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  1. I'll remember this for future reference - thanks. Unfortunately this wouldn't have helped in this situation as the cache that the reviewer says is the problem is actually listed as being 1.1 miles away (there are 30 caches closer) But it's a puzzle cache so I guess that's the location of the '?' symbol. (1.1 miles seems a long way though?) And thanks to Calypso62 for the great hints.
  2. Perfect, this is exactly what I needed - you're a star! Many Thanks
  3. I know but at least there's a symbol on the map to warn you that there's a cache in the area. I used to be able to see the cache symbol for premium caches on the map, but not anymore.
  4. Hi, I'm a Basic Member and just had a new cache rejected as it infringed on the 500ft separation rule. The problem is I can no longer see Premium Caches on the map, I used to, if I zoomed out a little, but that facility doesn't seem to work anymore? (unless there's a set-up feature I've not selected?) I can move my cache, but may hit the same problem if there is another premium cache that I can't see. Also I've been working on a Multi for a while and have spent time making a container for a specific location, now I'm worried I may not be able to place it, if the same thing happens. How can Basic members place caches with confidence if we can't see premium locations like we used too? This issue wastes time for us and the over-worked reviewer. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. I've been colecting countries a lot longer than I've been Caching as I served in the Royal Navy. Currently been to 65 contries and 21 US states. The country count is according to the 'Travellers Century Club' website which list some places seperately is they are removed from the parent country either Geographically, Politically or Ethnologically. E.g. Madeira counts as a seperate place even though it's technically part of Portugal. Now I go away every year with some friends, we try to go to somewhere unusual and off-the-beaten-trak each year for less than £500 ($800) for a 5-day trip. Next year we're flying to Vilnius in Lithuania and then getting the train down to Minsk in Belarus for a couple of days and then to Kiev in Ukraine. While there we're going to visit the site of the Chernobyl power station. In the past we've driven across Albania, climbed the highest Mountain in the Atlas Mountains (Morocco) and cruised along the Turkish coast. Travelling with friends is the best fun!
  6. You mean I would find something at the posted coordinates that says "50m east"? Yeah, that's a multicache. While it is important to keep in mind the "use of GPSr" rule, hiding something at the posted coordinates covers that. After that, getting to the next stage can involve any method you like, as far as I know.On the other hand, if you're saying that the cache description is what tells me to go 50m east, then it would more likely be a letterbox hybrid (or an unknown if you don't want to put a stamp in it). And, in that case, the "must use GPSr" rule becomes dicey, so the details need to be handled carefully to insure the GPSr really is required. My intention was to use GPS co-ordinates to get you to the first find, this would then direct you to the second stage by some other means, as described, and this would then direct you to the final location (with the log) again by some other means. So you would only need a GPS to get to the first stage. This seems to meet the GPS use requirement.
  7. Whenever I've read about MultiCaches it always says that one stage gives clues or digits for the next coordinates. My question is... do you have to give coordinates for a new stage? Or can it be something different e.g. 50m East, 25 paces South, or follow the path to the bridge? Thanks
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