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  1. Try a TRU-Value Hardware store or ACE...they have the big open display boxes...then try them on your various containers.
  2. Bomb Squards are known to hang out in parking lots, especialy that Dunkin Donuts one.
  3. I cached in an area awhile back, I was FTF on 30 caches in 2 days...Great fun...except they were all ammo cans in the woods full of swag...got boring quickly due to lack of variety. Creativity and variety are key factors in hiding good caches. In my not so humble opinon!
  4. You know its silly, I know its silly, someday they'll know its silly.....I hope they don't say it was hard to find!
  5. Or one could just use a compass, turn 160deg and pace off 300'....
  6. Show us a pic so we can tell...LOL Should be no problem asking cacher to remove pic...be nice.
  7. GC302g8 still shows as "needs maintaince"...that might account for that one..log a "owner performed maintaince" to clear it. Good luck..looks like you put out some nice caches.
  8. If you make an underwater cache you will only have a few takers, those who suba, thats ok, that is the intent. If you make it anything other than a simple traditional almost no one will bother to do it. Also your metal plate may become unreadable due to marine growth. I would suggest you use a divers slate as a log, wouldn't even need a seperate container. Tell the cachers on the cache page what to expect. Keep it simple and good luck with your cache.
  9. I agree with you, this is terribly childish...on both parts
  10. Just let the garmin average for a longer time, say 1000. you will be very accurate and not really need to do the rest. Good luck!
  11. Just let the garmin average for a longer time, say 1000. you will be very accurate and not really need to do the rest. Good luck!
  12. Starbrand......have you concidered changing your name to Mr Lucky, LOL
  13. Hunger, repressive government, poverty, lack of computers and gpsr....ect.
  14. Check out the Delorme PN 60, Fast, lots of great features, includes great maps, recent price reduction..can't go wrong!
  15. I thought a JEEK was a four wheeling guy with a pocket protector!
  16. HHmmm...lets see...place one cache..and the rules are wrong..yes, of course you should hold your breath until you turn blue...you have ever right to do so...you have been horribly mistreated..the world awaits you next cache....
  17. This is done all the time. Ppl change their names, couples split up, kids want their own account. If they were there they get credit. Cache On!
  18. I always leave a DNA sample just to make sure
  19. No need to get fancy....use your shoelace!
  20. ......Only if I get fries with it...Welcome to geocaching and the forums. The first thing to know about caching is that all cachers never agree on anything...Like other things we all have, we all have our own opinions...some are rosey pink, some stink!...and there are those that try to stick theirs in your face....I think most will agree, not all of course, that they are pleased that you put your idea forward and asked for opinions. My advice to newer cachers is that they don't think about placing series, puzzles, multis or other complicated types of caches at first. Rather observe others cache placements and learn what you like about them...At first all caches are cool...most folks think that Lamp post skirt liffers (LPC) are cool the first time, but by the 10th they are not, they are predictible. The caches that most people enjoy are those that surprise them, that are unique...therein lays creativity. So if you want to place a cache that you will enjoy and others will remember..be creative. Think of a neat place to vist, a good or unique container, and a good way to hide it. No need to make your first caches overly hard or overly easy. Keep thinking and continue to share your your ideas. Good Luck! Wiseye
  21. The hospital called.....your weekend pass is revoked...
  22. In the summer while wearing shorts I use a black market preperation that is made from frog droppings and hamster grease. it is formulated and sold by a small dealer in the Seattle area. Works good, smells like crap.
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