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  1. This may start to get ugly for Cachers. Eveyone is paranoid now. Any suspicious activity is reported more often now. Shutting down streets and other areas is going to happen more and more, unfortunately. Guess I'll stop using rocket launcher casings for my cache containers....just kidding! (I don't use them).
  2. Right or wrong, I think it's a darn shame you have to ask permission. Big Brother has to know everything. The reason it's a Geocache is because it's a little hidden treasure. It's not they are a big eyesore. Laws are made for the few but apply to the many. I feel it's in the grey area. Kinda like making it illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk. I even see the bike police doing it. Most city kids learn to ride, on a sidewalk. But they have to make the law so if a kid hits an elderly person walking on the sidewalk he'll be at fault. So if you hide your cache where someone might get hurt by it, the city has recourse.
  3. OK, Sounds good. I may try one. It may be difficult to have one on a rope from shore. Someone may not seal it tight or may not throw it in the water the same way. The rope can get stuck on roots or something on the bottom. My idea would be to scuba dive, sink it with a lead ball fishermen use for trolling. I could tie fishing line onto bobbers. The bobbers could float above the lead ball in plain view. The bobbers would have the coordinates written on them along with lake and depth, or at least something like that. And each diver or team could take one.
  4. Hey, i'm new to this. So I was wondering if anyone ever deposits a cache underwater in a lake for scuba divers to find? I think it would be cool to go out and dive on a spot that you think might hold a cache. Naturally it would be marked as a "5" in difficulty not only finding, but getting to. Or is this strickly land based?
  5. I'm new to this, but I'm thinking if you feel you have to put a round into a cache for your "signature" why not just make it the bullet end or the brass case that's been fired? Some of the lead bullets these days are actually pretty cool looking with plastic tips on them. Make a good item to collect or pass on I would think...?
  6. Thanks for the info! I guess technology still hasn't advanced as far as I thought. When they advertise within feet, I wasnt expecting 50 - 80 feet! It's wierd how it gives you different locations with the same coordinates. My last one I used for finding shipwrecks, so I never knew if I was on the spot until I geared up and dove in. When you're off, it's a little inconvenient, especially when your going down 130 feet to find nothing in low vis. I'll take into consideration clouds as well. I guess I'll get used to it.
  7. I have an old Magellan Sportrak and recently thought I would upgrade to newer technology. I ended up getting the Garmin Dakota 10 just because it was on sale locally and it did have some good reviews. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very accurate. I tried to find a cache and it had me about 70 feet off the first day. The next day it got me close enough to find it. A couple other cache's I could not find and it kept bouncing me around the spot within 30 feet or so. It seems slow to react to my movements. Actually not much better than my 8 year old Magellan, which I really didn't like either. The Garmin does have nicer features but not much better getting me there, which is why we have these things...
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