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  1. On paperless caching units, you delete caches by deleting the underlying .gpx file. Most people do this at the same time they are loading new caches as its no extra effort.


    Where is this no extra effort button at?


    The send to GPS button is in plain sight.

    The remove for GPS button should be right next to it.

    So you load 20 caches from individual pages you're wanting to go back to the same 20 pages and click a delete button?


    Its much easier to delete all the .gpx files out of the /garmin/gpx/ folder, can be done with minimal mouse clicks.

  2. I am quite happy to be one of the longstanding premium members who gladly pays $30 each year to support the game/sport/hobby that I greatly enjoy. Thankfully I am not aware of any of my caching friends and acquaintances who share the same jaded view as Potato Finder. :)

    He's entitled to his opinion. I do wish, however, that he can provide some references to back up what he's stating, if he's going to be all snarky about it.

    Whats to back up? GC admits they are a business and not a hobby. When is the last time you saw ANY GC employee post anything in the forums outside of site maintenance issues? What else needs backed up?


    As far as PQ's being the only feature people pay for, there have been many threads about this, and the consensus always comes down to most people would not pay if it weren't for PQ's.

  3. May be a dumb question but have you checked with your credit card company to see if you have rental car insurance on your credit card?

    Even if he had it, it wouldn't cover usage outside of the agreement, I'm really surprised his auto insurance (is that who's covering this?) is covering it, but then again, they may not know the whole story or they wouldn't.

  4. You are right...another lesson learned about posting. Yes, I feel worse. I guess that I am surprised that most people feel that he really had no responsibiltiy. No more posts from me of matters of this nature. This is a tough group.

    What about your "personal responsibility" when you signed an agreement with the car rental company to not take it off road?

  5. I'm still stuck on the fact that you had a signed agreement on the car rental that I have no doubt said you couldn't use it off-road, yet you didn't honer that, because it benefited you not to honer it (you got to the caches quicker), so isn't it hypocritical to expect someone else to honer their agreement with you when it benefits them not to do so?


    You can't ask for honer if you don't give it.

  6. So let me get this straight, YOU drove into a ditch that damaged a vehicle and you expect someone else to pay?


    Regardless of "bad navigation instructions", you are driving, not him.


    What if he told you to run a red light or speed and you got a ticket? Would you expect him to pay it? I doubt it, because you are in control of the vehicle, not him.


    Even if you took him to court, you would never win. You alone were driving the vehicle and part of driving a vehicle is watching the road.


    Since you were in a rental, you also broke your agreement with them. All rental agreements state that the vehicle is to be operated on roads only, no off-roading allowed. Its clear from the start that you have no regard for agreements, until they favor you.

  7. Any type of log (note, dnf, found, etc) or any edit of the cache page will trip the "updated in the last 7 days".

    I'd go with dfx on this one, cache page update, coordinate update, etc., "found" would have been "found in the last 7 days".

    I'm not commenting, and I can't say for sure what trips the "found in last 7 days", but I can say for absolute sure my original statement stands.

  8. One time I did it away from home and the computer was when I was on my trip. I loaded up a ton of caches across multiple states and each night when I logged them on my phone with painfully slow reception I deleted them off my unit. I dont' like all the clutter on my unit.

    Then you didn't load the info as caches, you loaded it as waypoints, which are able to be deleted in the field.


    There's no "clutter" when they are loaded as caches, found caches do NOT come up in searches.

  9. The website is a business, plain and simple, its not a hobby site, and I feel absolutely NO obligation or get any "feel good" from supporting it, its already raking in well over 3 million a year.


    The ONLY driving factor for most people (me included) is PQ's (pocket queries), and even at that, I think the site is over priced, but it comes down to greed substantial profit. The people that run this site don't do it because they feel good about it, they do it to make a profit.


    If you really think this is a hobby site (as a lot of people are under the misconception it is), ask your self this, when is the last time you saw the "owners" or any of the staff (I'm not talking about the "volunteer" moderators or reviewers, I'm talking about the people whose wallets you're padding) post anything in the forums that is just about geocaching, the hobby/activity/sport itself, or anything similar, and not some issue with the website? Its been many years. This isn't a hobby site to them, and they wouldn't be there if there wasn't some green at the end of the week.


    Out of the 40 or so friends and family they've hired and pay, I'm only aware of one that actually caches regularly, and he's not an owner or partner.


    So, it all comes down to what "premium" features you think are worth paying for, and for the greatest majority of premium members, its PQ's. For me, and every cacher I know that also has a PM, none will say that any other feature is worth paying for outside of PQ's.

  10. Since the caches don't come up when searching (unless you explicitly choose found caches), I've never understood the obsession with deleting them while you're still in the field instead of waiting till you get home when the unit is hooked up to your computer anyway.


    I always start by clearing all .gpx files off my unit, then I load the caches I want, I'm guaranteed fresh data, and have never gone after an archived cache (unless it got archived very recently).

  11. It's not my fault it's the last owners fault. Their is no find to complain about as it was not a find as there was no cache or it was disabled at the time of their find.

    You adopted this on November 18th, if the logs happened around then, it might be a grey area, if the logs happened recently, its clearly your fault, you've had almost half a year to fix it. It was obviously in need of repair when you adopted it and your logs show you knew this a month before you adopted it (Oct 20th).


    In all reality, this cache should be archived, not sitting disabled for half a year.

  12. Its not the finders fault that your cache was in need of maintenance.


    While I'm big on agreeing that the paper log needs signed, I also think there is an obvious exception when there is a physical problem with the cache or the log is destroyed.


    Its obvious these people found the location, and they were able to see the contents of the cache, with the missing log book.


    Its not their fault, its your fault.


    I would say the logs should stand.


    Now, when I say its your fault, yes, you did just take possession of the cache, and yes, you were working on it, but again, its not their fault.

  13. Part of the challenge is finding the cache.


    Part of the challenge is retrieving the cache.


    If you didn't retrieve it, then you haven't completed the challenge.


    There's been a couple caches I've "seen" but couldn't retrieve, maybe because it took extra tools, maybe because I'm too short, some for other reasons, I wouldn't even think of claiming a find.

  14. Paperless is generally defined as having the full cache info (description, recent logs, etc) on your unit so you can read it at any time.


    I've found a ton of caches before i went "paperless" with an etrex unit, I did also carry a PDA, but only really consulted it when I had problems finding the cache, so for probably 90% of the traditionals I found, all I relied on was the etrex.

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