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  1. I would have liked to have attended that event but as you said, all the balloonists in the area had another priority that morning. A lunch event next year would be better. Maybe we can hold one at the Fiesta field. There is a parking and entry fee but we might be able to figure out how to get most in with our various participant passes. Don Boyer That would be fun!
  2. Ok, I pictured him as extremely attractive and intelligent. Neat article.
  3. Hi everyone! We're two 35 year olds and a 12 year old. I happen to be the fanatic and the others come along from time-to-time. I received an eTrex for taking a class and thought it was pretty cool. Then someone in another discussion forum asked if anyone geocached. That was it right there - I haven't looked back. Oddly, I don't really like the outdoors but I'm starting to. Thanks for listening.
  4. I've got 47 caches on my watchlist. Most are nearby and I want to find, one is an event that I attended, there are a couple of DNFs, and I am also watching caches in places I'm planning to visit in the near future. Those are just placeholders for caches that are near where I will be staying. By far, I get the most mail about the locationless caches. Oh, and I'm watching one TB that has the coordinates to a cache. It's been missing for a while.
  5. I'm not sure where the base is but the coordinates in your post are near Dutch Hill Rd and Hillsboro Rd in mapsource.
  6. Does it count if I drove by and saw all of the kids playing soccer? The cache is in a secret location nearby but I still think it would be hard to be discrete, thus I DNG.
  7. I have the story on my tivo but as of yet haven't transfered it to my computer.
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