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    Car Mounts

    Just get a Ram suction mount. They work great and are guaranteed forever. -indybill
  2. I use the Ram suction mount for my 60CS. Works like a champ; I could probably hang 10x the weight on that thing with no problem. Cheers, Indy
  3. Yup, and you won't have to carry a flashlight or batteries for it either...cause you'll be glowing bright enough already!
  4. You forgot to add the dvd player and automatic omlet flipper. Seriously though, I spent months looking at them all and ended up right back were I started...Garmin. I have a 60CS and love it. If I was buying now, I'd buy the 60CSX because of the expansion slot, but the 60CS can load my whole state into it and still have room to spare. I have I laptop that I can use in conjuction with it so I don't need an expansion slot...but it would be cool. I chose Garmin because of: - Better tech support IMO - Better aftermarket support (software apps) IMO - Windows plug and play compatible - no fuss, no muss with drivers or software updates - Better display for my use - Better buttons IMO - Better case for my use - More aftermarket goodies available Getting the picture... Others will defend their brand for their use. I might even catch a couple of flames but the experiences above are mine and I'm now a loyal Garmin user because of it. Your mileage may vary and you should go with the unit that fits you best...even if it is one the the other brands. Listen to your gut..mine's never been wrong. Cheers, Indybill
  5. Garmin has excellent customer service. When I lost one of my mapping disks they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. They also reply to tech questions quickly...even on weekends!
  6. Sounds like you have a hardware conflict on your computer, not a driver issue. Otherwise everyone would be having the same problem. Use your 'add/remove' hardware funciton in the control panel of windows to try to troubleshoot the problem. Depending on how long you've had this computer and how much hardware/software has been added and removed to/from it you may be due for a rebuild of your computer; that is reformat the hd to start w/ a clean slate and reinstall your programs. This is not for the sqweemish or casual pc user though. If you're not very comfortable doing this take it to a shop and have them do it for you. Regards, indybill
  7. I've only used v6, but what I've noticed in my area is that in urban areas where new streets are added quite often v6 appears to be about 2 years behind the real world. On the plus side though in rural and mountainous areas I've yet to find a dirt road that isn't included in v6 and I go into some pretty 'unimproved' areas. Even Yahoo, and Mapquest run about 1-2 years behind the real world; it just takes that long to catch up with the roads that are being built. Regards, Indybill
  8. Judy, I'd like to second the nod to the 60cs. Far superior reception and much better display. You should be able to find either a 60c or 60cs for under your $350 limit on ebay. I got my cs w/ City Select v6 for $385, and it was only a few months old.
  9. From one newb to another...you're not alone. I've stood 2 feet from a traditional cache and not found it. The extra clues are important, especially for us newbs...don't leave home without them. Not all caches are on the ground either...very important to remember. Good luck and happy hunting. -Indy
  10. It could be worse. We could live in a part of the world where gas is 2x and 3x our low 2.05/gal average. I think most of Europe is running $4-5/gal and Sweden was about $8/gal along w/ Japan last I checked. The price of gas will continue to rise along with bread, milk, and everything else. Hopefully prices don't rise any faster than wages, so it all stays relatively the same. The only real change in my habits has been to try to combine multiple small trips into one (groceries & shopping stuff) otherwise I still recreate just as much...it just costs a little more.
  11. Check out this thread; it compares garmins Topo USA with another mapping program. recent mapping software thread The 1:100,000 scale leaves a lot to be desired if you're used to using the 1:24000 paper topo maps. I'd like to see Garmin do like Maptech did and offer state (or at least region) specific topos at a much higher detail.
  12. I think this site came up in another battery post recently. I did a BBB check on them and saw too many complaints for my comfort. Others on here have ordered from them with good luck though. -Indybill
  13. Sounds like the same thing that car dealers try to do when manufacturers offer rebates. Unfortunately retailers take the rebate as an opportunity to make an easy $50.
  14. Wouldn't you know it. I wait, look, wait, look some more and finally buy one. Then wammo...here's a rebate offer just a couple weeks later. Ah...c'est la vie! -Indybill
  15. I looking forward to trying some of the most challenging caches I can find once I get the general hang of the game. I'd say if you build it...they will come. Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes?! -Indybill
  16. I use this one in my truck; bolted to the dash. I also have the 1" handlebar base for my mountain bike. Both are rock solid. -Indybill
  17. indybill

    60cs Users Info

    I've only had mine a couple of weeks, and I admit to being a little apprehensive about my purchase choice...until I had the unit in my hands. What was worrying me was the limit of 56mb memory. But once I loaded every map for Oregon and even a little around the edges from City Select v6 into it and saw it only took about 38mb to do this I was exstatic. The cs is very easy to figure out with most of the features being very intuitive even without the aid of the manual. The color screen is phenominal; bright, sharp, and easy to read an arm's length or more away. The antenna is very good on the c & cs too. When I first got it I tried it INSIDE my house and I was able to get a satellite lock on 3-4 birds even there. Paired with the City Select software this unit will automatically route you from where you are to where you want to go with turn by turn directions and audible signals to warn you that you're approaching your next turn. If you miss a turn, no problem the c & cs will recalculate the route to get you back on track; very cool! I spent about two months researching gpsr units from Magellan, Lowrance, and Garmin. I was torn between the cs and iFinder Hunt near the end of my quest. The idea of buying the cs kind of happened accidentally...long story short I had a heck uv a deal pop up and I happened to get lucky enough to snatch it up first. But I can say that I probably would have ended up buying the cs even if I had to pay full new price. The color screen, geocache features, auto routing feature and barometric trend graphing were features that put the cs at the top of the heap for me. Best of luck to you on your quest. -Indybill
  18. indybill

    I Ordered It!

    Good catch...I missed the reference to v4 on my quick scan. I'm guessing it's an old ad. Better to check on it before ordering though. -indybill
  19. indybill

    I Ordered It!

    I've only had my 60cs & city select v6 a couple of weeks, but I love it; it does everything I can imagine wanting and more. The city select software is worth the price (I've seen it for $76 at mall24-7.com btw). The maps appear to be current to about two years ago, and that's as good as yahoo or mapqwest ever is. Enjoy your new toys! -Indybill
  20. I think that it may depend on where your located; the WalMart near me has the 2200mah NiMH for around $6/4 pack. -Indybill
  21. You might try looking for an established benchmark near your home. Do a google search for 'elevation benchmarks (your city)'. That's how I found some near me. Regards, Indybill
  22. Here's some info on the TN/MN subject from USGS: http://rockyweb.cr.usgs.gov/public/outreach/gps/compass_gps_north.html http://erg.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/factsheets/fs03501.html
  23. I just ordered one of these to carry my field gear in for day hikes, biking, etc. while looking for caches. 1000 cu in capacity and can be worn as a waist pack in summer or as a small backpack in winter. They're on sale right now at rockcreek.com for $55 in this color. They're regularly $80!
  24. Umm, sorry but I don't understand how "that" is less confusing. For example if my GPSr claims the target is at a bearing of 245 degrees "magnetic", I don't need to do any math,, I point the compass & go exactly at a heading of 245 degrees. No need to adjust for declination at all. Please reread my whole post (it's only 4 lines ). If you can adjust your compass to account for magnetic declination then set your gpsr to read true north; all will be in sync with your map source whether its mapquest, paper or whatever. If you cannot adjust your compass for magnetic delclination and do not use any other map source than your gpsr then setting your gpsr to read magnetic north would work fine as it and your compass would match. It's when you try to mix the two amongst map, gpsr, and compass that things can get confusing and errors can be made. Regards, Indybill
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