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  1. How often "should" the maps update on their own??
  2. These options aren't available for a PQ generated from a bookmark list..
  3. Works for me... There are a couple things I can think of... 1-Are you using http://wap.geocaching.com (new site) or http://www.geocaching.com/wap (old site) Should be using the first. 2-Do you have cookies disabled on your phone?? (I'm assuming but not 100% sure that the wap site uses cookies to track who is logged in, could someone verify this?? I guess I could go look...). What should be a simple way to test this is, when you get to the main menu, for the first line are you seeing: Welcome, Potato Finder! (well it would be your name, not mine) or Select one: If your getting the 2nd line, then the web site isn't recognizing that your logged in (possibly a cookie problem). But if your getting the 1st line, then this would bear more research...
  4. Actually, if gc.com made the email come "FROM" something at gc.com and set the "reply-to" to be the senders email address, this wouldn't happen. MOST ISP's are starting to implement various things (SPF, DomainKeys, etc) that validate that the email is coming from who it says it is. If gc.com marks the email as being from yahoo.com (or any other domain besides theirs for that matter), an ISP or any email provider SHOULD mark it as spam. If gc.com marked it as being from gc.com and set the reply to header, this problem would not happen. Every time I get an email from another gc.com user sent through the web site, it gets flagged as spam (and I think it should) because it does "appear" to be a forged email, and we all have to admit, if the headers are forged, theres a greater than 99% chance it is not legit... This is a simple fix.
  5. What are stash notes?? I guess I've never seen them???
  6. Nope, but if you have less than 1500 caches, you should be able to do this in 3 PQ's... Although I'd go ahead and setup 4 for the simple fact that your getting ready to exceed 1500..
  7. I'm almost surprised no one has brought up this web site: http://www.cacherstats.com/ or this specific page: http://www.cacherstats.com/Rank1-125.html (scroll down a bit to see the list)
  8. And what about everyone who pulls a PQ?? Are they all suspects?? If you combine everyone who visited these cache pages along with everyone who has ever pulled a PQ that would cover these caches, your probably looking at quite a large unmanageable number.
  9. Actually, for this particular request, I think the cachers with lower counts should have a word here, so I agree that you are not only qualified, but MORE qualified than a higher count cacher. The feature being requested DOESN'T HELP cachers with larger counts. Someone with 1500 finds who runs a PQ that limits results to 500 is going to end up with a MUCH MUCH larger circle of caches than someone who only has a couple hundred finds. For cachers with larger find counts... So what if your circle returns caches that are a couple hundred miles out, mine don't, so please don't argue against a feature that will help me just because it won't help you...
  10. Most likely the cache owner remove (archived) the log entry. I've seen owners remove all the logs before archiving a cache (I don't understand the point of doing this, but I've seen it done). I've also seen owners remove logs because they apparently don't like the cacher. I once logged a DNF against a cache (that I found out later was definitely missing). I only logged the DNF after I emailed the cache owner telling him I didn't find it and asking if he would like to offer any additional hints, and didn't receive any response. The owner removed that log (I assume because he didn't want any negative log entries on his cache pages, he removed all the DNF's), but not only did he do that, he went back and removed ALL my logs on his other caches as well (he owned about 4 or 5 caches), which I can only assume he decided he didn't like me. He was a real jerk about it. Thankfully he has since quit caching. In another case I had a log entry (not a find) removed by the owner because I noted that it was on private property (I also had contact with the property owner and they didn't want it there either). After I logged that one, I received emails from other cachers that stated that they had also logged it as such, AND included pictures. In that case I even emailed contact@geocaching.com (which from reading everything on the web site seems to be what I'm supposed to do), and received NO response. I even went as far as leaving Jeremy a voice mail, and again no response. In this case I also received a very hateful and threatening email from the local reviewer (someone who I'm guessing had never seen the actual cache, they've never logged it if they have). The local reviewer also tried to exercise their muscle and harass me further. So as you can see, logs can be deleted (and of course it reduces your find count), but in most cases, its just the cache owner or reviewer who is just an absolute jerk. (note to my local reviewers, the cache I'm referring to is not one of yours and isn't a local cache, so don't take offense)
  11. But sometimes its not about quantity, but about opportunity. In my case, the 500 closest caches are a smaller circle than my daily travels. 1000 closest caches fit the bill. My ideal circle size currently has about 880 caches, so I could reduce my circle down to one PQ (and that PQ wouldn't even be maxed out), and this leaves me with something that fits on my GPS (1000) and PDA (seems to choke up once file gets around 1000) Now I realize there are areas (esp in California) that even 1000 can still be a pretty small circle, so 1000 may not help everyone, but a lot of areas I look at 1000 seems to be a much better circle than 500.
  12. Because pulling the 500 closest caches may not really be that big of a circle. I am quite often in different parts of town and if I only have the 500 closest, I may very well be outside that circle. I like to keep my GPS and PDA loaded up (my gps holds 1000), for the times that I have extra time before I have to get home or between appointments. I guess the argument could be made for even more in cache dense areas. 500 caches just doesn't cut a big enough circle for me, 1000 does. So I would like to see it bumped to 1000, but I kinda doubt thats gona happen. Until then, I'm running twice as many PQ's to keep the data current. If (as some are arguing) 1000 puts too much of a load on the PQ generator, then running two or three PQ's with 500 results is going to put MORE of a load. I'm guessing the 500 limit was decided quite a while back before some areas were so cache dense, and in that time with growth and stuff GC has probably done some hardware upgrades, so maybe this should be evaluated again. On top of that, I see that you've found around 2800 caches. That means for you to run a PQ and get 500 results back would probably give you a much much larger circle than someone who only has a couple hundred. finds. So what may not be a problem for you could be a big problem for your new caching buddy next door. (I'm assuming most PQ's have "not found by me" checked, mine do).
  13. Most "real" calendar applications will understand this file and open it natively, this includes outlook, the palm desktop (I forget the exact name of it), and several others. You shouldn't have to import anything unless your file associations are wrong. When I click on one (I use outlook) it opens up like a regular appointment, then I can save it, modify it, or whatever I want. My only complaint about the whole thing (I posted a message about this a while back and TPTB never responded and I don't think its been fixed) is that the time comes up wrong. But then again, there is no way for the event cache owner to set the time, so this would probably take a modification to the event cache setup.
  14. pppingme


    I saw that too... It opens fine for me (after I click open of course) in Outlook (I use outlook for my calandar, so it should open this file, maybe your file associations aren't right if its not opening in the app you expect, or doesn't know what app to use??). My only complaint is that (at least for the one event I tried to open it for, GCWFGF) is that it sets the appointment for 2:00am. Maybe in the future (hint hint, feature request, hint hint) an event cache can have the owner enter the time and this can be incorporated into the vcalandar file.
  15. Its a new feature. I'm not sure when the option showed up on the page initially, but even with it there it didn't work until last wednesday. So, thats probably why you didn't set them up like that, it wasn't an option...
  16. To keep on topic with original poster, same bug (??) seems to keep from setting distance. It seems to "default" to 100, and that can not be changed until you select something other than "My home coords" and then set it back to "My home coords". I kinda have a feeling that since this field is not changing/updating that its probably not saving correctly, and either zero, or the SQL query assumes zero since there is nothing there, thus the reason for no results.. After doing the workaround for the other bug, this bug seems to fix itself also.
  17. Doing anything to modify the PQ after its been created seems to "fix" the bug. So passing it through as a prefilled form may hide the bug. Do this.. Start a new PQ. Select "My Home Coords" under origin, and select the "States" radial button and choose your state from the list. I also slected "I haven't found" but I've tried this both ways and it doesn't seem to have any effect. Save and preview.. I'll bet you get zero results. Now go back and edit the PQ. Change the origin to your zip code, or a nearby cache, or a set of coord's (even if they are the same as your home coords). Save and preview. Expected results appear. Now go back and choose "My Home Coords" Save and preview. (remember, this should now be the same PQ as you saved originally, the only thing you changed was the Origin, and now your putting it back) Expected results appear. Do you see anything different than me??
  18. I received more responses than what is evident in forums. I don't want to dig stuff up so lets leave it like that. I also didn't mean to sound too accusitory, but when someone asked if I selected a "From Origin" and I think the original problem description says that I selected "From Home Coords", which is an option under "From Origin", then I don't know how that could be interpreted any other way than to say I'm doing it wrong. That aside.... There is a bug. Its been reported a couple of different ways. I think my OP has the most detail of duplicating the bug, and I can consistantly duplicate it with very little effort. I haven't tried today, but I have also not seen any posts of anyone saying "Its working for me now" or any posts from GC saying "we see it and will fix it".
  19. Are you setting your center point to "My Home Coords"?? If so, I reported this last week on the forums and have not seen any response from the GC people, but a lot of cachers telling me I was doing it wrong http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=146452 This is a bug.
  20. Overall, the problem was fixed Wednesday... I have been able to successfully use the home coord option since then, but I'm reporting two bugs related to using it. Overall it does work.
  21. Yeah, I selecting a combination of "My Home Coords" radial under "From Origin" AND selecting "States" radial (and highlighting a specific state) under "Within". This combination is what seems to trip the bug. Selecting any other option under "From Origin" doesn't seem to trip the bug OR selecting another option, saving the PQ, then going back and changing it to "My Home Coords" doesn't seem to trip the bug. The only time I see the bug is on a new PQ.
  22. Setup a PQ, under the "WITHIN" section select all 50 states (assuming your in USA, or whatever country your interested in), and under "FROM ORIGIN" be sure "None Selected" is ticked. I actually ran this PQ a few days ago and got no results, so I dont think there are any right now.
  23. First bug: When I setup a PQ with the "My Home Coords" origin AND select a state, I get zero results back on the preview. If I set the center point as a zip code (or any of the other options it seems) and select a state, I get back 500 results, as I expect. Now if I go back and reset the center point to "My Home Coords", the PQ now works (with the exception of the next bug below). This only fails on a newly setup PQ. If I make a PQ with any other center point option, then go back and set it to "My Home Coords" it seems to work. The selection of other options (cache type, or "I haven't found" options don't seem to have any effect on this). Second bug: If I setup a new PQ as above, the "Within Radius of" defaults to 100. If I change only this (increase it), click preview, I get zero results (as above), but when I click edit and look at it again, its set back to 100. Here again, if I change any other option (like not selecting a state, OR use a zip or something else as center point), this problem goes away, and I get results.
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