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  1. I don't know if this is really important or not, but for the last 2 weeks, I have not gotten the video link or the 2 pictures at the top of the home page. The pictures are just 2 plain red squares. The video link just shows a little icon in upper left corner.

    I am unaware of anything changing on my computer, but if it is on my side, maybe somebody could tell me what to fix.

    This the only place it seems to be happening. Just on the Geocaching.com home page.

    Thanks to anyone that might shed a little light on this subject.

    The SKPs

    Are you running any ad blocking addins or software?


    Those pics are currently coming from their banner server, which is on most ad blocking lists.

  2. Usually I download a 500 cache pq and then go find about 7 of them. That's why I wonder why folks need 1000 cache queries. I must not be doing something right. :)

    For me, 500 caches barely covers 12 miles, for others it covers less than 5.


    When I'm out and about, my typical work area (and fun and play areas) are well over 12 miles, and definitely well over 5. 500 caches just doesn't cut it.

  3. Since ALL pq's are saved forever, this obviously isn't a space or resources issue.


    Don't believe me? Create a pq, bookmark the preview url, delete it, the preview will now work forever. A handy way to not have pq's that are only for filters or preview purposes count against you.

  4. Not PQ's, but I requested my finds early this morning and have yet to see it in my email.

    Myfinds is no longer emailed, somehow thats supposed to be an improvement.

  5. I wonder if some bits got flipped somewhere. I ask for mine to be unselected after it runs, but they remain selected. Opposite problem of yours.

    I would consider that a possibility, but I just looked at the page 2 days ago and I'm about 99% sure everything was still selected, so these aren't unselecting as they are being run, and some that ran yesterday were still selected, some were not.


    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason and what was unselected and still selected doesn't seem consistent in any way that I can see.

  6. This happened to both me and my wife.


    We each have several pq's that run weekly, on different days of the week. Almost all of them were unslected this morning, and of course we didn't get our pq's.


    These are all 500 pq's that have been running for quite a while.


    Is gs unselecting pq's again without notifying?

  7. 1. I cannot delete old 500 PQs - they are "crossed" but still there. Why?

    If they have run in the past 24 hours this is normal, they will disappear after 24 hours.


    2. My Finds results in 166 caches but my profile says I have found 167 caches - which one is missing?

    Most likely you have logged some cache twice. You probably have 167 finds logged against 166 caches, so both numbers are technically correct.


    3. It would be nice to have an opportunity to download ALL available PQs - now you need to single click to all of them.

    Ahh, this very issue is being discussed in a couple different threads right now. Most people use pq's to automate and make things easier, not to have to sit at the site downloading a bunch of files. You probably noticed they don't get emailed too.

  8. You should assume anything you've downloaded is invalid shortly after you download it. Only go caching with fresh data. Otherwise you will be looking for archived and disabled caches.


    Because of this, there is no reason to track what you've downloaded.


    If you want to maintain an "I'm actively looking" type list, bookmarks may be the answer, but even then, re-download daily.

  9. If you're using GSAK, sort by Last GPX. Delete anything not in the most recent GPX for that PQ.


    Dakboy's solution will work; however, I would prefer that the cache not be "deleted" from the GSAK database. I use the GSAK database for multiple reasons one which is to identify my "found" caches. If you deleted an archived cache that you had found then the information derived from the filter would be incomplete.

    Then mark them as archived or disabled. Once you have a filter set for "last update gpx", then choose database | global replace then choose available status and set it to your choice of archived or disabled.

  10. GC doesn't supply any mapping at all.


    The map/sat/terrain all come from google, who gets it from a variety of sources, the topo comes from mytopo.com


    The fact that a change made to one of the three carries to the other two isn't much of a surprise.

  11. I remember reading once that instead of cutting and pasting the link to a cache page from the address bar, e.g.:


    it is possible to quote a shorter link that includes the cache reference, e.g. GC165EX.

    Can anyone remind me how to do this, please?


    As the word "link" is too short for the search function, I had a good look through this section to see if I could find the answer. However, although the forum index says that there are 18,457 topics in the "Geocaching.com Web Site" section, I can only see 6 pages, which is only the topics from the past 30 days.






  12. I can't imagine you would have any more liability for someone borowing your canoe than the store does for selling it to you.

    I don't recall ever seeing a liability agreement on anything I have purchased other than a car.



    When you buy a canoe it comes with an owners manual and warning stickers all over it. Before you use it you're supposed to read all of that.


    Unless you have kept all of that info and make any "borrower" read it, then yes, you do indeed have a level of liability.


    Liability laws vary from state to state, but as a general rule, if a piece of equipment is involved in an injury, the owner of that equipment does indeed have some level of liability.

  13. It seems that the picture is currently being served off of their "banman5" server, which is a "well known" ad server, and is probably blocked by most ad blocking software.


    My guess is that they did this so pics on the main page wouldn't die while they take weeks to copy the images from an old image server to a new one. From another post, there is about 1tb of data on the image server, so I'm not sure why its a production of weeks to copy this over, all of my servers can copy 1tb of data from another server in a matter of hours, not weeks. You said the problem started a couple days ago, and thats about the time they fired up the new server.

  14. I assume you mean a Garmin Nuvi 265.


    I agree with everyone else that its not that good for finding caches, but its real good for getting you to the area where the cache is (the driving part).


    A handheld "on the trail" type unit is going to be a little more durable (can handle a bump or drop), will be waterproof (if it rains or gets dropped in the creek) and will usually have a compass screen that makes it easier to navigate to the cache. All of these are features that a typical "driving" unit wouldn't have.


    I use a nuvi to get me to the area (so yes, its very useful for that) then I pull out my handheld once I'm in the area.


    A Garmin Etrex H (the "yellow" unit) can be had for under $100, it will hold 500 waypoints, a short name and coordinates for each waypoint (or does the newer "h" hold 1000?). Or you can jump to the higher end and get something like a Garmin Oregon 550t (the top Oregon model) with tons of features, terrain maps, and the ability to hold full cache info (description, hints, logs, etc) for 5000 caches for the $500 range.

  15. I don't get it. The puzzle is the note that it is not at the coordinates? I thought they had questions or something to answer? I see nothing other than that note...



    Am I missing something in that or is that the puzzle itself?


    You may want to email the owner for a hint to get started. The cache page is showing correctly. :rolleyes:

    Can't, his account isn't validated. He hasn't logged in since 2008.

  16. The Garmin 60csx has a very good reputation, and is considered to be better than some of Garmins newest units (Oregon, Dakota) in terms of accuracy.


    There are a couple things you can do.


    Make sure battery saver mode is not on (this does degrade accuracy)

    Make sure WAAS is on

    And biggest of all, remember that any accuracy reported by the gps is its way of saying that might be a worse case scenario of how far off it could be, and is only an estimate.


    The correct term is EPE or Estimated Positional Error.


    GPS's work by triangulating where you are compared to the sat's are, and if the math doesn't come out perfect, the gps will boost that number. This is why your gps will report really bad accuracy when in a down town type area or on a covered steel bridge, because the signal is bouncing and the gps receives that bounced signal and it just doesn't line up mathematically. (Search multi-path error to learn more about this).

  17. I found an unactivated coin in a cache. Its not a simple easy design but a rather elaborate design and digging around it seems to be a bit on the pricey side (about $12) so my thought is to sit on it a while to see if the owner does activate it.


    I thought about contacting the owner of the coin, but not sure that would be so easy. I found it in a cache that was near a mega event, so it had well over 200 logs just in a couple of days, so emailing the last couple of finders isn't really an option. The logbook in the cache was literally just a list of names, no one really saying anything, so there is no hint there of it being dropped. I've read all of the online logs too, and keep checking back for more (although by now everyone has had time to log it) and no one has said anything about dropping a coin that even came close to this coin (there were other mentions, but I could match them all up in the tb history page for the cache). No one is watching the cache page so I doubt a posted note would get a response there, plus I did indicate in my online cache log that I found the coin.


    Should I assume this was some type of gift or give away from another cacher? If so, how long should I give it before trying to activate the coin myself?


    Any other ideas what I should do at this point?


    I grabbed this with the intention of moving it along, and will do so after it gets activated.

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