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  1. Thanks for all the tips/links. I have mostly stayed away from puzzled as I find it incredibly frustrating that there is not even a seed in the hints on how to start solving their puzzle, so I often just pass over them feeling not part of the "in" crowd (and feeling like asking the CO for help is kinda cheating ) However, I would like to start trying them so will read some of the links you kindly shared
  2. This is a largely tongue in cheek and entertaining article about the concerns in some quarters about the shift in magnetic north and it's impact on navigation for hikers (and by implication, potentially, cachers). I say tongue in cheek as I was not really fishing for any long discussions about the technicalities of the shift in magnetic north, and specifically whether or not it *actually* impacts cachers, just looking to give you a light hearted read ;-) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-25841106# But if, of course, anybody wants to have said discussion... ;-)
  3. Apologies if this is explained elsewhere, but I have been looking for some time... Is there a way to seed a list from a search? I would like to create a list based on a search (as I can when creating a pocket query) then edit it, but the only way I can add to a list, that I can find, is one at a time. Thanks :-)
  4. My son just graduated High School, and I would like to set a trackable free to commemorate the event. Does anybody know where I can get a geocoin, or any trackable to commemorate a graduation, preferably with the year (although that may be pushing it)? I saw a long list of geocoin URLs in the FAQ post but that is a loooong list, so I thought I would be cheeky/lazy and ask to see if anybody had done the legwork already. Many thanks in advance of any pointers.
  5. I see under the mobile apps you have an entry for the Android and iphone apps, could you please add one for the Windows Phone app? Thanks :-)
  6. Yes, there is an official app for WP8 and it is free :-) Just go to the Windows Marketplace and search for geocaching.
  7. Apologies if the answer is already out there, I did try searching, honest... I have picked up a trackable that wants to visit all 50 states. As there are several logs in my state, is it permissible to mail it to a friend in another state for them to deposit it in a cache, or do I have to be the one to deposit it in a new cache?
  8. Ruud4d, you are right that people should make an attempt to RTFM first, but you have to also remember that this site is not overly intuitive for a noob, the FAQs are by no means exhaustive, other information is scattered and it doesn't help either if you are not even sure what questions you want to ask. For example, looking through the site and the board I have not found anything to tell me if I can actually look for caches that contain trackables or whether I just stumble across them. Also, while again your sentiments are right and good, don't you think posting a RTFM comment kinda contradicts the comment about "there is no such thing as a silly question"? and discourages noobs from asking questions or learning? The job of a teacher is not just to impart knowledge, but to have the patience with the students who struggle to learn. Please don't take this reply as a bash, and I realize there are some that don't even attempt to look things up (and those should rightly be "corrected"). I am just looking out for the noobs and trying to avoid intimidating them from joining in. Being the new kid in a new school can be daunting ;-)
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