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  1. A gc code to the old cache would be helpful to see the logs. But, if it appears to have been sitting in a cache for that long, chances are someone grabbed it and never logged it properly.
  2. Any GPS receiver should be able to do this as well, but only with pre-loaded waypoints (caches). If you're looking for a gps receiver with online capabilities, thats what your smart phone is for.
  3. Watch it, for some reason there are two channels, be sure you're in #geocache and not the other one. Just looked and 21 people in it at the moment, actually kind of quiet for this time of day.
  4. That's just a web front end link to the IRC channel I just mentioned.
  5. There's a #geocache channel on slashnet. Usually has about 50 people on it.
  6. I always look for parking or parking entrance way-points. Those are highly appreciated, at least by me. On the other hand, I may not always read the full cache page until I'm onsite.
  7. Nope, the greatest majority of those accounts are not active, most haven't even been logged into more than once. GC doesn't ever delete accounts, not even unverified accounts that have never been logged into.
  8. Hah, sounds like in their paranoia about proxy servers, they've managed to block out FB ip's.
  9. Compared to many areas, that is not dense/saturated. By far, at least in my experience, the older caches are way better than the current junk being thrown out. This is backwards logic. That's just plain theft. The container belongs to the original CO, and only the original CO. You don't seem to be using that lawn mower beside your house, maybe I should just come take it to clean up the area. This is no different. You also forget that there are multiple listing sites. Just because this gc site doesn't meet the standards of the CO doesn't mean the others won't.
  10. Nor is GS providing the infrastructure for phone calls, apples to steak comparison. They have a copule computers sitting in a rack in Washington. They don't have lines running everywhere, they don't have infrastructure all over the country or the world. I don't get why people continually compare a simple website to entire phone networks. If you're paying $10/month for a "personal web site", you're getting ripped, that aside, you divide the numbers by the claimed 5 million users, it comes to pennies. Anytime you scale, the cost per user should get cheaper, if its not, you don't know how to scale. Licensing a database? The "database" comes from the users, and last I checked, they don't pay users for listings, despite the fact that they are making a profit from those listings. A common complaint seems to be they don't have enough programmers, so apparently they aren't paying too many of them. Bugs go months before being acknowledged and in some cases years before being fixed.
  11. Not all 5 million accounts are premium, but a quick statistical analysis puts the number between 150,000 and 200,000. Even at that, the cost per user is extremely high considering they provide no original content, nor do they pay for content. There is no other website in the world that falls into this category with such a high per user cost.
  12. Look a the specific example links I gave, you'll see the issue. z=12 is just too far in to research.
  13. And they wonder why no one used it.. It was a very lightweight version of the site, no images, limited functionality. The few times I used it I thought it was a pain to navigate, but others seemed to like it I guess. It was a lot faster, especially on a fringe connection.
  14. By their own admission, they have 40 employee's. This argument doesn't hold water.
  15. Power trails completely disappear when you zoom out on the maps. This seems to affect some power trails more than others. Here's an example: To see the trail: http://coord.info/map?ll=36.380194,-84.4603&z=12 Yet zoom out one level and 100% gone: http://coord.info/map?ll=36.380194,-84.4603&z=11 All of the caches along Hwy 297 disappear, not even a hint at any existing.
  16. The manual you have probably applies equally to the etrex20 and 30, which do have a true compass.
  17. The etrex10 doesn't have a "true" compass, thus, nothing to calibrate. The one you do have is based on movement and gps readings, so if you move east, it shows east after it detects a change in your position due to gps.
  18. From what you just said, maybe you didn't find it, maybe its better hidden than you think. How do you know its missing beyond the fact you couldn't find it?
  19. Go to the Hide & Seek page, plug in your coordinates you want to place your cache at, and boom, a list of all nearby caches, including distance, and including premiums.
  20. Oh wow I hope not.. I find very few things in life annoying, but this is high on the list. A link that I can choose to click/play is good enough.
  21. Where exactly are you caching? I've never come across a lot of the items you are mentioning. Moldy containers are just going to happen. People choose bad containers that aren't air tight to start with, then even when the containers are good, they often aren't closed properly by other cachers. Improperly closed containers is probably one of the top maintenance issues out there. I've come across food in containers too, mainly bubble gum, and I think people really believe that as long as its in the container that wildlife won't find it, although thats obviously not true, so I typically remove such items.
  22. Ruggedness and water proof and accuracy are the primary reasons I primarily cache with a "real" gps (I use an Oregon, used to use and still have a blue etrex). I still keep my smart phone with me, but if I expect ruggedness, the possibility of falling, getting wet, or whatever, the phone stays in the car. I've been known to get a string of P&G's with just my phone though, but thats rare.
  23. Ignore it or post needs archived, let it be archived, then maybe a CO that actually cares will place a new one.
  24. Maybe you can try to approximate the coordinates on a map and see what can be found with that.
  25. The person owns the cache, it just most likely hasn't been published yet. Quite often CO's will drop TB's just before having their new caches published.
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