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  1. Hi Kiwi Geocachers


    I am running a meet & greet event on the 18th of August for the Manawatu region from 4pm - 6pm.


    Everybody welecome.


    More info here


    This will be the first event for Manawatu so lets get as many fellow Geocachers to attend as possible.


    Cachers will also get a souvenir for logging a cache on this special day.


    Also I have an article being published in the Palmerston North Tribune on Wednesday 15th of August about the hobby of Geocaching. A reported has interviewed me and taken some photos. Hopefully this will increase awareness about the sport and more people will give it a try and ultimately get hooked.





  2. Hi there


    I am 49 and from the North Island of beautiful New Zealand.


    I have only seriously got into Geocaching at the beginning of this year. I have been using some free software on my smartphone but next month I hope to buy a Garmin handheld GPS receiver.


    So far I have found 71 caches and have put out one of my own as well.


    My job involves quite a bit of driving so I have been able to pick up some finds when I have some time up my sleeve, in fact my latest find was earlier today....


    I stopped for lunch at a rest area that I have frequented for years. I fired up my GPS and searched for the nearest cache. Would you believe that it was 2 metres away. I could almost reach out and touch it. That was the easiest find I have ever had :-)


    I like the way this sport can be done anywhere in the world and at any time by young and old alike. It makes a walk fun. It gets me off the couch too. I know I will be doing this for a long time yet.

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