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  1. Quite a while ago there were promises of many advanced (but mostly unspecified) changes to PQ's, but so far the only real one has been to bump them to 1000.


    So, will PQ's ever be able to do:

    • "also not found by xxxx" to make caching with friends easier
    • keyword searches, to make series and puzzles easier
    • include directionality (i.e. north of center point only, or east only, etc.)

  2. Last time I tried to use the "new" page, it kept wanting to round my coordinates to where it thought I should be (now wouldn't I know that better?).


    Does the "new" page still do that or has that been fixed?


    At that time I managed to find a link to the old one and saved it.

  3. Every once in a while pq's seem to "go bad" and won't run.


    Have you tried to copy it and run the copy?


    In the past when users have complained of this, a copy seems to work.

  4. and an estimated 3-4 million geocachers worldwide.

    Not even close. 3 to 4 million accounts may have been created, but most are dead. I was helping a friend create an account, so we started looking at different variations of his name, and we probably looked at 30+ accounts that didn't have a single cache or coin logged before we finally found one that did.


    Yes, we had to look at over 30 accounts before we found one that might even remotely be considered active. This would be defining active as having logged a single cache (or coin).


    Most of these accounts we looked at were more than a year old, and the creation date and last login date were the same.


    If all accounts that had no logs, and were more than a year old were eliminated, I doubt you would have more than 1/2 million accounts.


    If you want to set a line of say having found 200 caches (still ignoring dates), then there are fewer than 90,000 active cachers, 87,435 to be exact.

  5. Needs archived is usually more severe than a needs maint, so they SHOULD send notifications, the backwards logic here has never made sense to me.


    I get an email when a log is full, but if a property owner gets pissed, starts shooting at people that come around and another cacher logs a needs archived, I never get notified, so I'm driving toward a pissed off land owner and my phone email never beeps to let me know. [sarcasm]Yeah, that makes sense.[/sarcasm]

  6. I believe there are file size limits on the Colorado (there is definitely a limit on the number of .gpx files) , are you sure you aren't bumping into something like that?


    A file with attributes is going to be larger, even though the colorado does not currently make use of them.


    I only offer alternatives, because as far as I've seen, you are the 1st person to bump into this with any garmin product, or really almost anything except a delorme (yeah, the delorme people screamed loud and hard over this when the "1.0.1" change happened).


    Not sure how much you know about .gpx format, but its essentially an xml file, and by definition, you can "extend" an xml file (which is what happened with the attributes), and if the receiver of the file doesn't understand the extensions, then it should ignore them, as if they aren't there.


    Another issue might be, you say you are loading the files on a memory card? why aren't you loading them directly to the unit? I have heard of issues using memory cards.

  7. At the moment the GPX version is determined on the "Account Details", affecting to all GPX downloads.

    I would like to dl Pocket Querys using 1.0.1 format but individual caches (from listing page) in 1.0.0.

    The reason:

    I like to get the attribute data in GSAK which is the main method to transfer caches to my Colorado.

    Every now and then I add (eg. just published) caches directly to GPS but alas, the Colorado does not accept the 1.0.1 format and goes berserk.

    My wish is that I could define the GPX format in PQ definition as an addition to current manner.

    Are you sure its the 1.0.1 gpx thats making your colorado go berserk? I don't believe I've seen this reported at all, although I have seen cases of individual caches doing this because of something non-standard on the page.

  8. Or let them download a preset example PQ of a random area of caches or even make believe caches to see what they would look like on their GPS

    I don't even see this as being an effective teaser. Think about it, load the small pq on your Oregon (or whatever equipment you have), go find the closest cache to your house, make a field note on the gps, bring it back and upload it (since field notes are supported for non-pm's), let them get the full experience.


    If I had some waypoint on my gps that was 500 miles away, I'd probably be like so what, having one up the street from me is much more exciting, and usable, and would make me think that hey, this could be a usable service after all.

  9. Well, I am a member thinking about becoming a Premium. The one thing I am still not sure about is the PQ's Its not really a request but I think that it would be nice to give a Member one trial PQ. That would definitely :laughing: sway my decision.

    As overpriced as I think gc is, I think this would be a bad move. All it would do is cause people to keep creating accounts so they can dl pq's, need another pq, create another account. I see a ton of room for abuse.


    If gc were to ever consider a teaser way of giving pq's away, the only way I really see that would create the teaser feel while not opening up to abuse is to have some kind of closest 10 caches (maybe even only 5) that's based on home coordinates that could be downloaded. This gives a little bit of teaser, without making it easy to abuse. It would be a full pq, except that it would only have 5 or 10 caches so users can see the full capabilities of their gps or other external software they want to use.

  10. I prefer systems which keep me logged on if I do not choose to logout excplicitely.
    This is EXACTLY what the "remember me" option is about. So I guess I repeat the question, why not use it?


    By the way, it is interesting that on the Groundspeak forums I stay logged in as long as I want
    Different software, different system, gc didn't write this software, so the same mentalities don't carry over.
  11. (2) I am not willing to use the "remember me" option.

    Why not?


    I run across a LOT of people that refuse to use "remember me"options on sites, but I've never heard a rational explanation (I'm making an assumption that your not on a public computer).

  12. There are probably more than a dozen programs that support converting .gpx (or even .loc) files from one format to another, such as csv, or tons of other formats. Many of these are even open source, so if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you can modify it.


    GSAK is a good start, if you don't want a full fledged program but rather a command line convert on the fly type program look at gpsbabel, it works on almost every version of windows, linux, and even that mac thing that no one uses, its also open source if you want to change it or compile it to run on something else weird or exotic.


    GC isn't in the "supply a file for my exact need" business, and I would for one discourage them getting into that business, they have trouble maintaining things as they are now.

  13. The two ways I've seen this done is first, to just put both names in the owner field, the drawback being that the 2nd cacher has no actual ownership rights, or second to create a join/team account where everyone has the password so anyone can make changes.

  14. this is interesting.

    so you have a cartridge that plays fine on an oregon, and is elaborate

    and you have a different cartridge that breaks?


    can you send links to such cartridges?

    Easy, there is a Wherigo in Topeka KS, only one in the area for over 60 miles so it should be easy to find, breaks on Oregons, plays fine on emulators.


    Anything written by Fried Okra (he has several), I've seen no complaints of them breaking at all on the Oregons, including ones that I've played, and others I've started on my oregon (I was't in the area to play them, this guy lives over 100 miles from me) and I've never had one of his lock up my unit.


    Most things I've seen seem to go along this line, either the cartridge author is putting out carts that will run on everything, or they run on hardly nothing except the emulator and ppc. Generally when the problem follows the author, its easy to blame the author, but I suspect this is a bigger problem where the compiler/ide/whatever you want to call it, is putting out crappy code and allowing for bad programming practices (of course that doesn't eliminate the author writing good code to start with).

  15. There is one author in our area that can consistently write cart's that work just fine on an Oregon. I talked to him briefly about it. He had one statement, keep it simple. I didn't have that much time to get into it with him, but I've played some of his carts (on an oregon 400t) and I thought that they were pretty elaborate, and I've never had a problem with his carts. Others though, don't work.

  16. I just sent a handful of messages between accounts and unless gc quietly fixed this since you reported it, I can't duplicate the problem.


    Are you sure that the box "I want to send my email address" was unchecked?


    Can you duplicate this now?

  17. If the page shows it ran, it will be on the download page.


    Somehow having to keep going back to the site is supposed to be an improvement, not sure how.

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