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  1. I've used a PN-40 for about 3 years now. My son had a PN-60W and loved it. I tried it, but it was too new-fangled for me. Can't teach an old bear new tricks? The PN-40 can still be used by dragging the Pocket Query into a folder and then creating a draw file to slurp it over into Topo North America. The instructions are in the DeLorme forums. That being said it is pretty old tech. I use it because it still does a great job for me and haven't had a need to upgrade. When it does crap out, I may be in the same position.


    As for Delorme discontinuing everything (or perching for that matter) ---- I was under the impression smartphones were taking over and the GPSr market was drying up? They are in Maine (not far from Delaware). Maybe a weekend trip would yield you a loaner or a test drive.


    Battery life was not as good as the 60. I replaced the stock battery with a CabBat and and much happier.

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