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  1. I used my gpsr on a flight on Southwest. It was cool but I had to hold it right up to the window to lock on any satellites.
  2. Yeah, what I wrote wasn't very clear. Did you have a good turnout?
  3. Crossing my fingers that one will show up in my mailbox in the next few days. A green jeep showed up in yesterday's mail!
  4. Crossing my fingers that one will show up in my mailbox in the next few days.
  5. I just heard about this contest on Thursday and sent my form in right away. (I don't know where I've been. ) It was worth $.39 for me to give it a try. Keeping my fingers crossed for a GJTB in my mailbox.
  6. These caches are all based on the superfriends. Read the message SW meets SE The answer
  7. I was going to say Zol zayn mit mazel but I don't know whether the story is fiction.
  8. Ooo, I feel something pulling me to these pants. Is there a picture somewhere?
  9. I think I can buy that shovel for a lot less than the current bid or the buy it now price. And that's all I think the auction will be worth.
  10. This is great news! Maybe it will spread.
  11. I was specifically wondering about the days between pocket queries. I guess there aren't that many new caches to deal with and I could download each .gpx individually.
  12. I can see download .gpx on the cache page but if I try to download a set of 20 or so waypoints from a search the only choice I seem to have is .loc. Is this true?
  13. We got a big set of Lock n' Locks from Costco. Don't know the price.
  14. My TB was picked up by a first-time geocacher. He indicated that he was going to take it to CA but he has not logged ANY caches (even the one that I placed my TB in).
  15. So a 160GB hard drive would hold 160,000,000,000 bytes!!! And my 512MB SD card holds 512,000,000 bytes!!! You explained it much better than my PC repair course. Ah, if it were that simple. I have not been involved in any number K parties. They sound like fun.
  16. No, I haven't found a letterbox, intentionally or not.
  17. Valley Gardens Park is cleverly integrated into a nice park. These three are in the Los Poblano Open Space and there is lots of wildlife to see. Bird Paradise UTM Exercise #2 Anderson Rattus Race
  18. I have not used haiku in the forums (fora?) but I did log a cache in haiku.
  19. Your Snoogans number is 1. It took about 2 seconds. I don't know of too many events anywhere in New Mexico that The Plugge's haven't attended. They were the first geocachers that I met in N.M. and a whole lot of fun to hang out with too. Cool. I was even on tv with the Plugges.
  20. I don't know about my Snoogans number but I guess it's not too high. OTOH, my Bacon number is 4. Will Tiao has a Bacon number of 3. I know Will. Will Tiao was in Starbucks Story, A (2005) with Christina Gianaris Christina Gianaris was in Wait a Minute (2005) with Tony Devon Tony Devon was in Telling Lies in America (1997) with Kevin Bacon.
  21. I used it to see how fast the plane was moving yesterday. Before that I used it to get me all over Philadelphia.
  22. Looks interesting -- I'll have to check them out. The "Retailers" link on their web page claims that they're available at Target too. We found a 28 piece set at Costco (14 containers, .14 lids)
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