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  1. It's all about the smilie count. Count the event and increment your attended number by one. (I'm not in favor of this by the way, but that's one reason attempt to list outings as events)
  2. Why can't you just get together to meet other Geocachers? You can, nothing stopping you. If however, you want to list an "Event" cache type on gc.com it needs to meet the guidelines. The guidelines state that the event can't be for the sole purpose of meeting others to go out geocaching. For example. I'm meeting a bunch of cachers at 9 am to do the XYZ series. An event at 9 am at this location will not meet the guidelines unless if the sole purpose is to do the series. If however, doing the XYZ series is incidental to doing the XYZ series, then it may meet the guidelines. Semantics? Probably, so choose your wording carefully.
  3. Garmin has the 64 (series of which the 64s is one). I have the 62s and several of my friends have the 64s so we are always comparing. The huge most useful improvement is the ability to upload an unlimited number of caches as it supports the GGZ file format. I thought this would be an advantage for road trips, but in reality we tend to be much more selective on road trips and only load a few well researched caches. So this may or may not be important to you. The 62s by contrast will comfortably hold several thousand but in my experience will crash if loaded to the rated capacity. The GLONASS or Russian satellites in my experience tend to make the unit less accurate. This could be an illusion as it may be the US satellites that are less accurate, but it's not really the accuracy that counts, its the ability to replicate and find the same ground zero as the person who placed the cache. If the person placing the cache used US satellites only, it may appear to be more accurate with GLONASS turned off. The Bluetooth connects only to specific devices and is not as I had hoped a full function data connection. So in my opinion, I'd buy the 64s if it was close to the same price as the 62s but wouldn't pay a huge premium for it. There are also a number of other "advanced" models that are touch screen. I haven't used them or know of anyone who does so I can't really comment on them. Personally I like the buttons but not everyone does. In addition, a growing number of people only cache with their phones. Again not my choice, but I'm sure many people wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. Can anyone tell me what kind of snake this is? It's approximately 4-6 feet long and was seen in northeastern Illinois.
  5. Lab caches for example require a code. Should Earth caches and Virtual caches be set up the same way?
  6. Isonzo Karst makes an unintended but interesting point. Knowing your cache hider helps in identifying what the container will be based on listed size. Should Groundspeak define size based on common usage or should size conform to Groundspeak's definition?
  7. Yes, the Lock&Lock ™ are the 'god' of plastic containers. One reason, in my experience is that the silicon seal is more forgiving than with the harder plastic seals. Forgiving in that when a bit of debris isn't removed from the seal, they form around it rather than creating a gap.
  8. Here's a fun one. Full of Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Stuff What happens? Law enforcement is called and you have a lot of explaining to do. A friend of mine has a bookmark list of all the caches where he's had LEO encounters.
  9. I've seen may great front yard caches over the years but please keep in mind that placing a cache in your front yard will let everyone know where you live. If you do decide to move forward with this idea please make sure of two things: Make sure people can without a doubt know which yard to be in (voice of experience here) Make sure all of your neighbors know about it.
  10. Is the "Date Placed" field significantly different that the "Description" field on the cache listing. It's just a field where a user can enter what ever they like. I stand by my statement.
  11. In my experience condensation inside the cache container is a result of humidity AND temperature changes.
  12. Respectfully disagree. If finding geocaches was the primary function, then I'd be a numbers hound, always looking for the next power trail. Geocaching "to me" is about having fun, being out doors and interacting with other cachers. If I actually find the cache, that's a bonus. Size is about a lot of things including external/internal volume. When I place a cache, part of the size equation is how difficult it will be to find. If the container is a tweener (clearly between sizes) and I expect it to be difficult to find, I'll use the smaller size. If I'm looking to drop off a travel but then internal size is important. If the internal/external dimensions are significantly different then not chosen or unknown can be used.
  13. Respectfully disagree. The real issues is that Groundspeak does not allow a "published date" search in the PQ. The API (e.g. GSAK) does. If you are recording and making a distinction between when the cache was placed and when it was published, then there is a valid reason to have both fields. One controlled by the cache owner and the other controlled by programming. In addition to recording when the cache was physically placed, some cache owners will use this as information required to solve a puzzle or as a hint in solving a puzzle.
  14. Ubiquitous (present, appearing, or found everywhere), certainly, popular (liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people), debatable.
  15. Never say never, I've seen it happen.
  16. In this case I suspect that it was being held in conjunction with a Munzee Event. **************** Alimagnet Park Greet, Eat and TB swap. Co-exist with another Geo-location based game. Start time 12:30pm End time 1:30pm (group photo) Here's your chance to meet local players and players from out-of-state. Bring trackables with you, sure to be a big hit. Event held rain or shine.
  17. If someone gives explicit permission, there is a liability that goes with it in the event that someone get hurt. If they don't acknowledge the existence of geocaching, then they can say it was not placed with permission so we are not liable.
  18. You just need the right toys I've got 3 feet, What does your GPSr say? Hot Glue
  19. You are correct, the geocaching cycle is like many other things in life.
  20. Correct the issues isn't really about the tree, it's about perception. The best reason I know of not to put nails and screws into trees are safety. 1. The tree is being cut down/trimmed/split for firewood and the saw hits the nail/screw. It will likely just cut it in half but maybe not. 2. The tree falls to the ground and rots and then someone steps on the nail/screw.
  21. More likely the bark is growing around it rather than the cord being pulled into it.
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