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  1. If you really want to pull the data, there is a work around (if you use gsak, or some other program that will merge all of your gpx files together into one list).


    If you just want to keep an accurate list of your finds, just pull a .gpx of each cache after you log it.


    If you want to continue to pull data about your found caches, build a bookmark list, you can add up to 1000 caches to each list, and pull that as often as you want.


    Well, it still won't be the same.


    Like people already said, you can't use the PQ's as generic replacement for your MyFinds PQ


    - no archived caches in regular PQ

    - no retracted caches in regular PQ

    - max. 1000 caches in regular PQ

    - max 500 mile from a certain center location (not sure about the 500 but there is a limit)

    The two important restrictions here, archived, and 500 mile limit, don't apply to bookmark pq's. Once you pass 1000 finds, start a new bookmark list. As for retracted caches, its unlikely that their status will ever change.


    The only real limitation with this method is that some programs/sites insist on using an actual "my finds" pq, and will not use one exported from gsak. I have no idea what these programs are looking for, but it probably wouldn't be hard to modify a .gpx exported from gsak to fit their needs. If you use the findstatgen macro with gsak, its not an issue.

  2. Hi everybody,

    since few days, waypoint downloading in my account became protected by a CAPTCHA. I had a look in most recent release notes, yet there is no mention of anything regarding the CAPTCHA. Was my account "semi/banned" somehow, or did I do something too "robot-like"? Is it only my problem or is anyone else experiencing it? Thanks for replying. J.

    It seems to be on all basic (non PM) accounts, so I doubt you've been semi-banned or flagged.


    It appears to be some weak attempt at keeping the site from getting "scraped".


    Little do they seem to know how easy it is to bypass or even "work" the recaptcha, especially in automated scripts.

  3. Actually ALL event Attended logs are bogus. They increment your cache find count. You didn't find anything.

    I've seen a share of events that WERE pretty hard to find, obscure back roads in parks, brand new road that don't exist on most maps yet, and I've heard of a couple that weren't even on or near a road.


    Most events also have a log to sign.

  4. The garmin Rino's (well the newer ones, not the older ones) all have Lithium-Ion batteries.


    However, they also have an "adapter" that you can plug AA batteries into and use in place of the Lith-Ion battery, so if you're out in middle of nowhere, you can use off the shelf batteries if you can't recharge yours.

  5. Look at the log book for the last couple of names that signed it, look those names up on the site and look at their recent finds.


    This could very well be a stage of a multi-cache.


    Although technically required, I question how often the reviewers know that info is accurate, and there is also the fact that final coords weren't always required, so they may not even be on the site for reviewers or anyone to find.

  6. In terms of functionality it doesn't really do anything.


    At one time there was lots of promise functionality, but nothing very specific was promised (as always, promises here are vague, so if they don't meet or can't figure out some functionality they can always say they never promised it). Hints seemed to be dropped that it would be useful for filtering out pq's for team caching and things like that, but nothing specific was ever promised. They've also never come back and said "thats it, we're done" or "more is coming".


    For two people to become "friends", one just needs to visit the other's profile and click on the Send Friend Request link. If its not there, then that person needs to go into their preferences and turn it on, only one person (the receiver of the friend request) needs to have it on, and it can be turned back off after the friend request is sent if desired.


    The only current functionality is this page:




    Which just shows date last logged in and number of finds.

  7. Not with the 62, but with an Oregon, I've noticed that they are kind of sensitive with older batteries.


    I was getting horrible battery life out of my Oregon when I first got it (batteries were about 2 years old), yet they could power my etrex just fine. I got new batteries, wow, they seem to last forever in the Oregon, yet the etrex barely lasts longer on the new ones vs the old ones. Not sure how to explain this.


    One other thing, use a GOOD charger, there's several threads about that, ask if you need advise, most cheap chargers (especially "fast" chargers) are absolute junk, and will cause similar results.

  8. Power trails used to be turned down by the reviewers and there wasn't even a hint of them in the guidelines... 2006


    The November 05 guidelines, in force at that time, had this language, "On the same note, don't go cache crazy and hide a cache every 600 feet just because you can.


    The caches I was referring to were well over "600 feet" apart, with enough space for others to place caches that fit within the 528ft guideline.

  9. There's a lot of cachers that don't log online, so take that into account with this question:


    Do you think they found it by accident, or from info from the website? If by accident, what makes you think that? Two people found it by accident?


    My thought is, you didn't sign a virgin log, so your not ftf, BUT, if the CO had someone check the cache before publishing (could that be the logs you are seeing?), then you are FTF, that would be the only real exception in my view.

  10. Power trails used to be turned down by the reviewers and there wasn't even a hint of them in the guidelines. I know of cachers that were turned down because the reviewer thought it was a "power trail", and there was absolutely NO hint anywhere on the site these were forbidden at the time and no clear definition of what a power trail was. This was in 2006. The reviewer was quoted as saying that this was in discussion amongst the reviewers and none were being approved, despite no language in the "guidelines" at that time. This was a short string of about 7 caches.


    So yes, there do seem to be "hidden guidelines".


    As for the power trail issue, they were finally added to the guidelines, with some vague statement, later specifically forbidden, then later completely removed.

  11. does the garmin gps map60csx grok 1.0.1?

    By definition, anything SHOULD read "1.0.1" if it can read "1.0".


    GPX files are actually xml files, which by definition are "extendable". If anyone chooses to "extend" the contents of an xml file and the receiving device/program/whatever that is reading the xml file doesn't know what the new extensions mean, then by the very definition of xml, it should ignore those extensions.


    Having said that, I do not believe that the 60csx can use .gpx or any xml files directly (anyone want to correct me on this?).


    All garmin units that do read .gpx files had no issues with "1.0.1" files, this includes the Oregons, Colorados, Dakotas, and even the new 62s, as well as many non caching units like the nuvi's. In all cases, the units simply ignored the extra information in the new extensions and happily read the remainder of the data and loaded as usual.

  12. There's a couple ways to do this.


    Almost any screen that has display fields (compass, map, trip computer, etc), any of the fields can be updated to "Location (lat/lon)" and that will continually update.


    If you are wanting to "mark" and keep track of your current location, you can click "Mark Waypoint", then edit, then you can see the coordinates.


    If you are looking for a slightly more accurate mark (like when placing a cache), the Oregon does have an Average Waypoint function.

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