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  1. I've only run into other cachers twice that I can recall. Once was just after an event so we obviously had the same idea. The second time was recently when I took a geocaching friend out to find a cache I was having trouble with. We didn't find that one but I took her to another part of the series that I had previously found. The third cacher snuck up on us and helped her look.
  2. One, so far - my former co-worker. I'll be working on a current co-worker soon.
  3. I also enjoyed Where's my name? I found out that my name and my hubby's name are an intersection in town. I probably would not have ever been in that neighborhood if not for this challenge.
  4. I forgot to mention the plastic bags (CITO) and ziploc bags that I also carry with me.
  5. I think GeoCalc will do that conversion for you. GeoCalc
  6. Wal-mart is agreeable to allowing RVs to park in their lots overnight and carpools to meet there. It makes me think that permission may be given to caches that are not in secured areas next to the building.
  7. I usually bring way too much stuff. I have a bag in the car loaded with trade items, pens, hand wipes, cache printouts, digital camera, gpsr, and my stuffed wildcat (to be in photos).
  8. My WAG would be midnight PST but if it's not automated I wouldn't bet on that time either.
  9. No, I have not tried to carry an ammo can in any of my luggage but I don't think it's a good idea.
  10. I appreciate knowing an approximate distance from the first stage to the last stage of a cache. I can decide whether I'm going to tackle this challenge with this information.
  11. I'm glad you are taking good care of Sirus. I hope you find the appropriate home for him (yours, his, or another.) Our dog ran away from home and I like to think that someone is taking care of him even though we haven't found him yet.
  12. I don't think you need to be a premium member to use Google Earth.
  13. I usually cache around town and get there by car. I have cached on vacation - I chose caches I could walk to from my hotel.
  14. I tried clicking the link but didn't get anywhere.
  15. I have found a couple of caches in or near libraries. Our public libraries are spread out around town so one of the caches started at a significant branch by gathering information and going to the main branch to log a find. Another one had a clue inside the library and the cache outside. Both of these caches were very clever.
  16. Uh, how about 50? I think the jeeps should be red. 49, something about florida law prohibits residents there in taking part... or maybe thats just online signup contests?? I'm not a lawyer I just know their have been repeated complaints about certain contests in the past from people living there because they were excluded. Oh, that's unusual that Florida is that state that's left out.
  17. I try to be mindful of this. Some people hate writing or don't write well, and if they can squeeze out a couple of coherent sentences, good on them. If I had to do algebra to log a cache, I'd quit. Give me an algebra cache and I'll try to write a descriptive log about my experience.
  18. I met a man through geocaching and a short time later saw his picture in the paper along with a story about the local metal detecting group.
  19. Uh, how about 50? I think the jeeps should be red.
  20. I found my first cache then signed up. I probably would have created a free account first if I needed to.
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