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  1. So I understand better, do you want this to be so you can change your home coordinates and it automatically changes your pocket query? It's an interesting suggestion. I'll look into it. Thanks.

    Exactly! Thanks.

  2. I just noticed this too, and infact was coming here to post a question about it. You beat me to it!


    But seriously, CITO events seem to have both, but normal events only have attended. Why would these be different? In reality, isn't a CITO just another event, but with extra meaning?

  3. I'm in Kansas City. I've been reading a lot of people stating that they are seeing sat #48 on their garmin units. I've never seen it. I have a Legend. I finally got my hands on a yellow etrex, it shows a very strong signal from 48 and a weak signal from 35, and had D's across the screen. From my perspective, although I can sometimes see #35, its pretty low in the horizon, so pretty much useless. I rarely see D's on my unit in the past month.


    Also, dont know if its related or not, but for about two months now, the real accuracy of my Legend is out the window. It jumps all over the place. I can be standing right at a waypoint, and one minute it shows a close reading (less than a couple feet) and the next minute it shows I'm 60 to 100 feet off. The estimated accuracy also jumps all over the place.


    I also tried turning on the Legend, covering the antenna area, and it comes up and asks about the time and my location. I've tried choosing both options. My understanding is that choosing either of these options forces the unit to re-learn the sat locations, is this correct?


    Should I be seeing #48? Should I be seeing D's?

  4. This isn't exactly a bug in gsak, but I'm not sure where else to ask.


    If a cache gets archived, then (as expected) it doesnt download with new .gpx files. The question/problem is, how do I get gsak to recognize that a cache has been archived?


    I have a query for disabled caches, by selecting "is not active" on the pocket query page, and this will mark the disabled (but not yet archived) caches, but if a cache gets archived then gsak has no record of it.


    Any suggestions?

  5. I dont think its possible, but is there a way to run a pocket query by keyword? There are times I'd like to create a .gpx by keyword (kcopoloy comes to mind), and there does not appear to be a way to do it. If not currently possible, I think this would make a great enhancement.

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