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  1. I would let the unit sit out in the open sky for about 30 minutes and see what happens. My guess would be that it doesn't have a complete mapping of where the satellites are. This can take about 15 to 30 minutes.
  2. I want to speak out too.. I much prefer them to be in DATE order. My 2nd option would be if I could sort them on demand (ie, click the column that I want to sort by, be it date, name, whatever).
  3. Yeah, apparently Tupperware is used for food storage too.. Who would of thunk??
  4. On several caches I have noticed that the small map at the top of the cache page is wrong. Its not even close. Look at this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8a-34a85bb73c09 The small map seems to be centered around California, however, the real map (which is accurate) is centered around Missouri (see I-35, it enteres MO in Kansas City, then proceeds NE from there, this map shows an area about 25 miles or so from where I-35 enters MO). I've seen these small maps be wrong many times. Separately (don't know if its a related problem) I've also seen that the small map doesn't always show up.
  5. Two good reasons... First is that if some type of maintenance is involved recently, that can easily tie up 5 log entries (two people visit same day and both report needs maint, owner posts note saying they will check, owner posts another note saying they fixed it, etc..) This pretty much leaves no usuable logs (in most cases, its not likely that the maintenance related logs are going to help me or not help me, I dont really care that a log book is wet or that a container is leaking water, I would still attempt the cache). Another reason, some caches are really challenging, so 5 dnf's in a row may actually not be that unusual. If I only had 5 logs to look at, and they were all dnf's, then most people (including me) would assume its missing. I use GSAK and try to get close data to me as much as I can, the logs accumulate in GSAK, then I export all that to my PDA, I export at least 10 logs, sometimes I export all that I have. A good example of this is: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5a-71a2228b6e91 Out of the last 6 logs, 5 were DNF's (the most recent was a find). If I had looked at only 5 logs the day before that most recent find, I would assume that this cache is probably missing. Out of the last 15 attempts, there were only 4 finds, indeed a challenging cache. So yes, having more than 5 logs could be the difference for me between attempting a cache and not attempting it.
  6. Wow, I just sorted the last PQ by placed date, and your right! There were a handful of caches approved over the weekend that were not in the PQ that ran on this morning (monday). I dont know if it adds up to 500, but hey, I'll take this as my anwer.. I wouldn't always realize that a new one was missing since (if I'm in a ftf mode) I would download a .gpx manually when I get a notify, so my gsak database wouldn't absolutly be missing anything I can point a finger to.
  7. People that have GPS receivers that only hold 6 character waypoints just wont be able to play anymore... Mine holds 10, so I'm set for a few more years...
  8. I have a couple PQ's that should always return 500 results (set a center point, and set max caches to 500, distance is also set to a high number). Nothing else to the query, very simple. I know its not a distance problem, as I have the distance in the PQ set to 100 miles, and the PQ currently maxes out at just around 40 miles. Problem is for the past couple days, some of my queries that should max out and return 500 results (which have always worked until recently) are only returning high 400 results (480 to 499 or so). Not all of my "maxed out" queries are doing this, only some. If I go to the PQ page and click preview, I do indeed get 500 results as expected. As a side note, I've seen others complaining about this too, although not for a couple days, but I don't seem to be getting the additional waypoints either. This is also a recent issue that wasn't there before.
  9. Maybe a couple times a day you could "grab" the .kml... The .kml files seem to be directly accessible (does this violate the terms of use?? Jeremy?? Anyone??) Ex: http://www.geocaching.com/kml/tbkml.aspx?t...34-f77a0903f5bf Have your script download that maybe a couple times a day, then run that through GPSBabel to get whatever output you need that will feed into the next step of creating a map or whatever it is that your doing on your web page.
  10. If you go to the bug page, you can download a .kml for it (clicking view in Google Earth actually just downloads a .kml file). If you can't deal with a .kml you might be able to use GPSBabel to get it into a form you can deal with. If your not familiar with GPSBabel (I'm oversimplifying here) just imagine it as a translator between different formats. You should be able to extract a .gpx or even just a text listing of coord's doing it that way.
  11. Any more thoughts on implementing this?
  12. Some of us like to run stat's against our finds PQ, some of us just like to have a complete list of our finds, and then some of us like to generate a map of our finds. I personally like all of the above. I also keep all of my finds in GSAK so I can generate these without the "My Finds PQ", but not all of us do. Even with GSAK, sometimes it gets out of sync (I mark it as found in GSAK, then I download one of my normal PQ's that ran before I actually found the cache, so GSAK takes that data as current, so my found gets "unmarked"). Running the My Finds will correct this (yes, I know there is a switch in GSAK so this doesn't happen, but that has other side effects I dont like). If none of the above interests you, then you probably have no interest in the My Finds PQ.
  13. I like the idea, BUT, I really only like it on new caches, after the cache has a few finds against it I don't think I have any interest in the time. Maybe just to have the time available for say the first 5 finders, or finds that are logged the first two days or something along those lines. FTF isn't always FTL (first to log). If I'm close to FTF, I'm always interested to know how far I missed it by (I've only got 2 FTF's I think). Did I miss it by 5 minutes, or did I miss it by the entire day? Thats my main interest in logging the time. After the first handful of finds, I really have no interest in the time unless its somwhow applicable to the find (ie, I found this in the dark, I wouldn't have seen it unless the high noon sun was hitting it just right, etc.), but if thats the case, the cacher will most likely log at least a general sense of the time without being prompted.
  14. That's what happened to me. Even if I hit my 500 cache limit, the ones missing were'nt based on distance from center point, which I gave as a postal code. Sorry, I wasn't replying directly to you (and I'm not infering that you did anything wrong). I was replying to the previous post that said the 500 caches that get returned aren't always the 500 closest caches, or that the missing ones were random, or whatever he said, I can't remember the exact phrasing right now. I do believe you have hit some type of bug. Here are two things I would suggest you try (I'd be curious of the results, but not sure what I would recommend besides turning it over to GC to fix). First, when you set your zip code to the center, click on preview, do the distances on the left hand side of the page seem reasonable for the caches that are listed? (Entering a zip code just simply uses a set of coord's that GC has pre-defined, it could always be wrong). Second, pick a cache that you know is close to the missing caches (the closer the better). On that cache's page, click on the show nearest caches link. Do the missing caches show up there? If the first is wrong, then GC needs to fix the coords for that zip code. If the second is wrong, then I would think there is something flaky about the (was it 2?) two missing caches.
  15. I currently have 37 PQ's (only about 10 of which I run regularly). I tried to create 3 more, the first two were no problem, but when I tried to create the third, I got the message "Sorry. You have reached 40 total queries. You will need to delete a query in order to create a new one." I've counted my list about 20 times to make sure I didn't really already have 40. Is this a bug? I can not seem to create a 40th query.
  16. Sometimes... If (and only if) you set a center point, it WILL (or is supposed to) return the closest 500... If its not, then you have most likely encountered a bug. If you setup a PQ without a centerpioint, then the order is not from closest out. I'm not sure what the order would be in this case, but I "might assume" its in date order, or GC code order. Maybe Jeremy could clarify this question.
  17. Oh, one more thing, KC has a pretty active user group with its own message boards. http://mogeo.ipbhost.com
  18. Premium Membership! I see your in KC.. So am I... A premium membership allows PQ's (Pocket Queries). In the simplest form, you can setup a PQ that will download the 500 closest caches. You can setup multiple PQ's to cover different areas or whatever you want. The real sweet deal is that they will be emailed to you. The way I use PQ's is I pretty much bulk download all the caches in the area (I have a total of 4 that cover MO, and 4 more for KS) and these run weekly, this way I have data across the state so I can plan last minute day trips, or if my work takes me that far. I also run a single daily PQ to cover the closest ones to me so I always have fresh data for my daily running. At that point I use a program called GSAK to "manage" all this data. I can export that to my mapping programs, download it to my GPS, download a copy to my PDA, etc. GSAK is very useful and you can setup filters to get just the data you want to dl to your GPS, PDA or whatever.
  19. I don't know if this is a "bug" introduced while cleaning up the past couple of days of PQ madness or if this is a "new feature", but either way, I have to say that I do not like it. If this is a "new feature" please make it selectable (maybe by clicking on top of the column that the user wants sorted).
  20. PQ's seem to be hit and miss for the past couple days. For example, I have a set (2 PQ's) that I run every Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. These did not run Sunday or Monday. I have another PQ that I run daily, I did get this on Sunday, but did NOT on Monday (at least not yet). I have one other set (2 PQ's) that I only run on Monday, both of those have run, and it seems like I got them a little earlier than normal, so I know that some PQ's are running. Are PQ's just kinda funny the past couple days?
  21. Content of the "new" google maps is nothing new at all. Online sat images have been available for several years now, google simply made them more popular.
  22. From what I've seen, If you download the individual .gpx off the cache page, you get 20 logs (plus your own). If your talking about anything generated from a PQ, then you get 5 (plus your own).
  23. They aren't "all messed up". They are sorted by last date/time run. The most recently run PQ's are at the bottom. I find this VERY handy when I think I'm missing PQ's (and by the way to date, there is only one PQ that I can claim as missing, any other time I thought they may be missing is because they haven't run yet, although there have been entire days they haven't run, but thats pretty rare).
  24. I think even in that case, it could be of interest where the old cache was, but yes, my main interest would be for my personal DNF tracking.
  25. When an owner updates the coordinates for their cache, there is a log entry showing the new coordinates. I would like to see the log entry text also contain the old coordinates, that way, on ones I haven't found, it gives me an idea of how far off I was before I go look again. The problem now is the old coordinates are wiped and I have no reference to look at. I would just like the old coordinates to be part of the log.
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