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  1. I was unable to find "MUST" in the guidelines, please enlighten me.
  2. My point exactly. With proper placement a cache can last a very long time. However, for everyone you show me that has stood the test of time, I can show you ten or more than have not.
  3. In this area, where FTF's are typically claimed within minutes, lack of any logs can, and often do, indicate an issue with a cache.
  4. An automated system with the rules clearly explained would help. Imagine for example if the proximity rules were defined like the CHS. Your cache cannot be published because it's too close to another cache. No we won't tell you how close is too close, it's just too close in our opinion. Try again and we'll let you know if it's okay or not. Trust us, we have rules, we're just not going to tell you what they are ..... and by the way, they are different for different people and different reviewers apply them differently. Simplify the rules. Explain the rules. Take the mystery out of it. Example: 4 DNF's on different dates - automatically disabled after a 7 day grace period (not suggesting this as a rule, but as something clearly defined).
  5. There is no such thing as a weatherproof container. Without regular maintenance even an ammo can will succumb to the elements. Almost any container can be used as a cache container "if" it's placed and maintained properly. Sadly, some of biggest issues Groundspeak faces (or chooses not to face) are dead (missing) caches and ill maintained caches. A proactive approach to these two issues would go a long way in keeping people in the game.
  6. A much bigger problem than the 'one and done' are the long time active and inactive cachers who have hundreds or even thousands of hides without demonstrating the ability and/or desire to maintain them.
  7. I'll usually just walk up and say something like, "excuse me, but I need to look under this bench you're sitting on", then explain it's a scavenger hunt, sign in and move on.
  8. Most often I'll see credit given where credit is due. "Monkey.Tree.Climber did the hard work for us" or something to that effect. But yes, if you claim it as if you actually performed the deed, that that is just tacky and a slap in the fact to the one who did the work.
  9. I respectfully disagree. I cannot presume to know the intent of the hider but for myself I do not expect everyone to actually make the climb on my hides. If however I had a lamp skirt hide (which I don't), I would expect every finder to lift that skirt for themselves.
  10. If someone is watching we go over and talk to them and tell them exactly what we are doing. This is especially useful when caching near private private property. It also has a side benefit of keeping the cache from being muggled.
  11. When I'm asked about 'coattail' logging on any of my hides or puzzles, I ask one question. "Did you have fun!". If you did, then please log them with my compliments. I put them out for people to enjoy with no expectation the EVERYONE will be able to solve them or retrieve them.
  12. If there is a compelling reason to put it there and it wouldn't interfere with the other cache then you could ask your reviewer for a variance. Although a variance isn't often granted, on occasion they are.
  13. How about a persistent check box on the checker itself to either update coordinates or not. My biggest issues with the geochecker is that it looks goofy. It doesn't fit in well with the overall design of the webpage. Maybe put it as a link on the sidebar?
  14. Once you've cached in an area for awhile you get to know the hiders and the searchers. Knowing who placed the cache and who logged the DNF is very important in deciding weather or not to skip a cache with a DNF or two.
  15. The most compelling reason to upgrade to premium is the desire to support the listing service (Groundspeak) which provides hours and hours of entertainment. Most people who can afford a smart phone can afford $30/year. If the cost is a budget buster for you (and with three kids I can see where it might be) then please, just enjoy the experiences and family time without a second thought. "Worth it" from a functionality viewpoint is very dependent on your personal usage. If you're just starting out and taking the kids on a few hunts, then by no means is it worth it. If you're going out frequently then having the ability to download caches by the thousands into a database type program is a huge benefit. If not regularly maintained, caches will degrade over time. What started out as a wonderful stocked container will over time become a wet stinking refuse container. The best way to find age appropriate kiddy friendly caches is to 1) read the cache page 2) read the logs 3) go out personally ahead of time and find them.
  16. I grit my teeth and go. It only stings for a few minutes ...... if you don't scratch. Poison ivy on the other hand, I take along a friend for that
  17. We currently see field puzzles or multi-caches starting at historic locations with physical components in places where they are allowed. It would be nice elevate educational types of caches to a higher status by awarding them a unique icon.
  18. From a practical point of view I would agree if you include Earth Caches. Most events "do" have a log book, but according to the guidelines, signing an event log book is not required. If a signature in a log book is not required, then, although not explicitly stated, neither is the log book.
  19. "Virtual cache" types include: (some of which are no longer available to place and/or log) EarthCache Event Cache Cache In Trash Out Event (CITO) Mega-Event Cache Giga-Event Cache Geocaching HQ Geocache GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit Lab Caches Virtual Cache Webcam Cache 10 Years! Event Cache Locationless (Reverse) Cache
  20. I don't seem to be able to replicate those results. GPX file from the cache page - no corrected coordinates PQ - no corrected coordinates GSAK API - has corrected coordinates and the corrected coordinates flag is set (refresh or download) Regardless of source however, the information should be consistent. The update via the GSAK API is a pleasant surprise to me as this is new information since the last time I checked, which was some time ago.
  21. Not sure I understand what you're saying. If GS is the source of the data, GSAK has no way to know if the coordinates are corrected. "Download the GPX" .... from what source?
  22. The correct orientation of the antenna can make a big difference as well. I use a Garmin 62s which gives a much more stable reading when held vertical.
  23. If you update GSAK with corrected coordinates, they will always show as corrected, even if you update them to the original posted coordinates. This is useful for 'Challenge' caches that may or may not be at the posted coordinates. If they are, just update coordinates to posted and GSAK will set the corrected coordinates flag. The issues I have with correcting coordinates on the cache page is that when I download (API or PQ), there is no indicator to say they have been updated.
  24. You may want to PM the reviewer who published the cache and let them follow up with the cache owner. As a board member of a home owner association I can tell you that residents would not be allowed to place caches on the common property without permission of the board.
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