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  1. :blink::huh::P:D

    We were such slugs on our recent trip to Taos Ski Valley that we only oozled our way to three caches around the Enchanted Circle, but I've gotta thank you for getting us out there to see the beautiful sights! It's only the tiny bit of my logical brain remaining that suggests maybe I was in heaven partially due to being on vacation and responsibility-less, and keeps me from selling all I own and moving to northern New Mexico.

    What beautiful country. Thanks for sharing!

    -Slyther, of the Leapin' Lizards cache team

    Geocaching is the best way to sightsee!

  2. I qualified as a finalist to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair :( . This year it is held in Albuquerque New Mexico, at the Albuquerque Convention Center. My Sponsors told me that I should think of neat things to do during my free time down there :D . Of course I love to Geo Cache where I live so I thought it might be neat to try there too. :blink:

    My question is: Does anybody know of any good caches near the Albuquerque Convention center? :D

    Thanks for the Help! :D

    I haven't done many of the new downtown caches but A.J.'s cache would be a good location to start searching from. If you have the ability to move around town (or $1 for the bus) I would recommend Old town ghost tour


    Oh, and congratulations!!!

  3. If their is ever a great time to go caching in your local urban setting full of Wally Worlds, Targets, and Best Buys......Christmas is the day. Why? Because everything is closed and you can be so much more time effective with your driving time, and then do Christmas with the family on the 26th.

    Not to mention that you can park right next to the cache. :o


    I spent several hours caching yesterday.

  4. GPS Target games are fun and educational. Choose a spot, any spot that's not obvious, and waypoint it. Give attendees the coordinates and have them place a numbered flag or slip of paper as close to the waypoint as their GPS can get them. You will be amazed at the accuracy spread and participants will learn something about their GPS! Good for newbies and gurus alike.

    I would like to see this done sometime. :laughing:

  5. I used the discovered option when I was travelling. I stopped at a TB cache and exchanged the bugs I was carrying for a couple of bugs in the cache. I couldn't take all of them so I wrote down the numbers and discovered them. Then I was able to put notes on the other bug's pages that they were not in the cache.

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