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  1. All the dadgum ammo cans just laying around in the woods.... come on...how many times has that been done!.....LOL
  2. I agree. I have recently begun caching in the Ocala Nat. Forest and surrounding areas, I noticed very quickly how much nicer the cache containce looked, because it was bagged, than in some other areas I've cached in. This also leads to better swag. While I rarely trade, I do like to see a nicely presented cache, rather than a rusty box of junk. Neatness spreads as does messy rust. The choice is yours, what would you like to see in a cache?
  3. Sorry sir, but your town was annexed by the USA while you were out caching.
  4. Let's see 24 X 60 = 1440 mins in 24 hrs. 1440 divided by 1057 = 1.36 min per cache. Pray tell, how does one do that? inquiring minds want to know.
  5. We don't need more geo trash waving in the breeze. GPS, notes on cache page,additional waypoints or (gasp!) have them look at a map should get them near ground zero. Route finding should be at least part of the game.
  6. Hi, these hours and pay to park could deter alot of folks. If all the other parts are more availible, it might be better to leave out the achives as part of your multi. However you could make a separate cache for the archives. That way ppl could do both or just the multi as meets their needs. Good luck!
  7. Delome PN-40 and PN-60 can use AA or a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, purchased separatly
  8. Surely the Great State of Tenn. recognizies caching as a religious exercise, and by that very statue prohibites interfering with it.
  9. Maybe you can chain or bolt it to a dead , down tree? Good cammo is your friend.
  10. Recut your old Gumby costume and stick a light bulb on your head!
  11. Hey the blood spot looks like Abe Lincoln, without his hat. Put it on EBAY, you should get $5-10,000. Your lucky day! Well done...a true cacher aiways gets the smiley....barring a lose of limb.
  12. You might consider keeping all the caches in one lake. Not many people would want to put in and take a boat out of several lakes just to log one multi. Several traditionals in several lakes might be more apealing to more people. Good luck with your hides.
  13. I would suggest a Delorme PN-40, amazon has them for $218. If you can do it get a PN-60 for $362. Both are a big leap forward and come with great maps (Garmin maps cost big bucks). Check them out before you buy anything else. I've been a Garmine fan for 5yrs. But when I checked Delorme out I bought a PN-60. Good luck.
  14. Four days over a summer weekend is not a long time. Give the reviewer a chance to have a life........Gee..maybe they went caching.
  15. Will people in your coop share toothbrushs, underwear, gps, earwax remover and bubble gum? Just asking.
  16. Many play the game and feel as you do. Happy hunting.
  17. Just look under the first unnatual pile of red rocks you see!
  18. They are all P&Gs, But if you are in the neigborhood, why not.
  19. Your gramma is just fine, in fact, better then many who post here regularly. Happy hunting!
  20. Here's just a couple of my noncaching outdoor pursuits in which I use a GPS: Recreational grave digging--gotta know where the bodies are buried. Cat herding--Route planning is differcult, the GPS helps. Free range Easter egg hunting--GPS gets me Home These are just a few that come to mind.
  21. Perhaps they will recognize the inherent superiority of Lock n Locks over gladware, if not, perhaps they will be better able to find tupperware in the hidden recesses of the refrigirator before the food goes bad!
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