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  1. Just a few problems with the comments. First, millions of Christians do not subscribe to the "young earth" view, so a comment about the earth being millions of years old does not "push atheism." Secondly, since the earth is "in fact only six thousand years old," please summarize the proof below. Please don't ask us to rely on faith, summarize the proof.


    Off topic? We'll make an exception just for you. This is important - let's hear the proof.

    There is more evidence for "young earth" than there is for any millions or billions theories.


    First, all of the "millions" people just blindly accept carbon dating, which is severely flawed and based on circular logic (i.e. we think this is X years old, so when we compare this, we get similar readings, so therefore this has to be X years old, even though the first X years old has no basis or proof).


    Second, when you look at the fossil record, it is full of "anomalies" that atheist science just expects us to ignore, they even admit they are unexplained anomalies while saying since they are unexplained that we should ignore. All of these anomalies are easily explained by a major flood 4000 years ago.


    Third, and this is directed to you since you have the word "pastor" in your name, you either accept the bible as a whole or you reject it as a whole, you don't get to pick and choose what you agree and disagree with, to do so is to reject the entire bible (and at this point the majority of people do accept it for its historic value, but twisting things like claiming Jesus was a prophet instead of who he really is).

  2. I don't get it. Are people so worried about expunging God out of their lives they run around looking for even the tiniest hint of Him?


    Should I take offence every time a cache page says something about the earth being millions or billions of yearsold when in fact its only six thousand years old? After all, by saying those things you are pushing atheism and darwinism. Maybe I should do NA's on the majority of earthcahes.

  3. All the applet does, is save a step in selecting where to store the .gpx. You can download the .gpx file (with the.gpx download button) directly to your gps as well.


    As a side note, make sure you don't already have a bunch of files on your gps. If I'm not mistaken, even though your gps can handle 5000 caches, it can also *only* handle 200 .gpx files.

  4. They block like that by ip address..


    What carrier are you using?


    GS has hinted before at using some of the known proxy lists as block lists but those things are HIGHLY inaccurate.

  5. Getting in touch with him privately might be nice, but it doesn't strike me as being that much better than getting in touch with him publically via a drop log.

    Sure it does, coins and bugs go missing all the time, I'd at least give the owner time to respond and probably more than one email. You drop that in a cache, it has a good chance of going missing permanently. You never know if the owner split town for some reason or for some other reason just hasn't checked his email in a week.

  6. And how is this is worse than that stupid geomate jr that GC was pushing here a while back? A unit that ONLY had coordinates, no descriptions, no nothing, and caused so many problems?


    Was? Geomate.jr And per the description it displays the cache header info to include size and D/T ratings, so it's not exactly "no nothing" and plugging it into the computer allows the database to be updated just like any other GPS.


    I wouldn't get one as I use real Garmin GPS (which are NOT worse than the geomate).

    Except that "plugging it into the computer" required an extra "kit" that wasn't included with the unit, which would discourage updating. While any Garmin GPS can be hooked up and updated with a very standard usb cable that is included with purchase.

  7. Because NOTHING should EVER need to be installed.


    As soon as something needs to be installed, you've not only eliminated a significant number of cachers, you've introduced a security risk.


    There's a lot of ways to hide info in pictures that don't require downloading apps or programs. Stick to those ways.

  8. For those who have used them a few times, I assume you could still use the GPS capabilities, without having a data connection? (not unlike a smartphone).

    In most cases, yes, the gps itself still works fine (although takes a lot longer to acquire signal, since they are setup to use the cell towers to "cheat"). What breaks is any mapping (maps are rarely stored on the unit, usually sucked down over data connection), and some apps will refuse to even start (this probably doesn't apply to most geocaching apps).


    If I'm not mistaken, even gc's own android and iphone apps are tied to a data connection for getting cache info, in either case, they don't have built in mapping, although once caches are cached, they will continue to work.

  9. There's a certain comfort to using a "real" gps unit. They are "ruggedized" (is that a word?), water resistant, if not water proof, easier to carry, most likely a better gps receiver/chipset.


    You may not understand these comforts yet, but the first time you set your tablet on a stump while you reach down to grab the tupperware, and your tablet goes crashing to the ground, you will, or the first time you are stepping over a small creek, and you lose balance and drop it in the water, you will, or you're out and it starts raining while you're following the waypoint or trail back to your car, you will.

  10. No you didn't break it, but it sounds like you might need help calibrating the compass.


    For whatever reason, the compass seems sensitive to battery voltage, and NiMH batteries operate at a lower voltage than alkaline.


    It just takes practice to calibrate it the first few times, then it will be natural to you.

  11. That's definitely NOT the issue. If I wait a while it always shows back up, and I rarely see the problem during the daytime, as i stated I mainly only see the problem at night (after 10 or 11 Seattle time).


    Makes me wonder if they skip the math if server load is high or something.

  12. I highly doubt a duplicate cache name is to blame here.


    How SURE are you that you don't have duplicate logs on the same cache?


    Stats are based on gc codes because they are guaranteed to be unique, where cache names aren't, and there are 1000's of examples of duplicates. This would be a highly reported bug if that were true.

  13. There IS a bug here, I've seen caches only disappear at certain zoom levels, as you zoom OUT (or in) they re-appear, i.e. they will only be missing from one zoom level. I'm talking about zoom levels 12 and higher, not 11 and lower where this is the intended design.


    An interesting side effect that seems to be related to this bug, if I notice for example a traditional cache that disappears, without changing zoom level, if I start playing with the filters, like clearing multi's or mysteries for example, that traditional will re-appear. This isn't a case of overlapping icons as the one that disappears or reappears could be off by itself, no where near the one I'm flipping the filter on.

  14. The "chirp" chip requires the "ant" protocol, which android's don't support (nor do iphones).


    Ant, if you aren't familiar with it, is similar in concept to bluetooth, but more simplified, they are not compatible.


    Ant is very popular for things that have very low bandwidth requirements (and thus, very low power usage, which is why they last over a year on the same battery) such as heart monitors, pedometers, things like that.

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