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  1. SEMY opened this topic with the blog post from May 8. Thanks SEMY. On May 21, we published a follow-up blog post that includes news about GeoTours beyond just the HQ GeoTour in Seattle: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/05/geotour-completed-souvenir-earned/ Twinklelitkat posted: You would have had to find them all when the GeoTour was active.
  2. Our fingers are crossed for good luck during this testing phase. Are your fingers crossed, too?
  3. Hi Thomfre. Thanks for reporting this issue. A fix has *just* been released. Do you see the maps now?
  4. gasbottle, I heard that 5.5.1 is out for Android. Is that the version you are using? If not, could you give that version a try please?
  5. It was released on Android only a few days after the original announcement above. My apologies for not announcing that specifically here. Our Help Center has more details. Below is a screenshot of the Operation Recreation GeoTour - GT3D - on an Android.
  6. Thank you! A smart Lackey here has also been taking a look.
  7. I'm happy that worked for you. That said, maybe there's an easier way. Just use the app like this and input GT54 when asked for a GT code. Then it looks like this WITHOUT having to create a PQ:
  8. Hm. I'll ask someone smarter than me to look into this.
  9. Thanks, railroader921. Here's more info on that.
  10. And do you have Garmin's BaseCamp software on your machine?
  11. Do you see the text that says "Download this GeoTour" near the top right of the page? Try that. It's essentially a "pocket query" that both Basic and Premium members can access.
  12. And to follow up, Rock Chalk did return to earn his geocoin. Here's the story in the Geocaching Blog: https://www.geocachi...he-smithsonian/
  13. On a related note: HCue: How To Make a Hollow Book Geocache
  14. I'm cross-posting from our Release Notes today. (The Mobile Team will watch that thread and answer questions when possible.) Release Notes (Geocaching® iPhone app) July 27, 2016 Make vacation plans! It's now easier than ever to explore GeoTours — collections of geocaches designed to introduce you to new locations. In this update to the Geocaching® iPhone app: Learn how to get started with GeoTours. View GeoTour details for travel destinations. Search for GeoTours by specific GT codes. Bonus: Basic members can find and log GeoTour caches of all types and D/T ratings. The Geocaching® Android app is currently in the testing phase and should be released soon with ability to access GeoTours.
  15. Thanks so much for the feedback, Twinklekitkat. I can help by letting the GeoTour Host know directly. Everyone benefits when caches are well-maintained.
  16. Hello and thanks for the interest! I just found the message you sent us. We'll respond to that address.
  17. It would indeed be inappropriate to refer to a geotrail as a GeoTour when it is not. A GeoTour shows up here: https://www.geocaching.com/play/geotours
  18. This is a great question, NLBokkie. We are working on better supporting GeoTours so that more travelers can easily access (and complete!) GeoTours in whatever device they choose to use. Please be patient as the (exciting!) work is under development.
  19. I am unsure what you mean here. Geocaching HQ does not create Pathtags or have terms of use for Pathtags designs. What exactly is the design you placed on the back of your Pathtags? What extra money? I assume you paid that to the manufacturer of your Pathtags.
  20. Hm. You couldn't have used the "GeoTour" attribute as that can only be accessed by a Geocaching HQ employee. That's true of the attributes listed as "Specials" at the very bottom of this page. As Wet Pancake Touring Club mentioned, you likely used the "Tourist Friendly" attribute.
  21. Here is the Experience Cortland GeoTour page: https://www.geocaching.com/play/geotours/experiencecortland It was down for a few hours - oddly, the very same few hours when bobfeeley was looking.
  22. What an adventure indeed!! This is a very cool write-up, WPTC.
  23. I think until we know all the facts that is a little unfair. I looked at things close to the solution for the puzzle in question and it turns out that the city's Chamber of Commerce is about 300 feet away. It may be that having a cache at that location was crucial to the geotour. I will know tomorrow when the cache locations are made available. So there may have been a LOT of pressure to have that particular cache archived, but none of that information was made available to the cache owner. There have been a few "facts" that were simply not true (they were based on incorrect assumptions) posted in earlier comments here and elsewhere. That was the reason for the first few posts in this thread. We hope those who have been passionately discussing are now passionately discussing and moving forward with the actual facts. The GeoTour page is live and the first post has been edited to provide the link. Not all the caches are being published today. More will be published later. And this: You assure us that you have the landowner's and/or land manager's permission before you hide any geocache, whether placed on private or public property.
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