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  1. Congratulations, Daniel. Well done! I think my favorite is this adorable photo:
  2. Of course. That takes a little bit more time than a forum thread.
  3. I edited the subtitle of this topic so that people can see the final decision at first glance. [] The subtitle now says "April 26-27, 2014"
  4. Backroad Mapbooks GeoTour http://www.geocachin...ackroadmapbooks Backroad Mapbooks GeoTour has highlighted some of the popular recreation sites & trails throughout the 6 regions of British Columbia by hiding caches under the following outdoor themes: On The Trail, On The Road, On The Water. Explore BC and learn more about the outdoors while unearthing treasures! GeoCoins: http://backroadmapbo...b-geocoins.html
  5. Thanks for starting this thread, ThomTurtle. I edited the topic title slightly to include the word GeoTour. Check out the Heritage Hide'n'Seek GeoTour ! This isn't your typical history lesson. Explore Northern Ontario and discover how it shaped the Canada we know today. Le Cache-cache patrimoine GéoTour est différent d'un cours d'histoire traditionnel. Explorez-vous le Nord de l'Ontario et découvrez comment il façonne le Canada d'aujourd'hui.
  6. Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/visit-milwaukee Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods on a trek from the stunning Lake Michigan shoreline to a historic village, through green space galore in our award-winning Milwaukee County Parks, past downtown skyscrapers and character-filled streets. See the best attractions!
  7. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway GeoTour http://www.geocachin...cy-scenic-byway Explore southern Oregon's spectacular state parks: historic trails to majestic lakes and lava beds, our Volcanic Legacy Byway GeoTour offers something for everyone. Earn a chance to win a trip to Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Get the official passport and rules at http://www.heraldand...ndingpages/Geo/
  8. Hyatt Regency Tamaya GeoTour http://www.geocachin...-regency-tamaya Located on more than 500 acres of the Santa Ana Pueblo, the Hyatt Regency Tamaya GeoTour will provide guests an adventurous tour through the Southwestern terrain, the Bosque forest, and along the banks of the Rio Grande. Throughout the tour, guests will learn about the history of the Pueblo, the indigenous wildlife and Native American artifacts.
  9. And below is Colorado's South Park GeoTour Geocoin. More info at http://www.southparkheritage.org/south-park-geotour
  10. HQ GeoTour http://www.geocachin...res/geotours/hq Enjoy "The Geocacher's Guide to the Center of Our Universe." Created in time for the 2013 Block Party by Geocaching HQ employees, this GeoTour takes you to our favorite spots in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. The caches are within walking distance and are available year-round. The image below and to the right is the front design of the geocoin which is available from the HQ Lobby Store at GCK25B. The design on the back of this Geocoin is purposely in reverse and raised such that you can use it like you would a rubber stamp. Get an ink pad and make your imprints.
  11. Since Washington is adjacent to BC and many people cross over for travel and geocaching, I will mention here that there are 2 GeoTours in nearby British Columbia: Backroad Mapbooks GeoTour - launched in 2013 Gold Country GeoTour - expanded in 2013 to include 143 caches (the largest GeoTour to date)
  12. Helena Montana GeoTour http://www.geocachin.../helena-montana The Helena, Montana GeoTour highlights the unspoiled nature and history of Montana's Capital City area. Explore the Helena National Forest, take a photo from the Firetower, follow Lewis & Clark's route along the Missouri. Discover the hidden treasures of a city built during the Gold Rush of 1864. The Helena Montana GeoTour would not have been possible without the cooperation, input and creativity of many different organizations including The Capital City Cachers. Helena Montana is the winner in Rand McNally's 2013 search for America's Best Small Town for Geocaching.
  13. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway GeoTour http://www.geocachin...cy-scenic-byway Explore southern Oregon's spectacular state parks: historic trails to majestic lakes and lava beds, our Volcanic Legacy Byway GeoTour offers something for everyone. Earn a chance to win a trip to Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Get the official passport and rules at http://www.heraldand...ndingpages/Geo/
  14. Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour http://www.geocachin...necascadescoast Oregon's best scenic sites are revealed on three editions of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour. Uncover geocaches showcasing waterfalls, epic dunes, lava fields and covered bridges. Choose your own adventure from the Oregon Coast to the Cascade Mountains. A fourth edition launches this spring.
  15. Daviess County Historic GeoTour http://www.geocachin...-county-history This GeoTour links a variety of historical topics about Daviess County, Indiana with the entertaining activity of geocaching. From topics like the Wabash and Erie Canal, the Buffalo Trace, the Wratten Murders, and our charming Round Barn please come and treat yourself to Daviess County, Indiana.
  16. Minnesota's Paul Bunyan GeoTour http://www.geocachin...urs/paul-bunyan Minnesota's 110-mile paved Paul Bunyan State Trail, rail-to-trail conversion, connects quaint trail towns and skirts lakes and rivers. While 100 caches are listed as part of this GeoTour, nearly 1,000 caches are hidden. Cache the legendary 'power trail' or explore the area casually by bike, boat or boot.
  17. Cache Calhoun GeoTour http://www.geocachin...rs/cachecalhoun Discover the unique history of Calhoun County through geocaching. From Battle Creek to Marshall, from Springfield to Albion, and everywhere in between, the tour offers a unique look into a significant past. From the Cereal Capital of the World, to a destination along the Underground Railroad, there is something to uncover around every corner.
  18. '20s Speakeasy GeoTour http://www.geocachin...s/20s-speakeasy This GeoTour is based on the history of the Benton/West City area during the prohibition era. The notorious gangster Charlie Birger was known for his bootlegging operations in southern Illinois, as well as his involvement in the murder of Mayor Joe Adams of West City for which he was hung in 1928.
  19. Lake County Ohio GeoTour http://www.geocachin...ake-county-ohio Caches have been placed under bushes, in birdhouses, at the top of giant wine glasses, and in outdoor structures all over Lake County. Cache sites were based on geography, natural surroundings, uniqueness, and cultural significance. Just think, you get to see Lake County from a local's point of view! See more at http://www.lakevisit...h.YvhS6FRt.dpuf
  20. One: Georgia State Parks GeoTour http://www.geocachin...orgiastateparks Georgia State Parks has hidden 46 geocaches in 43 spectacular state parks, from Cloudland Canyon's cool mountain trails to Skidaway Island's sunny historic coast, and everywhere in between. Pick-up or download your Geo-Challenge PassPort today and start your journey to reach all three levels, and collect all 3 custom geocoins! Two: Georgia History Trail GeoTour http://www.geocachin...giahistorytrail Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites has 14 caches in some of Georgia's oldest places! At each site you'll solve clues to unlock the geocache. Inside you'll find trading cards - collect them, trade them or complete one of 5 history categories to get a custom souvenir token. Collect all 5 tokens to complete your GeoTour.
  21. Experience Cortland GeoTour http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/experiencecortland The Cortland County Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to launch this exciting new geocaching adventure. This tour will take you along the byways of Cortland County to the secret and not-so-secret hideaways where they have stashed caches for you to discover. Along the way you will learn about the county history that includes underground railroads, civil war camps, major league ballplayers, and possibly the best trucks ever built. You may also experience some of the nicest countryside and rural villages you will ever find in New York State.
  22. Some time ago, this project officially became the Star-Spangled Banner GeoTour, so I edited the topic title to reflect that. A nice map and a GPS download are both easily available here: http://www.geocachin...rspangledbanner BONUS: even Basic Members can get that GPX download - you need not "use up" one of your Pocket Queries to get it.
  23. Some time ago, the Captain John Smith Geotrail -- a fun and successful project -- officially became the Captain John Smith GeoTour. I edited the topic title to reflect that. Check it out: http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/captainjohnsmith
  24. I hear tell that, due to a high level of interest, the Smithsonian Natural History GeoTour may grow by a few more caches in 2014. Stay tuned: http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/smithsonian-nmnh
  25. Wow: I just noticed that the Spring Grove GeoTour has accumulated 715 Favorite Points across just 32 caches. That's a lot per cache!
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