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  1. They would take all day to type on my GPS's feaild notes keypad.

    Note the word CREATIVE.


    I'm lucky to type 5 characters on my GPS.


    I type NOTHING on the site to submit my logs, just a couple mouse clicks. Most of my logs are at least a couple sentences in length.

  2. I mean different logs, just submiting them on the same page.

    Probably not a good idea to put this out there, but, creative use of field notes can do this.


    I personally compose all of my logs offline, upload them as field notes, and its like 2 clicks with no typing to log the cache. Great over a slow connection from the laptop.

  3. .Sure, but if the DNF caches originated in a dozen different PQs, then I'd need to run those dozen PQs again.

    Oh, you don't run the same pq's regularly, gotcha.


    In that case, the only real work around is to use a bookmark, as you dnf caches, add them to that bookmark, and run a PQ based on that.


    I use a bookmark like that, I have a handful of caches that for whatever reason I like to keep active on my list, then I run a PQ against it regularly.

  4. That's useful, I'd never used the 'compared to ' options before in GSAK. But it still doesn't get me what I want, which is subsequent logs for all caches I have as DNF, but which don't appear in regular PQ updates. I can't see anyway to do this without a PQ option to flag DNFs as included.

    I'm getting lost here. If you log a DNF on a cache, there is nothing that would keep it from continuing to appearing in future PQ's, so what ever PQ you got the cache in to start with, that PQ should continue to pull that same cache. Maybe I'm not understanding what your asking?

  5. Watchlist and owner emails are very straight forward since they are tied directly to a particular cache, and shouldn't take any time for GS to generate and send.


    Notifications on the other hand, are a continuous matching and comparing of about a million caches and who knows how many notifications, I could see these taking a bit to generate depending on how much activity there is at the moment.


    There's been many times I've seen new caches and didn't get the notification emails for 15 minutes or longer, yet the cache could be seen at the top of the state list, or a pq filter.


    Since GS doesn't timestamp logs, there is no way to know how long the delay is between actual publish and sending of email.


    You most likely saw a delay in the generation of the notification email by gs.

  6. Easy filter in GSAK


    Go to the filter screen


    On first tab unselect found and archived


    On third tab, unselect DNF=no


    And the important one:


    On the send tab (dates) on the line "Last found date" set the first box to "Compared to", the 2nd box to "DNF date" and the third box to "is newer"


    You should now have all caches that you have dnf'd, have been found since you dnf'd, and aren't archived or already found by you.

  7. Would it be possible to add a tick box for 'logged as DNF' (by user) on the Pocket Query design screen?

    Not quite what you're asking for, but, your logs (dnf, notes, everythign) are always included in any pq or gox that you get, regardless of how old that log is.


    So if you pull a PQ of caches in your area, you can find any that you've logged dnf.


    There are several programs (GSAK being my favorite) that can help you with this.

  8. They seem to be slowly canceling monthly memberships for quite some time.


    This happened to me, they blamed it on paypal, but the correspondence I got back from paypal left no question that it was manually canceled by gs, and not any kind of error.

  9. I don't think you really mean the Google maps in general, but the map displayed on the cache page. Yup. I agree with you, and have already mentioned it. I really don't know what can be done about it, though.

    I see this behavior on both gc google maps and non gc google maps, are you seeing something different?


    I personally like the behavior. If I want to scroll instead of zoom, I simply move my pointer to the left or right of the map.

  10. The first thing to look at is the log entry URL, I think its the first one, is it the same in all of the notifications?


    If they are the same, then keep reading, if they are different, then the person is deleting the log and re-entering it, possibly to fix a typo, or maybe he's doing bug drops, but whatever the reason, these are different and unique logs (even though they may say the same thing), and you will get a notification for each.


    Next look at the Notification URL, its the last one, are they all the same or different?


    If they are different, then you have multiple or duplicate notifications setup that are covering the same cache.


    If neither of these issues apply, then the next likely cause is some type of email rule or something you have setup on your email.

  11. So there is no tracking at all of FTF? I have never gotten one and was curious if they were tracked at all.

    Only to the extent of a finder claiming it and a cache owner occasionally manually putting credit on the cache page. There is no official recognition by the site.


    As of right now, I have 52 ftf's, but the only place you'll find that is where I manually put it on my profile page.

  12. The time stamp on field notes has been a very log running bug, pretty much since field notes were introduced.


    Although gc has "attempted" to fix this several times, it continues to be broken.


    In the current treatment of them, it appears that they aren't honoring daylight savings time. Your details seem to support that.


    In the past they've gone from using the wrong time zone, to not honoring time zones at all, to thinking everyone was in the pacific time zone, and a couple other variations.


    Since "ftf" isn't recognized by gc, don't worry about it, put in your log that you're ftf, and unless someone later claims you never signed the paper log you should be good to go.

  13. Have you noticed any ERRORS in the DATES reporting for your finds?


    Example being. You make a find for today, but it is reporting it as tomorrow in the GPX file?



    There's already another thread going on this, in fact, YOU started it. A quick skim of it shows your question has been answered.

  14. It seems to me, that GC has been a little inconsistent in choosing the red cross icon for the My Finds PQ. Weird choice of icon! Why not use the same icon as for the other PQs?

    Yeah, the choice made no sense to me either, I'm fairly sure it used to be the same as others, but then too many people weren't finding their myfinds query after it ran, so gc made it "undeleteable" and that's when the icon changed.

  15. The red x is supposed to indicate that its a special query that you can't delete. Everyone's myfinds query has that same indicator.


    As for it hanging at 31%, there could be a variety of reasons. When it stops, does it just sit there like it thinks its still working, do you get an error, what happens?

  16. "A new log type is available to help event planners communicate with guests. If you are the owner of an event and have an announcement, post a log of this type and an email will be sent to everyone who logged a "Will Attend". "
    The question is really whether this is a bug in the text of the email (and my release note) or the functionality of the announcement log type.

    The purpose of the "announcement" is clearly to make "announcements" to probable attendees of upcoming events. Once an event is over, there is no need for further announcements. If someone wants to keep up with details after the event is over, that is the purpose of the watchlist. I would even go as far as to say that the ability to make an announcement after the event date is a bug.


    I know that when I log a "will attend", that I will get announcements pertaining to an upcoming event. If I don't want the announcements, then I know not to log a "will attend".


    The purpose of logging an "attended" is to note that I have attended or completed the event, nothing more, and it is not an invitation for spam, if I wanted to continue to keep up with the event, then I would add it to my watchlist.


    I can see it being useful for event owners to announce to past guests that another event will be upcoming.

    This is the definition of spam, and I'm appalled that it would even be suggested, especially by gs staff.


    If I want to learn of upcoming events, I setup an appropriate notification, I do not want to be spammed, by gc, by cache/event owners, or by automated messages.


    The definition of spam is email that I didn't ask for and I most likely would not want.


    Every other type of email can be shut off, if I don't want a watchlist email anymore, I remove it from my watchlist, if I don't want bookmark emails, I uncheck the box to send them, if I don't even want the weekly announcements, again, I uncheck the check box. If I don't want even announcements, it should be as simple as not logging a will attend. Don't force unwanted announcements to me just because I logged a smiley.


    As a side question, does ANY log type (beyond the "will attend") get spammed with unwanted announcements, or just the "attended" logs? In other words, will logging a "note" get me spammed too? If so, this is obviously part of the same bug.

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