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  1. The date may make me question this, but outside of that, there are a lot of cachers that don't log online. I come across names all the time in the physical logs that are not on the online logs.


    There are even users here in the forums that state that they don't log a lot or any of their finds online.


    Some of the names I can't find online, others have zero or a very low find count, and many of those even have premium accounts (presumably so they can run pq's). Some will log as notes instead of finds, which doesn't reflect in their find count and doesn't link the logs to their profile.

  2. on GSAK, make sure you choose a 1.0 file and not a 1.1 file.

    This is absolutely correct, if you send a 1.1 file from gsak, the gps will quietly ignore it, so if you already have an older file there, that data will remain (because if you have the same cache in two different gpx files, the oregon will use what it thinks is the most current).

  3. ok, so there isn't a method using the iphone....

    IS there a way to bulk upload field notes from a device?

    I thought I heard of someone saving up a bunch of field notes....and then uploading them all automatically.


    ....but now that I think of it...I think he was just out of cell range. I think once he got within cell range, the phone spent some time uploading stuff.

    Are you asking about the iphone specifically or just in general if you can bulk upload field notes?


    The way I do it is I use an oregon, which generates field notes, but I don't upload those to the site, I import them into gsak, then in gsak I "expand" the notes to my full logs and thoughts. From that I generate a field notes file that I then upload to the site. From there just 2 or 3 clicks to log my finds online.


    The most I've ever done in one batch is probably about 40 or so. Way faster than trying to do it all on the site, and none of it requires internet except for the last step, and thankfully most of the pages involved are pretty low bandwidth pages if I'm logging from a slow connection.


    I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about a field notes file getting truncated, so I would imagine that it can hold at least several hundred entries when uploading to the site. I don't recall gs ever saying there was a limit on the number of entries in the file, only a limit on the size of each field note (I'm thinking 500 characters, but not remembering for sure).

  4. June 18 by HH242 (3440 found)


    E.T. Highway Invasion


    Huh, I was right... same exact log for 1000 caches. I guess I could see why 3 mouse clicks is an annoyance, once you've read your log once, there's no point in reading it again.


    Isn't sending the same thing over and over considered spam? Or at least in bad taste?

  5. It should have said "4" mouse clicks, not 44. One to bring up the "Compose log"; two to scroll to the bottom of the page to click "submit" and one to return to the field notes. Now multiply this by something like 100 field notes.

    Wow, a couple of clicks. You need someone to go find the caches for you too?


    Actually, after looking, I think I found your problem, it doesn't look like you've really had that many days that you had more than 20 or so, that is until you found that et series, and I didn't look but I bet every one of your logs for those are cut and paste, and none give a unique experience related to that cache.

  6. This is a VERY common complaint, when doing keyword searches, an overwhelming number of people would prefer that they are returned in order of distance from home coords. GS has never addressed why they won't fix this, or why first results are typically 100's, if not 1000's of miles away and the relevant results are at the end of the list (they are actually returned in order of gc code or placed date, I forget which, but these would be similar anyway).


    I personally would not want to limit it to state, as I live right on a state line and I'm very close to two other states, so I don't want to do 4 searches, I simply want them returned in order of distance from me.


    I've seen GS quote over and over about "things that make the site look bad", especially in context to not showing hides/finds on friends page (even though the clear outcry of users is to leave the stats there) and a couple issues like that, yet they can't fix this VERY SIMPLE TO FIX issue (simple because all it would take is a minor change to the sort statement in the sql query that returns the results).


    It really makes you wonder if gs is even listening to users.

  7. .It is actually 44 clicks for each one

    44 clicks? Something doesn't sound right there.


    I use field notes very heavily. It takes 1 click to bring up the field note, 1 click to save it as a log, and one more click to get back to the list of fieldnotes.


    I use them because of their simplicity and not having to deal directly with the site by searching for the cache, typing my notes, etc.

  8. perpetuate its own non-standard extensions

    That's the whole point of xml, if when someone chooses to "add extensions" to it, applications shouldn't break, they should gracefully ignore or not use those extensions.


    The steadfast refusal of Groundspeak to use GPX version 1.1

    Version 1.1 is different than 1.0, its not a simple case of 1.0 with more extensions, NONE of the current "load a gpx direct to unit" receivers out there can deal with this format, and most of the commonly used software can't either (although it does appear that gsak can). Also, you are the first person I've seen to even request it (if this even is a request).

  9. The forum is canned software, and the end of its lifespan is approaching. The possibility of spending resources for modifications at this point is very, very small.

    IPB (the forum software) is very well developed, and continues to be a popular choice for many commercial forums, including forums much larger than here.


    The problems here, by gs's own admittance, are related to how they implemented it and poor decisions (maybe in an attempt to save disk space at one time??) in how the databases are indexed.


    When they finally did address some of the indexing issues, the forums did gain significant performance, but there are obviously still other issues.


    Further, they are not even running on the current version.


    IPB is no where near the end of its "lifespan", its gs's implementation that is.

  10. In the profile edit page, what is the difference between Gpx 1.0 and 1.0.1. Also, why is there no 1.1 option, it has been around since 2004?

    Its a work around for Delorme's broken software.


    Unless you know you need the "older" version, use 1.0.1, as it has attributes (which, if your application doesn't understand, xml standards state that the software should simply ignore that part of the file).

  11. GSAK keeps track of last gpx update.


    Filter on that. Assuming you download all caches in your database at least once a week, then nothing should be more than 7 days old. If it is, then its most likely been archived.

  12. Its a massively overblown estimation.


    You state there are 3.5 million "accounts", but how many of them are real?


    Here's a quick test, pick a random number between 1 and 3 million, look at the next 30 accounts (http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showuser=xxxxxx) How many are active? I'd be surprised if more than 6. That means 8 out of 10 accounts aren't active or valid. Most accounts will either be unverified or will have only been logged into once and not have any caches or coins logged. At best you don't have any more than half a million active accounts.

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