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  1. Hi, found atravel bug that was marked missing in the right cache have emailed owner twice but have had no answer have put in another cache to move it on but now cannot log it in that cache? as not able to 'drop off'? what to do now? can someone help. Ta Muchly
  2. Hi, I placed a trackable in a cache which is incorrect how do I correct the log. Thanks
  3. My one and only TB has gone walkabout.Was in cache in Scotland cacher has signed log book back in Feb took coin but did not log on line that they had been to cache or taken the TB is there any way i can find who took it by the names in the log book to do some detective work.The owner of the cache has given me all these details she was really helpful.
  4. Hi my first and only TB has only been going a short while and also gone missing had been following it then stopped in a cache for a while then a cacher has taken, signed the log but not looged it on geocaching site they have left there names on log book but have no way of tracing them so frustrating!so maybe it will turn up somewhere lets hope they find it in there coat pocket and put in cache will keep me happy.
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