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  1. You mean you can't just load it on your hard drive and be done with it? I tend not to keep the original CDs handy.
  2. badlands


    What is your budget? Don't forget that you may want to buy mapping software also.
  3. Thanks for the pics. I can hardly wait for my 600!!!!!
  4. Is it the size of the container that “traditionalists” object to or is it that people are “cheapening” the sport by placing lots of caches in easy to get to and easy to find places? Just think, what if all those urban micro hunters were all tramping through the woods
  5. Cincinnati now, but I was born and raised a Cheese-head.
  6. gpsexplorer.com has the Garmin GPSMAP 60CS listed at $418 with a $100 rebate bringing it down to $318+shipping tigergps.com has the Magellan Explorist 600 available for preorder at $347.93+shipping
  7. Haven't paid yet for GC but plan to. I want to support the people that develop and maintain the site.
  8. badlands


    tigergps.com and gpsexplorer.com both seem to have good prices too.
  9. As long as you are waiting for your tax refund anyway, you may want to consider the Explorist 600 that will start shipping soon. It runs about $358 at tigergps.com
  10. Kudos to Amazon for the price rebate. I was thinking of the 60CS or Meridian Color but now I'm holding out for the Explorist 600 as the price dropped. Current price of 347.93 (+$10 shipping) at tigergps.com
  11. Suggested Retail Price: $535.70 U.S.D. (for domestic US market only)
  12. gpsexplorer.com is offering the 60CS for 435.95 but they are offering a double rebate. Net cost 335.95 including shipping.
  13. I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Garmin GPSMap 60CS and Magellan Meridian Color. Both are the same price ($335…best I’ve found so far) I’ve read almost everything that I can find on this site about both units. In general the Garmin is a little faster at obtaining a fix, but the Magellan is a little better at maintaining the fix. The Garmin is a little smaller but the Magellan has street names on their topo maps. The Magellan has a memory card slot, but the 56mb on the Garmin seems to be enough for the majority of users. It seems that the Garmin fans (on this site anyway) are more numerous, or at least more vocal. I’m new to geocaching and would appreciate any last advice before making my purchase.
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