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  1. Ok, didn't expect the hostility but ok. :huh: I thought you guys would be a little more friendly

    You need to think about the cacher that spend all the time tracking down these caches, how do you think they felt when they just got their "find" invalidated. I'm curious, before you called anyone here hostile, if you even thought about that aspect?

  2. Don't confuse lithium-ion with lithium batteries, BIG DIFFERENCE.


    If you mean the AA lithium batteries (they aren't rechargeable) they are ok to use, and last a lot longer than an alkaline battery, so overall cost is cheaper, even though the battery itself costs more.


    The AA Lithium batteries are 1.5 volts, and in most cases can serve as a direct replacement.

  3. For me, GSAK is the center of my caching setup, not the gc web site.


    I keep notes on puzzles, correct coordinates, add additional waypoints, then filter stuff before loading up my gps receivers. PQ's and such all feed into GSAK.


    On the opposite end, I upload field notes from my gps to GSAK, then use that to expand and type out better logs, then I upload that to the gc website.


    The gc website got the idea of corrected coordinates and notes from GSAK, these have been features in GSAK since pretty much day one, well over ten years ago, both ideas have only been incorporated onto the website in the last year or two.


    The biggest advantage to GSAK is I can be completely off grid and still have access to substantial amounts of data.

  4. Here's the screen that appears. This is likely at any Taco Bell that has wifi. It's the official Taco Bell Wifi with an agreement screen and everything. I tried a couple of simple things like the direct IP address, but didn't change network settings.


    If the previous replies are saying there's a way to use Geocaching.com from within Waymarking.com, posting the specific steps would be helpful.



    It says right on top that opendns thinks the site is bad, not taco bell. You have non-standard dns settings on your device.

  5. Sounds like the real problem is that you went between the neighbors houses. Did the cops specifically mention the RR? You probably just need to find a way to get on the trail that doesn't go between houses. I'd call the cops on ya too.


    Most "rails to trails" projects are still owned by the RR's, and leased (typically for nothing) by the city, county, whatever, and developed. In most cases, the RR has the right to reclaim it, or it automatically falls back if the city chooses not to maintain the R2T project anymore.

  6. Using garmin POIs i still have not reached the upper limit as of yet. I can load all of Oregon and Washington on my 62s about 60,000 caches.

    Loading as POI's you lose so many features, like field notes, marking as found, descriptions, past logs, and I could probably name many more.


    As far as POI count goes, I believe Garmin has said up to available memory, so its possible to load millions.

  7. So are you all saying that I can load that number of caches in one shot? We have been putting high numbers in the gps but never more than 1000 at a time. We have often had 3000 in the gps but we loaded them 1000 at a time

    Yeah, you can load all the way up to 5000 in a single .gpx if you want. (450 does hold 5000 caches, right? yeah, pretty sure).


    PQ's are limited to 1000, but if you're using something else as the centerpoint of your info (like GSAK), you can load, hash out filters the way you want, and send up to 5k to your unit. This is how I do it, so my gps doesn't end up with unsolved puzzles or stupid challenge caches that no one meets the requirements for.

  8. Buying two modern devices is expensive, so try this - buy whatever smartphone suits the rest of your life and buy an old used Garmin Yellow for a dedicated GPS. You can probably get one for under $25. I found my first 600+ caches with one 12 years ago and it's as good today as my modern 62st for just entering coords and following a compass to GZ.

    Yeah, but there's nothing like a handheld geared toward caching, descriptions, a few logs, all right there, and the biggest thing, way easier to keep track of finds. I think the new etrex 10's are only just over $100 aren't they? By the way, I found my first 5-600 with a Garmin Blue.

  9. Check the specs on Garmin.com for your particular unit. I have the 450 and it will hold 2000 waypoints (sort of equivalent to caches) but, I believe that includes child waypoints if you include them. These 2000 go into your "favorites" and will show up on-screen.

    I assume you mean Oregon 450. It will hold 5000 caches on top of 2000 way points and unlimited POI's. Caches don't count against waypoints.


    This process will load thousands of caches (I have over 6000 loaded) via the POI loader. They are accessible via the "Extra" menu icon. You have to use a special GSAK macro to construct the input file and then use the Garmin POI loader to convert and install them to the Garmin.

    GSAK is capable of exporting POI's directly, you don't need any special macro's.

  10. What it sounds like you're really asking is how accurate is the GPS receiver on my phone.


    The answer is, it varies greatly, but usually not as good as a real handheld gps receiver.


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S and I think its horrible. I also have a t-mo comet (one of the cheapest androids ever sold) and its one of the best I've seen in a phone.


    Neither is as good as my two garmin handhelds.

  11. If you're off by that far, then the best explanation is that you have two accounts and you've gotten them confused.


    Most people complaining of inaccurate counts are typically only off by a handful, and in almost all cases, those end up being duplicate finds or duplicate logs.

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