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  1. If you want to get it there fast, try FedX. It's the "Journey" not the "destination" .......... pick it up and move it.
  2. As long as they are maintained, they can have as many as they want. You're challenge is to find great locations and not just throw them anywhere.
  3. We have a local cache that is on top of a street light in a parking lot (place with permission too). It took a cherry picker to get it, but we signed in and replaced it. The placement is part of the challenge.
  4. You may want to note who was/wasn't there but you should log them.
  5. There are a few archived caches that I've got bookmarked with the intention of finding them, logging them and CITO'ing out the container.
  6. If you meet me on the trail, stop and say "hi" I think most folks are friendly and would like to meet you!
  7. Sorry about the tripple post, computer is going wanky.
  8. Welcome to geocaching! The GPSr will depend a lot of what price range you're in. There are some excellent lower priced units and some reasonably priced full featured units.
  9. Welcome to geocaching! The GPSr will depend a lot of what price range you're in. There are some excellent lower priced units and some reasonably priced full featured units.
  10. Welcome to geocaching. Based on the people I know who own the Oregon and having used one for a weekend, I'd opt for the Colorado. Just my .02.
  11. Welcome to geocaching! The GPSr will depend a lot of what price range you're in. There are some excellent lower priced units and some reasonably priced full featured units.
  12. We see a lot of preforms around here. Water and air tight and almost indestructible.
  13. I haven't done that, but I have cheerfully yelled "You're too late" at approaching cachers while signing in! Sure did. I had the first stage multi in my pocket when I saw another cacher enter the area. I let him look for awhile than then we both went to the final for a co-ftf. On another cache, I was walking down the trail about six o'clock in the morning and I passed a gentleman coming down the trail the other way. I said "Good Morning", he said "You're second". Had a good laugh and stopped to talk for about 20 minutes. On another occasion I got FTF and then waited to see who would show up. 2nd to find was 12 minutes after the cache was published. We also had a nice chat before moving on. Lots of fun and interesting people can be met in a FTF race.
  14. I've been using the Motorola phone batteries for over a year. No problems what so ever with them.
  15. If I found my own bug in the wild, I would do one of three things: 1) Nothing - if it was a recent placement 2) Post a note if it had been there awhile 3) Move it as any other traveler if I actually moved it from that cache.
  16. "Do you have a license to use that thing?"
  17. badlands

    Profile Page

    Food for thought: 1. Geocoin total on profile page then click through to detail page. Not everyone is interested in looking at geocoin icons on a six foot long web page. I'd be very happy with just the total on the main page. 2. Hides - separate pages for "Active", "Disabled" and "Archived" Often I will look to see what hides for a particular hider with excellent hides that I have not found are still to be found by me [that was long winded]. Being able to look through just active caches would be a benefit for some of the more prolific hiders as well as when I want to review my own active caches for maintenance issues. Thanks for the consideration.
  18. I've used Cachemate on both Palm and PPC and have a preference for the PPC because it allows me to sort by distance from a cache the same way the GPSr does (if you are at the cache). I find it much easier to find the next cache that way than to scroll through them alphabetically. Note that I do tend to keep more waypoints in the PDA than most people (the entire state of IL is currently on my PPC because I'm working on the All County Challenge)
  19. Can't say I've experienced the web page white out, but it does load slowly at times.
  20. It's a moving cache, which isn't allowed Placing a cache of this type along a highway, would more than likely have people just doing a quick stop and grab causing a traffic hazard in the process. Kudos on trying to clean up the area, but an event with bright yellow safety vests would probably yield better results.
  21. I have 5 DNF's on a 1/1 in Kentucky - it was archived and I've never found it. Do doubt it was there as the cache owner walked by their almost every day and confirmed that it was in place and others found it with out any trouble. My real claim to fame is one cache in Cincinnati that I DNF'd 13 times. I had a couple of DNF's on it and recruited a buddy from work (a n00b) to join the hunt.........well he found it after about 5 minutes of searching and then proceeded to wander around a bit before asking me if I wanted to know where it was.............. I was determined to find it on my own so I walked away, turned my back and let him log in. That was DNF #5 I think. The day I moved from Cincinnati, I finally gave in and asked for a give away hint so I could log it before leaving town. It's a good thing I moved or I'd still be looking for that one
  22. In this case it's vandalism, pure and simple. The cache should be reported, archived, the bolt removed and reported to the city so they can replace it.
  23. I'd almost ask the other question: Who shouldn't be placing any hides? 1) People who place caches just because the feel an obligation but really don't want to. 2) People who are unwilling [don't have time] to maintain their caches. 3) People who think their should be a cache under 'every' lamp post skirt. 4) People who think that 'mean' caches are fun to place (e.g. film can under the leaf litter in the woods with bad coords)
  24. Those are the WORST!!!! I'm dealing with them now and never want to again. Anyone have any good tips on relieving this agony?? Don't scratch ..... it only makes it worse. I know, that's like saying "don't breath", but it's the best thing you can/can't do. I've tried cortisone creams and calamine lotions with some success, but the "don't scratch" is the best option if you can bear it.
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