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  1. I don't think either one of us (Clan Riffster or me) buy that you can stalk via gc profile, but I was breaking down his "notes vs found log" idea, that some people somehow think is safer.
  2. Rural areas get updated less often, but, I've heard (can't confirm this as true) Google has a few spots flagged so they don't get updated, some because of some 'cool' factor in the older pic (this might be an example), or in other cases for security considerations (some nuclear plants, military bases, white house, pentagon) which have intentionally skewed images (off by a few to a few hundred feet).
  3. How "new" are the caches you're trying to upload (not the test ones you just did, but the real ones you first saw the problem with)?
  4. I took a stab at where you lived, and here's what I derived (remember, PQ's include "note" logs): If I wanted to watch every single day, I could get every cache within 44.1 miles of you by running 5 PQ's. Or, if I was OK with every other day, I could get every cache within 69.7 miles by running 10 PQ's. Or three days for 89.9 miles with 15 PQ's. By adding your found PQ's to my ignore list, and modifying the PQ's accordingly, those radius's would go up quite a bit (side note, this is actually a good trick for running PQ's from a 2nd account if you want to get more PQ's). So by spending thirty bucks a year, I can keep tabs on you for just shy of a 90 mile circle pretty easily. If I'm in your area, I'm probably pulling these PQ's anyway, so costing me nothing extra.
  5. UN-check the box that says "Ignore logs before", its always been a bit on the buggy side.
  6. I don't get it, how does logging as notes instead of finds prevent "stalking" (not that I buy you can stalk based on logs anyway). Notes are still easily available on every page. If you do a PQ daily (something I guess an aggressive stalker would do) then you will pick up the notes. If you add a notify, you'll get emailed for notes posted on all caches within 50 miles. I don't see that the notes prevent any kind of stalking (if you even buy that logs can help a stalker).
  7. I don't even understand how someone can "stalk" someone else on gc.com. By the time you've posted a log, you're already gone or (if you're logging over a phone or something) at least in the process of leaving, by the time someone found it and responded, you're long gone. As far as log content, logs are public, why are you putting content that you consider to be private? If you're worried about log content being used against you, then just simply log the word "found". If you're worried about someone figuring out that you're out of town, don't post logs until after you get back, this is the only issue I can even comprehend. How do you think you're being stalked? Am I missing something else?
  8. Easiest way is to add the Fcount column then sort by that.
  9. Its been a BUG for years that notifications can't use home coordinates. Its been asked for over and over, and not even an acknowledgment from gs that they are looking at it. They'd rather user their time breaking logs and stuff like that, doesn't make any sense.
  10. One thing to remember, only about 1 in 3 people are even sensitive to it, that means 2 out of 3 won't have any issues. I fall in that 2/3 group, so regardless of time of year or amount of foliage, I'm still good to get it.
  11. I'm looking at a Toyota Highlander, and can't find answers about the navigation (gps) system in it. Can you load (the equivalent of) a POI that has multiple caches? Can you even manually enter coordinates on it or just addresses? How useful is it for caching (obviously not for finding the cache itself, but for driving around between caches)? From the lack of info I'm finding, I'm wondering if I'd just be better off with a Nuvi for driving like I use now? What about Nav systems from other car makers like Honda, or others?
  12. Has anyone ever walked (and cached) the Camino de Santiago? I started researching this and was surprised to not find anyone had saved a route or anything (at least that I could find). Does anyone have a .kml or .gpx of the route that they can share? If you have, share your experience!
  13. See the "Z" after the time? That means Zulu, aka GMT, it is never localized time. Once uploaded to gc, they will adjust to your time zone, if you have it set correctly in your profile.
  14. Then why place it? Find some where else that is special, neat or cool. Isn't that the point?
  15. Forgetting the "guidelines" for a minute, whats the point?
  16. Cell phones aren't waterproof, "rugidized" and just don't have the battery life (if you have the screen and gps on all the time) as a real handheld gps. I have an android and have used it to cache, but there's just nothing like the real handheld (I use an Oregon) for caching.
  17. At the time they quoted that number there were only a touch over one million gc accounts. Someone from gs stated that they believed there were 3 to 4 cachers behind each account, a number that I've never believed. If you randomly hit accounts, you'll easily see that 3 out of 4 accounts have never even been used, someone created an account, then never logged in again. I personally believe that there are around 1/2 million active cachers at the most around the world.
  18. From experience, cookie tins are not good for camping, unless they are sealed inside something else. They are not air tight, and any scent in them will attract animals, the fact they may have trouble opening it is trivial if the goal is to avoid the animals to start with.
  19. Corrected... The only way to get that is to read something between the lines that just isn't there. Groundspeak, states "signed the log", for anyone to infer that means only one log is adding to that. If it said "only the final log" or something, then it would be different, but it doesn't.
  20. I sure don't know, but, if I were looking for an answer, I'd probably hit a local military surplus store, sometimes they are pretty knowledgeable and if they don't know, they'd probably know who would know.
  21. Do you mean http://wap.geocaching.com/ ?? http://wapgeocaching.com/ isn't valid. If you mean the first, I tried it several times and it was just too crude to use and gave very poor errors when there was an issue.
  22. Specifically, to get the POI's on the nuvi from GSAK: File Export Garmin POI Set the options like you want them (be sure you check the yes box for child waypoints, as thats where most parking coords are) For the filename: <driveletterofgps>:\Garmin\POI\caches.gpi
  23. I usually cache with an Oregon 400 and a nuvi. My preference (I use the nuvi for driving to the cache) is to load the Nuvi with POI's (they go in the \garmin\POI directory). On most nuvi's, once you load it as a gpx, you have to clear them out individually one at a time from the favorites list, as a POI, you can just delete everything by deleting the one POI file.
  24. So will this be a typical weekend for geocaching, or is anyone afraid of getting the cops called on them by paranoid watchers?
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