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  1. even more disturbing is the fact that 27 people (some with finds in excess of 5000 which should know better, one would hope) went for this cache after it was disabled....to me, that alone does more "damage" to geocaching than the lack of a note from the CO in the description

    Even more so, is a gc employee found it 6 days after it was disabled. The very people that preach against using old data and offline databases.

  2. .The problem with enhacing the "Friends" feature now is that you will let someone access to more information about you than you were anticipating when you accepted the friends request. Sounds like recipe for a, erm, storm of solid body waste products like what Facebook is going through.

    The fact that gc has sat on this feature for years shouldn't be an excuse for any unexpected features. In the beginning, gc stated that they were going to develop this feature, and it should come as no surprise, if and when they ever do.


    As a side note, I am NOT excusing gc for taking so long to develop this, that's just poor planning and poor setting of priorities.


    Also the fact that they have set on it for years should be no excuse for further development, as your post infers.

  3. Many programs out there can look at just one or the other, if you are trying to download a lot of info to your gps, pda, or whatever else you my have, but want to maximize space, its possible to just load the short description.

  4. There must be a limit to the number of caches it will display (I have over 4,000 finds).

    What does the count on the right hand side of the map say?


    I wonder if its a limit of the google maps or a limit that gc is imposing.

  5. If you have an old MyFinds PQ email (from before they became download only), there is a link in that, it will still work and the data is current.


    If you don't have an old email, BUT you have run a MyFinds PQ recently, look at the pq download page and determine the guid for your myfinds pq (its the long string of numbers and letters seperated by a couple of hyphens), you can do this by putting your mouse pointer over the download link and looking at the stat bar at the bottom of your browser, don't click and download it, since the site changes the name for the actual download.


    Change out the xxxx's in this url for your guid:




    Here it is unhacked by the site:




    Bookmark it since it will never change (I have heard if you don't run your myfinds pq for a really long time it may change, but thats unconfirmed).

  6. That error message doesn't make sense.


    Are you going through a proxy server?


    Are you at work, or a library, or somewhere else that could get heavily filtered?

  7. At the bottum of any page on the main website, There is a e-mail link and a contact link.

    evyone on dis here internet thingie aint got email, cince it cost extra and all, so dey need a way to contact widout dat email.

  8. All of these caches should be archived for breaking geocaching.com rules, right now. In the description for every single cache (which are all the same) they tell the cacher to go to the Little A'LeInn, a local restaurant and gift shop. These break the rule against commercial caches:


    "Commercial Caches

    Commercial caches will not be published on geocaching.com without prior approval from Groundspeak. A commercial cache is a geocache listing or geocache which is perceived by Groundspeak, Groundspeak's employees, or the Volunteer Geocache Reviewers as having been submitted to geocaching.com with the principal or substantial intent of soliciting customers or generating commercial gain. The geocache is presumed to be commercial if the finder is required to go inside a business, interact with employees, and/or purchase a product or service, or if the cache listing has overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion.

    Additionally, links to businesses, commercial advertisers, charities, political or social agendas, or the inclusion of their associated logos are not permitted on cache descriptions without prior permission from Groundspeak." (www.geocaching.com)


    Because of the overtones of advertising and promotion, every single one of these caches are illegal and should be archived. No exceptions.

    Then you should do a needs archived on "every single one of these caches", don't forget to hand write them and make each one unique.

  9. http://coord.info/GC23Z3G Was always missing, somehow the log book showed up in another cache, but even prior to that this thing accumulated 26 logs, when it wasn't there.


    So yes, people do "blanket log" the area.

    Wait a minute... are you saying that MOGA put out a bogus cache ("Was always missing")? And that one of the directors that "helped to hide this cache" also logged it? Surely I'm misunderstanding you!

    Oh, no, not at all.


    I'm commenting on the fact that people will blanket log an area, even when a cache is clearly missing.


    I don't know what happened with these two caches, but the very first logs confirm that they are indeed missing (All of the caches named after space vehicles were very easy, just shy of a p&g, obvious from the road where they were most likely hidden, and all found with almost no real searching needed). I do not, nor have I ever believed that the MOGA team intentionally didn't place, or that they retrieved these two, or did anything to make them tricky. Most likely scenario is that something happened between the time they were placed, and the time they were published (a difference of up to a couple of months for these caches), possibly that they were visible just too visible from the road, and a non-geocacher got curious.

  10. I just wonder if one or two of these 1,000 caches got muggled but end up being signed as a find by people not keeping track of which cache was missing. Say the owner would pull #458 out of the series yet see how many kept signing it as a find from just mass logging these.... Oh, that would be mean...


    Can't ever see a series like this coming to the SouthEast but it's neat for those who enjoy these kind of things.

    Your comment made me think of these two caches:


    These are both about as close as you can get to being a P&G while still being a full size ammo can


    http://coord.info/GC23Z0M Was missing prior to May, yet 8 people managed to log it anyway (this one had more logs at one time but it looks like some people caught the errors of their ways).


    http://coord.info/GC23Z3G Was always missing, somehow the log book showed up in another cache, but even prior to that this thing accumulated 26 logs, when it wasn't there.


    So yes, people do "blanket log" the area.

  11. You're all wrong. See here


    The correct way is 2008/04/30

    No one does it that way.

    Wrong... Its a standard thats used VERY heavily, and for good reason.


    It puts the individual components of the date in order of scope, and it makes it very easy to sort on without extensive hacking of the text (it requires none), things that any other date format mentioned here can't offer.


    There's a reason that this format is an ISO standard and no other format is.

  12. On the profile page, it says "Premium Member

    Since: 04/30/2008", but it should say "Member

    Since: 04/30/2008"


    It should say 30/04/2008


    Actually it says 30-April-2008. Much better. Even us here in the colonies understand that. :(

    You're all wrong. See here


    The correct way is 2008/04/30

  13. Some of its strong features are:


    A wide assortment of macro's to extend what it does (like generate field notes to upload to gc to make logging easier)


    The ability to create and maintain child waypoints, great for puzzles, scoping out parking, etc ahead of time, stuff like that


    The ability to do "corrected coordinates", great for puzzles


    For child and corrected coords, these are maintained when new .gpx files are loaded, so your work is kept


    Notes, which if you have a gps or pda that supports logs, your notes show as the 1st log


    A ton of great filtering options, so you don't load your gps with unwanted or unfindable caches (such as unsolved armchair puzzles).


    And I could probably keep going, but it makes caching WAY easier.

  14. Before they made the change there were multiple posts about caches on the ignore list showing up on various searches.

    The only repeated complaints I saw were complaints about them showing up on the google maps. That should have been an easy fix, every where else they showed was easily fixed with a simple "&f=1"


    After the overkill, I've seen them post once or twice "well it was the only way we could remove them from the google maps" (yeah, right, whatever), but they have generally quit commenting on the issue, which means they just don't care anymore, one or two people in Seattle like it, and that seems to be all that matters, its not about the users, and probably never will be until it starts affecting revenue, and on that point, pq's are the driving factor, not ignore lists.


    They took a sledge hammer to drive a finishing nail, and now they don't care about the hole in the wall.

  15. They didn't used to be when you looked at a users finds and hides and that's the way most users seem to prefer it.


    A recent update took the ignore list way too far.


    Even on pq's if you have an ignored cache, and don't have the exclude ignored caches box checked, it still doesn't show up on previews. Severely broken.

  16. .I'm missing the part where the site changes them to what it thinks. My Home Coordinates are set to the exact spot that I placed them in the middle of the river.

    This has only been a major complaint since the "new" page was implemented. Lots of complaints about this issue in the forums.


    You can try and soften this all you want, its a real issue and gs has broken it, far from an improvement.


    They worry about placed counts being wrong on the friends page, making the excuse that it makes them look bad, yet they put out other broken issues all over the place, and to make it worse, they break things that once worked perfectly. This is a prime example.

  17. Remember, that just because hunting may be allowed at night, the area may still be closed.


    In most states, these types of areas do have set hours, BUT, hunting and fishing activities are allowed to happen outside of those hours, that's not an open door for other activities.


    Having said that, I have no idea of this specific area or even the state of PA, just offering general advice that applies in most states.

  18. I generally try to log the same day, I've gone up to about a week, but thats pretty rare. If a TB is involved, I'll always log those same day if possible.


    On the other hand, my wife is more than a year behind in logging. She's up to 4/2009 (no tb's involved). Some of the caches she hasn't logged yet have even been archived. She's probably about 130 logs behind.

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