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  1. I did some reading on the Geocoin forum so hopefully I am not repeating a posted question. Having spent some time looking at other's collections here, I really would like to start my own collection. So I am posing some questions for the collectors: What made you decide to collect? How did you start your collection? Did you buy individual coins? Get them at events? Buy in bulk? How long have you been collecting? How many different Geocoins do you have? (Approximates are fine) Any advice to newbie collectors? Thanks in advance, TayNMom
  2. What has helped me so far has been to leave the forested area (go to a nearby clearing or path) and then check the location-repeat. Not sure if that is of much help, but it tends to give a better idea of where the cache is truly located. Looking forward to other replies!
  3. Ah, now I feel silly-lol! Keep me posted on the pub idea. I will definately attend some of those.
  4. What is Mississauga-Chance It and the like? And yes, a pub-style event would be great!
  5. Reminds me, we haven't had a pub style event in a while. Those are generally easy to get to by public transportation. I know several cachers who rely on Mississauga Chance-It and the like. Group caching, as Keith puts it, adds quite a bit of enjoyment to the game.
  6. Thank you for the link! I am still hoping there are people in these locations that would like to meet up and start a smaller group. I do not want to step on any toes by any means, but i do not drive. Because of that reason, it would be a challenge to meet with members of TAG and other groups nearby. I have checked before and am not sure how I would be able to make it to any Caching events. Anyone else in my boat? Geocaching by bus route and/or walking? Well, hope I can meet others close to those areas! Ciao for now and happy caching!
  7. Thanks for the contest-love the idea! Good luck fellow Geocachers!
  8. I am newer to Geocaching, but totally addicted. Am working on several sneaky Caches to set out in the wild. But I am still lacking some fellow Geocachers in my area. When more money flows in (lol) I will be setting up a proper group for Meadowvale, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton areas. Would like to meet new people and make new friends-please message me here or inbox me! Thanks in advance, TayNMom
  9. change that to 33, since 3 was just taken!
  10. Personally, I like the idea! If he goes Geocaching it would be my impression that he also enjoys the outdoors. Perhaps he may share other hobbies of mine like hiking, fishing, camping etc. Dated the indoorsy type and naw, outdoorsy is my preference. Cheers!
  11. well I do know I would like to chat with and meet fellow Geocachers around Oakville. I live in Mississauga, Ontario. Any interest in starting a group? Anyone know of groups in these areas that already exist? Even in Toronto?
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