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  1. Now that is very interesting! I wonder how long you have to be inactive before an action like this is taken on your caches? Just curious.

    I don't know, but I can probably point to a dozen or more cachers that aren't active anymore, and the caches remain active until there is an issue with the cache itself and then someone finally logs a needs archived.

  2. If you log two finds on a cache, your find count will go up by two.


    Now the real question, if the cache is significantly different, then it should have been archived and a new listing started. If it is primarily the same, just a different nearby tree or whatever the difference is, then updating the coordinates was the correct action.


    Do you view it as significantly different? What does the cache owner say?

  3. Coordinates are always two sets of "numbers".


    One (preceded by either an E or W for east/west, or sometimes expressed as a positive (for E) or negative (for W), will describe (in degrees) how far you are from the prime meridian.


    The second (preceded by N or S for north or south, or positive for N, negative for S) describes how far you are from the equator.


    The coordinates you have show how far north the map is (87 degrees, 34 minutes and 30 seconds (a minute is 1/60 of a degree, and a second is 1/60 of a minute), but no indication of how far east or west, it looks like (since it ends with an "e") that the text got cut off. Without looking at a map, that would sound about right for something in Canada.

  4. Sure you can, they can't tell the difference.


    One gotcha though, and I don't know if Groundspeak does it (I would assume they do), if they do "AVS" to verify the card, it may fail if you haven't registered your card with the issuer.


    To register your card, you just have to go to their site (should be on back of the card) and enter a name and address.


    AVS is when Groundspeak also sends your name and address to the c/c, and if they match, then the c/c comes back and says all is good, if they don't match, Groundspeak (if they do avs) will decline the card. If Groundspeak does avs, and you haven't given the card company your info, then avs will always fail and the card will decline.

  5. As it is, I would NOT want the coordinates changed on my notifications, if I changed my home coordinates. Not all of my notifications are based on my home.

    Which is why it should be an option, just like the PQ page, you can choose to key in coords, or choose the home option.


    I don't think anyone has ever asked that they be based on home coords, only that it be an option, yet this seems to be the argument most people present against changing it, I don't get it.

  6. When creating a new notification, it is automatically populated with your home coordinates. Once it is saved, that's it. It doesn't change if you change your home coordinates.

    The problem is (and why pointing to home coordinates should be an option), is when someone moves, ALL of their notifications have to be updated. This is especially troublesome because in order to get notifications for most cache types, you have to set up almost a dozen notifications, one for each type of cache.

  7. I assume you are familiar with what a letterbox is?


    The only difference between a traditional and a letterbox hybrid is that it has the stamp that is used for letterboxing.


    Geocachers usually treat them like a traditional cache, but there is some overlap between geocachers and letterboxers, the letterboxers are after getting the stamp in their book and leaving their stamp in the cache/letterbox logbook.

  8. Its a traditional cache, not an unknown or puzzle, or some type of strange multi.


    Traditional cache coordinates should be spot on, if they aren't, then its not a traditional cache.


    If the owner doesn't like it, then he/she shouldn't have listed it as a traditional cache, other finders will appreciate it.

  9. I haven't seen the problem this round, but it does seems like when they do updates, quite often cookies go corrupt or something.


    Try clearing any cookies related to these sites:







    then log in, checking the box to stay logged in, and see if that helps.

  10. Basically that site has become a marginally-functional mirror of this site, since over 95% of the caches there are cross-listed.


    Hard to get excited about that. :back:

    Care to offer proof with real numbers or are you just trying to spread fud?


    Within 100 miles of me, looking at all the caches on the site you are referring to, only 20% are cross-listed, no where near the 95% you are suggesting. Most of the caches are original to that site and are not listed on gc.com.

  11. I was thinking about cross listing my caches with another geocaching website so that geocaches from other sites do not come near my caches. Is doing this against geocaching.com policy? Will my caches be removed if I do this?

    You are granting geocaching.com permission to list your cache, you own the cache, not the other way around. Its your cache, you are free to do what you want with it.


    Any other view of this would create serious legal issues, and even a certain level of liability, for Groundspeak/geocaching.com.


    List away on as many sites as you want.

  12. There is definitely an issue. I checked, unchecked, then rechecked the personalization options and it didn't help.


    What I did notice is that not all caches are affected, as I moved around, I found other caches that were shown as found (had a smiley).


    Then I noticed something else, for the broken caches, they are only broken at certain zoom levels (and yes, at those zoom levels, other caches are still marked as found, its not affecting all caches).


    The unrecognized finds are not recent finds, so it not likely a database lag/latency issue.


    The problem only seems to exist at certain zoom levels.


    When I see the problem, its not affecting all finds, only some (so its clearly not a case of choosing the wrong personalization issues).

  13. Daft suggestion: Is your ISP/mail provider zipping the file, before you get it?

    This is so extremely unlikely, bandwidth is WAY cheaper than CPU, and it would also infer your ISP is snooping through your emails.


    More likely is GC has made a change and just simply doesn't inquire the user setting and assumes the user wants it zipped.

  14. I am keen to use beta maps but when I go from the standard google map it loses a load of the caches. Doesn't matter whether I have personalisation on or off. Soooo frustrating.

    PM caches don't show up.

    As you zoom out, random caches don't display, you have to be zoomed in to see "all" caches.


    They overloaded their systems when they started the "new" maps, to the point they've effectively had to disable the "old" maps, now they have two styles of mapping, and neither works.


    Your choices seem to be either seeing maps with caches you've already found, with no way to get rid of those, or to see maps that have many caches missing.


    The only work around seems to be to setup a PQ and use its map preview but that gets horribly inefficient if you are planning a road trip or trying to look at other areas outside of your closest 1000, and even then there are issues with them displaying all 1000 caches.

  15. If true that "retract listing" notifications are broke, I guess the wrong button theory has merit.


    I believe it's because the action on the listing happens before the notifications get sent out (i.e. the cache already shows up as being disabled in the notifications for a disable log) and unpublished caches are probably exempted from generating notifications at all.

    They used to work, and GC still (unless removed very recently) has a checkbox for the option on the notification pages.

  16. Whats to back up? GC admits they are a business and not a hobby. When is the last time you saw ANY GC employee post anything in the forums outside of site maintenance issues? What else needs backed up?

    1. Raking in 3 million a year

    2. They only hire friends and family

    3. Only one of them geocaches (specifically, do they geocache under another ID? It'll be hard to tell if they do)

    1. This number is relatively easy to estimate. An assumption is made for $30/year, when in fact many people are paying $40/year, so the real number is likely much higher.


    2. Its no secret that a good majority of "employees" are family or friends.


    3. From your statement, you make it sound like NONE of them go caching, if you can't find their accounts, there's a good chance they aren't caching.

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