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  1. I have found several caches of The Raven and each one has more than earned a favorite point from me. Each is very creative, unique and most importantly fun! He puts a ton of thought and often capital in his caches. They should be on any geocacher's short list if they are ever near Prescott, AZ.
  2. Welcome to Arizona bunkerdave! You can find more info about on on the thread going in the AZcachers forum here. And no... it is nothing "official". Just some killjoy with too much time on their hands.
  3. I found one that someone had drilled a hole into a rock and used that as the cache. The rock wasn't granite, but still hard!
  4. Here is a bookmark list with a good variety of caches around Phoenix. Phoenix Favorites by AZcachemeister Here is a bookmark of list of all the caches in South Mountain Park. Lots of great trails and it is just now cooling off enough to do some good hiking while staying in the valley! South Mountain Caches by GeoRaptor Hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Cache #200 (Big Blue Box) is 19.2 miles from home, but only a few hundred feet from my office...
  6. While out in search of the cache Thirty-three One Eleven in the AZ desert with bedstefader skjule. We ran across a Gila Monster! I am an Arizona native that gets out pretty regularly yet this was the first one I've ever seen in the wild.
  7. ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE currently has 220 watchers!
  8. Mine's Bigger Than Most! This is a large, popular TB hideout just east of Phoenix.
  9. GCNPZ8 seems to get regular visits and is quite large.
  10. Love the design. Can't wait to get one!
  11. I received a green selective availibility coin without a tracking number etched in.
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