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  1. That almost sounds like some corrupt cookies. First thing I'd do is clear any cookies with Groundspeak.com in their name.
  2. I have the problem with mine, but ONLY when I use rechargable batteries with my old cheap charger (which I think overcharges). The problem supposedly is worse with lithium batteries too (which I never used). I found as some have suggested that whacking the unit seems to help, but what helps even more was to pull the batteries and put them in a flash light or something for several minutes. Worked every time. Once I went to a new charger, I never saw this problem again, unless I got behind on battery charging and pulled the old charger back out.
  3. Anyone know if there's a "Wherigo" player on them? The page makes no mention of them, the Oregons in the past have been the only gps to actually have one, so if it doesn't, that would mean no more dedicated gps's that I'm aware of have the player.
  4. Keep it simple, just drop a note on the cache page every two or three weeks that you drove by and checked on the construction, and that it still looks like they will be done in April (or whenever). The goal is to show the reviewer it hasn't fallen off your radar.
  5. The oldest cache in the world is from May of 2000. Not even sure why it lets you set an older date, that was a bug introduced a couple years ago.
  6. If you find a hard cache that should have a rating of 3/3, but it was originally under-rated at 2/2, shouldn't you get credit for that? I would think so. But, to accept that, you also have to allow the possibility of an easy cache that got over-rated to start with. As far as the "data model", it would become more complex to keep a history of d/t and have to rematch that to when you found it every time stats are updated. Although not impossible, this isn't as easy as it sounds. The simple solution, if you don't like the stats, start tracking on your own, and generate stats off your own data. GSAK and a couple macro's are capable of this quite easily.
  7. If the main listing site would never submit to a governing body (I'd bet money on this), then what good would forming one do? Sadly, people equate this listing site as being the "governing body" of geocaching. Even if one were formed and said (lets not argue this point, its an example) "Virtuals are real caches, and therefore should be listed and searched", this site would still never list them, so what good is a body that no one will submit to as an authority? Once you break the bad concept that this site is the only place to find caches, such a concept may gain some traction.
  8. The paperless units work by loading a .gpx file onto them. There are a couple ways to get .gpx files. - Pocket queries - Individually off each page - convert the pages html to .gpx The first is the only way to go if you do more than a couple caches a week. The first two require a premium membership.
  9. Why not just copy the .gpx straight from your computer to your phone? Seems like un-needed steps to upload it and download the very same file.
  10. Even if not using any of those, but doing field notes, it still goes straight to the logging page without touching the cache page.
  11. Audit log=visit to cache page. You can go straight to a log page without ever touching the cache page.
  12. Since both the overhead (at all zoom levels) and street view show what appears to be the same thing, then its doubtful that any building has been there for a while. Reading through the logs, lots of people have commented (but didn't give any specifics) about the liking the container and the camo job. My gut feeling is that its there, and that picture is misleading.
  13. Actually a lot of people have read into what 8601 really says. It does not clarify what the first day of the week is, only how it counts weeks. A lot of confusion comes in because numerically Monday is referred to as "1", so Sunday is referred to as "7" by many programming languages, etc. BUT, and this is very important, we all know computers don't start counting at 1, they start counting at 0, thats right, a big ZERO.. And guess what day that is? SUNDAY. So, indeed, Sunday is the start of the sequence.
  14. This seems to be popular: http://findmespot.com/en/ Also works where there is no cell service too.
  15. The cache owner field is a "free form" field that you can put whatever you want. Some people use this creatively, and it might have special meaning to the cache. Just go in and edit the cache and change it. It doesn't even have to be your name.
  16. Yes, but... "reviewers" didn't come along at first, but they were still reviewed by jeremy, elias, and other people. originally, a review didn't generate a log entry the review logs can be deleted by the cache owner, some feel that it "clutters" the page
  17. I almost went after this cache just before this log showed up, but my wife was hesitant because of things we had going that day. Now I get to remind her of this every time I want to grab a nearby one spur of the moment. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LID=86788909
  18. USA (all 50 plus DC) is 3.8 million square miles, laid out in a square you can get 100 caches per square mile, so there's room for 380 million caches in the USA alone. I think there's still a little bit of space left...
  19. The concept is exactly the same. If a CO is publishing a list of the order of completion, then by those very actions completing the tasks in a timely manor IS a competition, and getting your name on the list is a reward.
  20. Are you one of those kids that has a whole bunch of trophies for just showing up? You believe that the kid who got last place should get the same size trophy as the kid who got first place? You think competition is bad for your self esteem? You don't think first place should be recognized because it makes the last place person feel bad? THATS WHY! If you still don't get it, maybe we should call off the Olympics and just send all of them home with gold medals.
  21. Did you check them to see if they were locked to a GPS yet?
  22. So you have some strict definition of a "container" and try to enforce it to the point of taking the joy and fun out of a novel idea? Looks like it has a lid, the log was dry, and it had a writing utensil in it (something I WISH was a requirement). Better than half the caches I've found.
  23. I've opened ammo boxes that were so air tight that the lids are hard to open and you hear a hiss when you finally open it.
  24. Religion and agendas related to it are expressed very heavily all over the place. For the most part, earth-caches push a strong agenda of evolution, age of the earth (its only 6,000 years old, not millions or billions), and other false agendas. So even with everyone's "anti-agenda" stance that they want to believe they are supporting, they are indeed pushing an agenda.
  25. If I owned the cache, I'd delete all the logs that came from the event.
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