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  1. It's great that someone put out such a cool cache, we can all use more of them rather than lame micros in the bush caches. There are however better ways to put a cache in a tree. Depending on the cache container hang it with strong string or use plastic wire ties. I'm sure the CO can find a creative way to attach the cache or move it from the tree.

    Good luck and cache on!


  2. If it is illegal to carry weapons in your area then I suggest you don't. I see alligators nearly everyday in my local park where I take my dog to play, be aware of them and stay clear of them, but don't shoot then... you will be in jail. Same with most bears. If you are concerned about dogs, carry a stout stick. Try not to show your fear. Some dogs will act crazy behind a fence, jumping and barking, ignore them and walk away. A dangerous dog in the open is different, keep the stick between you and the dog, keep it in site, but don't make eye contact and walk slowly away. If attacked strike the dog hard to disable or kill it. Wild dog attacks are very rare in most areas and generally reported in the news. Many people are however frightened by dogs barking or jumping behind fences. The same goes for snakes, walk away or use the stick if you must.


    Good luck, and happy cache hunting,



    PS...I don't carry anything for self protection.

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