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  1. I don't really look at GSAK as a 3rd party application, I look at it more like the center of my caching activities, with geocaching.com being the "addon" where I get my data from. I keep all my notes, solved puzzle info, extra coordinates I've determined, and anything else I keep about caches. I load my PDA and gps units using the data from GSAK, I never load straight from the website to my equipment. I keep a larger circle of data in GSAK than any of my equipment can handle, and I have quick filters setup based on what side of town I'll be in. Basically I have all my data handy at the click of a mouse, never having to depend on the website being up or even having internet connectivity. I have a string of 10 PQ's for my area that run weekly, plus 2 daily ones to keep the closer ones more up to date. I also have 4 more weekly PQ's for another area that I frequent. This may sound like a lot of data, but its really easy to work with using GSAK. The site just can't filter caches the way I want, nor can the size of the PQ's on the site make efficient use of my equipment (my handheld gps holds 1000). I can load any area I want with two mouse clicks. To make sure GSAK is up to date, I simply check for anything older than a week old (a quick filter that takes less than a minute a day). I know on the gsak forums there is talk about how to run it on a mac, but I don't know the details.
  2. GSAK is a wonderful program that will do everything your asking. Once you get the PQ's from the site, you can filter, sort, and basically slice them up any way you want and have a LOT of flexibility in your searches of your GSAK database. A quick look shows there are about 6000 caches in Georgia. 12 PQ's would cover this. In 3 days you could have all the caches in local files.
  3. Look at a program called geocalc, its extremely handy for other stuff, but this one of the things it does.
  4. My wife does this, we only have one premium membership, but we don't log as a team like a lot of husband/wife teams do, we log individually. I know this has come up lots of times before and the answer almost seems to be a secret, so I'll email it to you.
  5. The ability to upload field notes is a VERY HANDY feature. I've always composed my notes offline, and will always continue to do so. I did this before the field notes feature was even available. There isn't always an available internet connection when you want to start typing your logs, and the website isn't exactly reliable. I could probably name 100 more reasons to compose my notes offline. With the cut/paste method and other ideas, its too easy to mess up, and the field notes eliminates that. Even after uploading you still have to individually approve them on the site, so it doesn't eliminate the site visit. This is a feature that more and more people are using every day and should be fixed. To the complainers: People, please quit going negative on a feature just because you don't understand how people are using it and you don't use it that way, this is what causes GC to ignore bugs. Your way isn't the best way for everyone, and the only thing you can do is complain about how we do it rather than give valid input on the bug. Come back when you have valid input on the bug.
  6. I'm missing PQ emails too, yes, they ran, no, they aren't in my email. I have full control of my mail server and can verify that they were never sent. I have NEVER had issues in the past receiving emails from GC unless they were having a problem on their end.
  7. pppingme

    GC Numbers

    One of the coolest features of GSAK (at least I think) is the "smart names". When I started caching (gc codes were still 6 digits) I was using a borrowed yellow etrex and I never used the gc code, I instead used the smartname. Although still very limiting with only 6 characters, quite often its enough to remember the cache name. In fact, since then, I bought an etrex legend (holds 10 characters) but only use 7 for the cache name (I use the remaining 3 for other info). I also use a PDA and don't use the gc codes in it either, my exports from gsak to the PDA are still based on smartname, that way the name always matches between the PDA and my gps receiver, when I'm out standing in middle of a forest, the last thing I care about is a gc code, but I do want to quickly find info and expect my PDA and receiver info to match. Even more recently, I've added a "driving gps" (specifically a nuvi) for driving around, the thing is useless for actual caching, but very handy for driving me to the cache, and yes, the smartname carries over there too. For those not familiar with smart names in gsak, you can limit the length to however long you want (6 characters for the OP, I use 7). After that, it will try to come up with a unique name based on the name of the cache. If you don't like one or you want to change it, you can hard code the smartname for any particular cache (useful for series and stuff like that).
  8. I know the order, I know the order!!! I don't have enough finds to say this for absolute sure, but it seems to be the age of the cache. If its in order of GC code or placed date I'm not sure because all the data (finds) I have happen to have those items in the same order. This being true, its very obviously a mis-coded sql statement.
  9. You know this reply really makes me wonder why people over and over insist on covering butt for the site by trying to get people to look away from the real legitimate bugs and just resort to name calling. Its because of people like you that bugs remain on the site so long, if enough of you get together, it detracts from the real bug and turns everything into name calling sessions, giving GC a reason to ignore the bug a bit longer. Now feel free to go back where you came from and come back when you have REAL input to the bug.
  10. And thats exactly what people are doing, they log a quick word or two, and the unit remembers the date. Often a weeks worth of logs will build up (think vacation or other extended trip away from computer), so keeping the date is nice. Then they take their word or two and expand it into a real log. There is no "lazyness" here and I think everyone in this thread will agree with my reply. Don't come in slamming people when your to "lazy" to figure out whats really going on.
  11. This is very annoying. I uploaded a log file that had all correct dates, all the dates showed correctly on the field notes page, but posting always defaulted to the last date I used, not the accurate date in the field notes. Obviously my log file was good because all the dates were correct on the field notes page. It was only when I got to the final posting page that it showed an incorrect date. Has there been any acknowledgment of this obvious bug?
  12. 20 plus your own for directly downloaded gpx files 5 plus your own for PQ's Look around on the GSAK forums, there is a work around for this.
  13. This is actually a common complaint. I have no idea why the zip code and city data can't be updated. I've seen someone say its based on google data, but for area's I've looked up, they are different and google is almost always more accurate. If your in the area, just grab the coordinates with your gps receiver. If your not in the area, use google earth, once you find the area look at the bottom of your screen and you'll see the coordinates.
  14. It just means your not actually logged in. Look at the very top right of almost any screen, it will either have your username or say Login.
  15. I just tried two new PQ's and neither run. There is a problem.
  16. If I place a new .gpx file in the directory, does it merge with current.gpx or does it overwrite it? I did notice the gpx file I placed there disappeared after it booted back up but current.gpx is bigger. What I'm unsure about is if I put another new gpx file out there, is there a chance of old info still being there? If it merges then I assume the current.gpx file is safe to delete?
  17. This user isn't making a niche request for one vanity program, this has been a big request by a lot of cache owners.
  18. I can kind of see the point of not including archived caches, but your statement reflects something I've proposed in the past. Any cache that is going to be archived should first be disabled for 7-10 days so it will flag out of peoples lists and so its obvious that its not available instead of just disappearing by being archived directly
  19. If you did it before the most recent changes to payment handling then you actually need to do it on the Paypal site. Go to your history and find one of the transactions, If I recall correctly, click on details and there's a modify payment method somewhere on there. You may need to dig around for a minute to find it. If you can't find it, add a reply here and I'll go look and tell you step by step.
  20. The site clearly says you can CREATE 40 PQ's. You can't create or modify the MyFinds PQ, and some people here claim to have 40 (don't know if I believe or not). I've not run the myfinds PQ in over a year except once when I accidentally clicked on it but thats been several months ago. Its probably real simple, where someone has coded [x < 40] instead of [x <= 40] It seems like simple bugs just aren't addressed, not sure why because those would probably be simple and fast to clean up. Another 2 year old example is picking home coordinates and a state on PQ's, you won't get any results back. I could probably list a dozen such bugs, and I've listed several, but they just never get acknowledged and a few "power users" just try to slam me and say I don't know what I'm doing. This is after clearly documenting these easily duplicate-able bugs, most of which I've even documented work arounds for.
  21. Except that google doesn't hijack your address line.
  22. I've brought this issue up at least twice myself and no one seems to care, the only replies I seem to actually get are that I must be doing something wrong and its my fault. I still have the very same issue.
  23. You use a bookmark or something to get to the forums? Go to the main website, any page, doesn't matter, just be sure your logged in, on the left click on the forums link, then click the link on that page. You only need to do this when changes are made to your account (like your upgrade to premium).
  24. The problem isn't what the browser is submitting, its what the site is returning after the browser submits the post request.
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