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  1. I've had it happen when in a strange area to see a spot that I say "there should be a cache there, what a great spot!"...then stop and find one in that spot!
  2. The cacher crossed the road because the coords were off
  3. I have a Verizon MiFi that I use at home with my laptop instead of telephone line or cable Dsl. It gives me a "Hotspot" wherever I am, as long as I can get a Verizon cell signal. I can use it outdoors, in a car, on a boat...ect. I have connected to GC when out and about, just to check it out. Works great, but for me under normal circumstances I just download caches to my Garmin 76cs and to my pda. But if I was traveling I'd use to MiFi and laptop to access Gc. There is no need for the car makers to do anything else, the technology is is already out there. It's cool,and yeah, simple to grab those P&Gs.
  4. Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure!.........OR You go on a dry day!
  5. I had a cache inside a store that shall remain nameless, but lets call it Wally World. It was very near the front windows and you could get a signal. It was a fun challeging cache that lasted 4 years until the store was remodeled and that area was removed. The cache was in a public area of the store, no need to go behind the scenes. Another great cache in our area was in a mall. Not in a store but in the public area of a mall. This was there for 4-5 years until the op got out of caching. You would lose your gps signal 300-400 ft from the cache. The trick was to attemp the find from several different mall entrances and see where each one had you headed, a triangulation, you could say. no need to offer a map of the mall or store. The mall was closed at night and so noted on the cache page. Don't give too much away in the hint. These are hard caches, but greatly rewarding to find. Stealth is in order! Hope this helps. Wiseye
  6. It varies depending on where you are and if you change LAT or Lon, someone will chime in with a more tech. correct answer, but for rough work if you use 5' you won't be far off.
  7. Perhaps it was the cache owner and thats why there has been no email from them.
  8. Hi folks......I, as a parent understand your concern. I looked in your gallery and saw some great pix of family caching. I saw a pix of your son. Frankly he looks old enough and intelligent enough to handle a day away friom home caching on his bike. He also just proved he can handle it. You might conceder his actions as very disturbing, however you can also choose to look at it as a great chance to bond with him as he enters a new period of developement in his life. He has a desire to branch out and explore a wider area of the world and test his skills. This is part of life, a good part. Were there things he could have done differently, safer..Sure there was. Therein lies your chance to learn about him as he learns about life and his place in it. It would be good for all of you to sit down and discuss what you found upsetting. This is also the time to let him know you will trust his judgement PROVIDED he shows you he can take a map and plan a safe route to find caches. Discuss with him what roads are safe to ride on, most of the ones you mentioned are if you use proper skills and equipment. Have him read online or from a book about riding with traffic. Of course he needs to wear a helmet and keep in touch. It's better to guide him in safe methods than try and stop him from moving on in life. Good luck with it all. When I was a kid I did basicly the same thing, riding all day away from home, 20-40 miles. Of course there were no caches, or for that matter no helmets, but the simple joy of exploration was wonderful. I used to stop in the post office in different towns and send a post card home, they were .01 cents then, got a big kick out of that. I guess the bottom line is don't kill the spirit, encorage safe habits, enjoy watching him grow up, it happens faster then you'd think. Wiseye
  9. some say it do....some say it don't...........I think that ,as it is hidden from sight while in use and can be easily removed when the cache is archived, there should be no problem with it. It is a use of public property rather than an abuse. Private property calls for permission...however a velcro film can under a bench outside a mall, while prehaps an uninspired cache, doesn't get me frothing at the mouth over private ownership rights or destruction of property issues. That said, I know some hiders will screw it up and cause a problem, as will some seekers. Use some uncommon sence and be reasonable in your approach to caching.
  10. Had the same problem.....traced it to interferance from the fortune cookie factory down the block...Good Luck!.....You will visit new places loking for small items hidden in strange manners.....
  11. the gps needs to be in a dash mounted holder to enable you to glance at it while watching the road, otherwise the hand held gps is very distracting...................Texting while driving.....Please prepay your funeral expences!
  12. I not sure if that was caused by alliens, global warming or muggles.
  13. I had a Bxing cache that worked very well for about 2 yrs. Then a muggle took the ammo can and the books! The local cachers liked it alot and several started Bxing. Use Freezer bags on each book, any moisture at all will cause mildew, you know someone will open it on a rainey day. Go for it, you'll enjoy the cache. Good Luck
  14. I guess that would be a great site if one wanted to display just how incompetant they are,and how hardup they are to add one more smilie to a tainted record. Where is the joy in that?
  15. In high traffic areas most people are going about there own bussiness and aren't concerned with yours, so go get that cache. Exceptions are people that are hanging around at the site, these people will notice and may ask what you are doing. If they ask tell them you are playing a game, then it's your choice if you want to explain geocaching to them or not, be polite.You can always walk away, if you want. If you are going for the cache in a busy area it helps to stand back and observe the site, see if you can spot the cache or locations you want to search then check them out as if you belong there. people will usually only question you if you look sneaky. Some cachers carry a clipboard and write something down after each "look", then they think you are an inspector. Good luck and don't sweat all those people.
  16. I had a bug placed in a cache that was only visited 1-2x a year. It sat all winter,as it wasn't acessible. In the spring I put a note on the web page asking the next cacher to please take the bug . One came by a couple of months later and moved it along. He wrote and said he normally doesn't move bugs but did because of the note. COs with remote caches may want to place a note asking that any bugs or coins be moved by anyone logging the cache do to the remotness of the cache.
  17. For the 3 bucks he wants for the PQ you could become a premium member and do all the PQs you wanted! VIOLATION,VIOLATION, DID i MENTION THIS IS A VIOLATION! RIP OFF, RIP OFF!
  18. I WONDER HOW THEY WOULD KEEP THE CACHE LISTING UP TO DATE? Looks like alot of potential DNF's and disappointed kids.
  19. I have found that the only perfect cache container is the snowball. It is easily formed in the field, has perfect cammo, can be made any size(Nanos can be tricky), hold as much as you like, require no tops, are easily modified as required and if damaged the average idiot can replace or repair it in seconds. Even as we sit here in the forum many new caches are being hand formed on the North Slope in Alaska. However field testing here in Florida is going rather slowly this month due to a lack of materials. If field conditions improve I will report it here. Wiseye
  20. You might want to add (in BOLD type) on your cache page: DONOT PLAY IN TRAFFIC, NO NEED TOO!
  21. Do not use any human body parts as part of your cache, it freaks out some people.
  22. Aunt Susan is doing well........But....The dingo ate my baby!
  23. Orry for the multiple posts........Operator error!!
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