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  1. Also there is Ken Jennings "the guy on Jeopardy! for much of 2004, if that rings a bell." Anyone know any other famous geocacher types?
  2. I notice that you are a chef. There is of course a lot of food and food-related products in and near Seattle's iconic Pike Market. If you are looking for good and/or rare spices, check these people out. I have no relationship with them other than having stopped in there a few times.
  3. One of the things which I did not think about until it became an issue for me was this: some European countries use alphabets that my GPS could not handle. For example, if someone told me to direct my GPS to an address on Burgenstraße , I could not input that. And in my case, using a substitute like Burgenstrasse did not work. Make sure you are prepared for this ahead of time. Have a great trip!
  4. It's right now, peeps! KCTS (it's channel 109 for me)
  5. Does anyone have any guesses so far as to where this vehicle might be based on the above photos?
  6. [This is being posted by a Groundspeak Lackey. We do not normally post promotional items - we are making an exception because we are so thrilled that a geocacher won!] We are very pleased to learn that a geocacher won the 1st of 3 Dodge Journeys that are being given away: Congratulations to MathProfessor and his son! Some of you may have already seen this news yesterday on Twitter. There's something about geocachers that know how to search the maps, put the clues together and find the treasures out there. They found their SUV in Nevada. The 2nd of the vehicles has already been found (Oklahoma). The clues for the 3rd of the vehicles will be released tomorrow. We know only that it will be somewhere in the eastern part of the US. http://www.youtube.com/Dodge Other updates will be on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you forum readers who are here right now, I am pleased to present you with two advance clues provided just to us geocachers by the contest organizers. Maybe another geocacher will win? Maybe it will be you! 1st advance clue: second advance clue:
  7. Welcome! I'll move this from the CITO forum to the UK forum so that more of your neighbors will see this message.
  8. From the Latitude 47 blog: http://blog.geocaching.com/2011/08/Groundspeak-headquarters-is-on-the-move/
  9. http://www.geocachin...ngerricktrails/ There probably will not be a unique cache type icon. I do agree that it's a nice program!
  10. Geocaching → More Site Functionality→ Geocaching Live Access and Restrictions (the API) https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=330
  11. We would like to share with you an opportunity to submit your amazing photos in this contest sponsored by the US National Parks: http://sharetheexperience.org/ Groundspeak is not at all involved in the contest. Please ask any questions at and upload submissions to the website above. I'm just passing the word along because I know a lot of us here enjoy time in these various Federal Recreation Lands.
  12. Geocaching → More Site Functionality→ Challenges http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=329
  13. This page in our Knowledge Books might be helpful: 2.2. Displaying Several Trackables on the Same Page, Good For Races And perhaps other folks in this forum may like the idea and use it for their own purposes as well.
  14. From a radio broadcast on NPR.org, August 4, 2011: :sad: List of caches with keyword "Shawshank"
  15. Hey JP. I love how the forums keep such old posts. (2007!) It's funny what the years have brought us. Groundspeak's legal counsel → hip to this whole idea. Did you know that our Knowledge Books have this section? Trackables → Owning, Minting, Buying→ Travel Bug Tattoos http://support.groun...=kb.page&id=315 You can get a special icon!
  16. Degai, Cebu City is about 15 minutes from that statue of Lapu-Lapu. Your dad would get a kick out of that connection. If need be, remind him that it's on the way to Mactan Island. A few people know me because I'm ancient. Been playing since 2001. ========================= /me waves to Droo
  17. Eartha is totally right. Again. In the giant ocean of coin designs they have each looked at, it's often hard to recall some particular detail. I knew the experts in here would have good info.
  18. Oooooh. Thanks, GeoGerms. Is this a coin you minted? Or you acquired it from someone else? (I wrote these questions before I carefully read both of your posts above. I get it now.) I've been to this place a few times! This pic is from when I found the virt there in 2003. Those of you who know me may notice that I am holding that trackable towel of mine.
  19. FSM, I've got my eye on you. Hiya LewisClan77. Thanks. Yep - I did the same. Sometimes, using that one word alone as the keyword in a search won't work 100%. For example, if someone did a coin about Manila and all they ever said was Manila and Manila and Manila, and they referred to the Philippines only as "the P.I." (which some people do, especially military types - it stands for the Philippine Islands), I'd never get a hit. I figured I would come here and ask the experts. And maybe some expats, too.
  20. I am very curious if there are any geocoins out there with a design or theme that is somehow about the Philippines. Do you know? Could you point me in the right direction? I would really love to see what is available.
  21. I am closing this thread because the answers are straying into unproductive places. Email had also already been sent to the Opening Poster. Thanks everyone.
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