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  1. For something different I use listermint containers. Small and flat.
  2. I tried doing a PQ today, I put in my home coords and asked for 100 closest. I got caches approx. 250 miles away! No I didn't use the wrong coords., checked, doulble checked and rechecked. I ran it again and it came out ok on the online preview but not on GPX Spinner. I started over and asked for 50 closest in a new PQ, took me to the Fl. Keys again!! Help!!
  3. Hi, If this was your 1st experience using a GPS and in seeking a cache, it's no wonder you got fustrated. try spliting it into 2 functions. I would suggest getting comfortable with the Etrex first. Pick a point, a street corner, your front door, a mail box ect. A big open field would be great too, put a rock in the center. Mark the location as a waypoint in your GPS. walk in a straight line away from it seeing how the postion (LAT/LON) changes. turn around and walk back, see how the GPS reacts much as it did while caching. You will probally be off when you get to your known location. Stand still for awhile the unit will settle down. You should be pretty close now. You Etrex is what many of us use, no need to spend more money. Try doing the exercise without using goto, just the sat. screen., so you can get used to the LAT/LON numbers . You will soon be able to tell from the Lat. if you are going N or S, or if you need to go N or S. The same with Long. E OR W. Get so you can figure out what the L/L will do if you move in a certain direction. Then start playing with the goto trying to get to a waypoint. Get used to that. If the cache you are seeking is in an area of tree cover you will loose accuracy. The Gps is only a tool to get you close to the cache. when near the cache go slow, let it settle down for several minutes, thats a long time but if you do the coords will become very stable. when you are within 10-20' ( I'll hear about this one) stop worrying about the Gps and start figuring out where the cache could be. I hope you aren't starting with a micro. Remember, the person who hid it has more experience hiding things then you do finding them, have patience. Of course ,like most things, thats easier said than done. If you can find a cacher to go out with the first time you will learn quickly. Good Luck and be of Good Cheer!!
  4. Deception and misdirection is one thing a lie is another!
  5. I think I'll mark my next cache " Must crawl to find", all this walking on two feet is getting dangerous!
  6. I'm really sorry this happened. The Geocaching world has lost something very worthwhile. Your personal loss can only be imagined. Let your good spirit and love of geo-pets shine again. Recreate your concept, it's indeed a good one.
  7. Sorry!, I didn't mean to suggest anyone actually go out and shoot anyone. My remark was meant to be taken tounge in cheek. I Guess in this world of PC I should have made myself clear on that point. It is a game and I don't condone violence in pursuing it. That said, I would request that anyone who knows a BUGNAPPER, PLEASE , for our sake and theirs, refere them to the FBI for inclusion in their 12 step program. The FBI is of course, the well known: FORMER BUGNAPPERS INC.
  8. The "Car charger" is realy a power source, doesn't charge the batteries, works great. the garmin PC cable uses a serial port connection to the PC. I needed a USB connection. This means another cable. Look around on EBAY. I found new cables for less than half the cost of Garmin. I don't know the name but there is a place in oregon that shipped them out the next day. Good Luck!
  9. Both good ideas. I hate to see TBs stranded just because a cacher didn't think. I have a Tb whos 1st move, and currently only move was to a 5 stage multi that no ones gone to for 2 months. Placing a Travel bug at a 5 terrain near a highway closed for the winter would earn a note from me. Gentle as it might be it would get the idea across! As for BUGNAPERS shoot 'em! Travelbug Rescue International Posse ---Its an idea! TRIP
  10. Hey, thanks for the cache, If I'd realized A new cache was where yours is I would have gone down to do it. I used to live in HOMELAND and know what a great area PAYNE CREEK PARK is. Seeing your post on this forum caused me to see what else is in that area. I am planning to take a drive down 17 and spend a day caching. Thanks for showing the way! I now live in LAKELAND,Fl. Come on up we have lots of caches for you to find. I think that all the comments posted were valid, IKs on the weather factor in Fl was right on the money. I for one will be looking for your cache. You went a long time without a comment on your cache, in the form of a cache log, thanks for hanging in there!
  11. I love my legend, I have had the joystick problem, a slight twist of the joystick fixes it.
  12. Please no sented candles, rats think they are candy!!
  13. Come on now don't hold back, tell us how you really feel! Your log was well done, saved others from a negitive experience, and adhered to the level of responsible caching most of us wish to enjoy. Congrats on a job well done.
  14. Thanks everyone, I passed along your comments.
  15. The problem arose for a friend from here in Fl who hides and finds caches and moves regularly between here and NC. She wanted to place a cache for familly members and others to find in NC. ITs not a matter of learning the ropes or seeking out multis to find the waypoints. Its a matter of someone who regularly places good caches tripping over multis and having no way of knowing they are there until the reviewer declines to publish her cache,( rightfully so). Does anyone have any constructive comments?
  16. If a cache should be 528' from all legs of a multi, how does one know where the multi legs are if only the starting coords are published?
  17. This thread confirms a long held belief; Mankind is not meant to walk upright!
  18. I had something like that happen to a new cache, it was obviously a muggle, this was shown by the contant. I archived the cache and moved it to another location.
  19. wiseye


    Decons are great in the rain. lock N lock are also, the ever present waterproof matchcase is. All do better with spray paint than tape. Regular army cammo paint works great. You might try "stone" spray paint. I don't know what people use it for, unless you want to give your home decor the Bedrock look, but it work great as cammo.
  20. I suggest you go to GC home page, click on advanced searches, click By user name(found/hidden). This will give you a list of all caches hidden by that user., when, where (including town & state). You can look up any cacher this way.
  21. Let's not get too PC, anyway those rubbermaid types, well they probally would wear white!
  22. How do you get experience ? if you never go In situations beyoned your experience, research the topic and join with those who are experienced
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