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  1. Isn't that 3 in Black Nickel & 3 nickel? Hey Reading and counting are hard So then the 3 I'd want are the BN
  2. I'd like a set of 3, whats this set of 6 you mention? Typo? <<< Slic >>>
  3. You Kid but imagining that one as Black and Gold is pretty bada**.
  4. I agree, I can't imagine why on earth someone would want to do this but don't see the harm in it. Like LadyBee I personally have 1 coin I do this with. IMOP unless someone is doing something to cause harm, Cache and let Cache. <<< Slic >>>
  5. Can you get a group shot or have some place the pics are posted?
  6. Saw Noel Jeep - Army Green on Cointracking.com check out users dflye and CaptainZulu <<< Slic >>>
  7. Working Everywhere for me now Work and Home. Clearing Cookies did not help me. Something else was going on. <<< Slic >>>
  8. I can get to it at home via IE 8 or FF which is a wide open connection. Cannot even ping it at work with cmd line. I first starting using CT at work so I know some restrictions must have changed either on my network side or with CT.com. <<< Slic >>>
  9. I'd be willing to trade mine for something more in line with what I collect. Like LL said in an earlier post, I just don't find Crop Circles fitting into any of the themes I collect. Email me with your traders. Yeah, it's definitely a nice coin, and the multi-layers under the transparent enamel are really cool, but not quite me so mines up for sale. Hey Keewee, Your best bet is posting in the Trading thread that is pinned at the top of the Geocoin Discussions forum. This is where trade request go. Here's a link for you: Trade thread LOL! :laughing: - boy, do I deserve that! You wait till I meet you in person - one day! Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing myself. Thats actually how I was introduced to KeeWee <<< Slic >>>
  10. Thanks, I paid it forward once already this week but that was through the Trades topic. I had a feeling there was a separate thread where I could post other pay it forward items. <<< Slic >>>
  11. Where is the pay it forward forum? I have looked and keep missing it. <<< Slic >>>
  12. Thanks for all of the offers, I am now no longer doing trades.
  13. All, I want to thank everyone who helped me acquire the Mardi Gras Masquerade coins. Due to a good but big life event, I now need to sell off most of my coin collection. I have updated my traders list and will take offers or post the rest on ebay. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3161433 <<< Slic >>>
  14. How many were minted of each?
  15. One Cinco De Mayo coin is mine and more Venetians will follow. Last month I went crazy on this series. Well life has taken an unexpected positive turn and I now need the extra funds. I will be posting most of my Mardi Gras Masquerade collection on ebay and only keeping a few of my favs. <<< Slic >>>
  16. Using FF, IE 8 , 9 on 3 different machines at work and home. Emailed Silvermarc directly since the site is up for some people.
  17. There are still 13 "Cinco De Mayo" Grab Bags, but everything else is sold out. Where do you see the numbers? BTW got mine through a grab bag. <<< Slic >>>
  18. I believe. The Universe is too big for us to be alone. Did you all see this from the Chicago area earlier this year? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread670860/pg1 <<< Slic >>>
  19. Diddo, I was excited earlier but its not working at home or work. <<< Slic >>>
  20. Woot! thanks for the updates
  21. Looking for the Mardi Gras Masquerade - AE edition. I know 20 minted so this one will be tough. I have cash and a few traders including 2 Mardi gras versions will supply pics as needed. TRADERS •Celtic Circle of Life - Purple - Activated / Adoptable •King Tut Egyptian - Black and Gold - Activated / Adoptable •Venetian - Geoswag Edition - Blue and White •Venetian - Germany Edition - Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green •Geoswag Coin of the Month w Pin - October 2010 - Glow in the Dark Spider •Geoswag Coin of the Month w Pin - November 2010 - Skiing Moose •Geoswag Coin of the Month w Pin - December 2010 - Angel w see through Wings •Geoswag Coin of the Month w Pin - January 2011 - RISE OF THE FIRST CIVILIZATIONS - Winged Coin •Geoswag Coin of the Month w Pin - March 2011 - Celtic Charms •Acadia National Park Maine - PIN •GONIL Pathtag Thanks <<< Slic >>>
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