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  1. I have tried to post a log for a waymark 3 seperate visits and it still doesn't show that I have logged any waymarks. Any suggestions. I have made sure that I was logged in with my username. In 2011 it showed that I had waymarks and then last year and now it doesn't show any....
  2. Don't worry about it - hook up the unit to your PC. Push the GPX button on any listing page. Save the file on the unit in the GPS folder - (the unit shows up as a "drive" letter). Easy. Oooops not easy for me. Press GPX button but when I press it comes with a window asking what should Firefox do with this file? If i press save file where does it go? On PC or GPS unit (the only thing showing on my GPS is window with words connected to PC). I have the same problem. did you solve yours, and then how did you do??? medvall I found that I had to use Internet Explorer or else it would always lock up. Worked well then.....
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