the challenge me hearties!! AaaaaaaaaRrrrrr!!!!!!
  17. Maybe you should be more worried about your prospective camping neighbours Be afraid... lol
  18. Wow well done 7000... Is there medication for that?
  19. I don't think of it as a sport as such.. Do we train for it? But on the other hand we get out much more than we used to doing lots of walking... Up those hill things lol http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...a2-dae678b706f1
  20. Me too! I thought this was one of the best GPS experiences I have ever had ditto I look forward to trying that Wherigo some time in August. My thoughts on the cache type though are not so positive.. I am sure if a european cacher with no links to the main site had proposed these they would never have been granted.. The software is very edgy and not easy to use.. My main gripe with it is that even though I have the hardware to do the caches. As Haggis Hunter posted you need specialised kit above a general GPS to complete a Wherigo. Your new cacher with there shiny yellow etrex who is super keen to do all types of caches has as much chance as Littleyokel's goldfish.
  21. Yep our first camping event was last years Piratemania.. Superb time.. Great fun we are now camping event hooked..
  22. No problem... As I said it's a basic site but friendly. The village is popular due to the "Heartbeat" filming.. Pubs are fine.. The campsite does battery charging and they have a few caravans they will drag up to the fields if you would rather "Tin" tent it withot taking your own.. On a very plus side.. If you are in one of the bottom fields you get to see the steam trains passing by very close.
  23. I don't know about the campsites very close to Whitby but we have used this one many times.. Basic but good and pretty cheap.. http://www.abbotshouse.org.uk/
  24. Well done lianne and co from all at the Mad house in Harrogate.. Hope to see you all camping soon !
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